WHS Bulletin Volume 7


– Foreword   George E. Orr
– Tribute to Marion G. Kelly   Robin P. Roddie
– Preaching: a matter of gifting, practice or education?   J.N. Ian Dickson
– Women in the household of faith   Rosemary Raughter
– They met in South George’s Street [the Dublin founders of the Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Society]   Dudley Levistone Cooney
– Robert A Nelson: His Ministry in Ceylon   Norman W. Taggart
– The Huguenot Connection   Dudley Levistone Cooney
– Contributions of Irish Methodism to world mission in the twentieth century   Samuel J. McGuffin
– The influence of the army on the first hundred years of Irish Methodism   Dudley Levistone Cooney
– Who is Mr. B—–?   Ian D. Henderson
– The Felster’s Bell   Dudley Levistone Cooney
– Book Reviews
– Bibliography of Irish Methodist Historical Literature 2000-2001   Robin P. Roddie

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