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Index of Methodist ministers who served in Ireland


This index is based on a database of Methodist preachers/ministers who served in Ireland within any branch of Methodism. The two largest groupings are those who served as Wesleyan Methodist or Primitive Wesleyan Methodist (a branch of Methodism unique to Ireland) preachers. There were also Methodist New Connexion, (English) Primitive Methodists and Wesleyan Methodist Association preachers who served in Ireland and these are also included.

Methodist union in Ireland occurred in 1878 when the Wesleyan and Primitive Wesleyan branches were reunited (having split in 1816 over the issue of the administration of the sacraments and relationships with the Established Church). At this stage in 1878 the Irish Conference dropped all references to Wesleyan or Primitive Wesleyan and became simply the Methodist Church in Ireland. In 1905 the Methodist New Connexion withdrew from Ireland and the (English) Primitive Methodist Connexion likewise in 1910 and in both instances their existing work was transferred to the Irish Conference.

Further Information

As this is an ongoing database with new entries, departures and deaths recorded each year revision is a continuous process. Print-outs of complete listings for each minister are available for consultation at the Methodist Historical Society Archives at Edgehill College, Belfast.

Requests for additional information for deceased ministers, listing birth, appointments, family details and other biographical information, where known, and preserving data protection principles, may be considered by applying to the Archivist. archivist@methodisthistoryireland.org.

The ‘Commencement’  column refers to the first appearance of the person’s name in the Minutes of Conference, whether received (in earlier years) ‘On Trial’ as a probationer, or usually by the twentieth onwards as a theological student or on transfer.

The years listed for ministers’ commencement (Ent.) and for subsequent Conference appointments ought to be understood, normally, to be for a ‘Connexional’ year, in the case of the Irish Conference, running from July through to the following June.

Index prepared by Robin P. Roddie.

Key to entries in the notes column

†          Theological College

Abp         Archbishop

Aka          Also known as

BMC        British Methodist Church

CF             Forces Chaplain

CoE          Church of England

CoI           Church of Ireland

DCM       Dublin Central Mission

EBM        East Belfast Mission

HM          Home Mission Department

IM            Irish Mission

JW           John Wesley

MCB        Methodist College Belfast

MCI         Methodist Church in Ireland

MCSA     Methodist Church in South Africa

MEC        Methodist Episcopal Church (USA)

MMS       Methodist Missionary Society

NBM       North Belfast Mission

OT            On Trial as probationer minister

PCI           Presbyterian Church in Ireland

Pres.       President

SCM        Student Christian Movement

Sup.        Superintendent

UCC         United Church of Canada

UMC       United Methodist Church (USA)

VP            Vice President

WCD       Wesley College Dublin

WI            West Indies

Abbott, Ivan SamuelM197719561988
Abbs, GeorgeM2008†
Abraham, AlexanderM188218531928Prob only min. never to att Conf.’
Abraham, JohnW177817811768CofI
Abraham, John Edwin CyrilM1923192619021991To teaching
Abraham, ThomasPW184418191904President PW Conference 1875
Abraham, William JamesM19771984To USA – A.C. Outler Prof Wes Stud
Acheson, Robert EdwardM1933194619101992MMS Burna (Myanmar) then USA
Adair, Sean Colin CharlesM1990†1998To Brit Conf 1998
Adams, JohnPW18231824Disappears
Adams, WilliamPW18571863“no more place among us”
Addy, EdwardPW181417821848
Addy, JosephNC18041812Disappears
Addy, WilliamPW187618541923
Agnew, Harold MartinM1989†
Agnew, James TweedieW187718561904
Agnew, Wilfred ArthurM194519212010
Agnew, Wilfred PhilipM1986†
Aiken, Harold FrederickM194819271975
Akester, George TaylorNC188018551937
Albert, WilliamP186118371908
Alcorn, SamuelW17921820
Alderdice, DuncanM1952
Alderdice, John DuncanM1995†
Alderdice, NormanM1947194819262005Accountancy
Aldred, Thomas Albert DerekM1957198019381998To admin QUB
Ale, Mark WayneM198019822 yr Supply from UMC USA
Alexander, Gregory JamesM1993†
Alexander, Shirley AnnM1999†2002College only
Alford, WilliamPW186718461909
Alford, William Henry LairdM1960
Allen, Abraham BenjaminM1940†19141981
Allen, David JohnM193319111994
Allen, ElizabethP1825183518031850Married
Allen, HughM192519021976Sup DCM 1951-63
Allen, JamesPW1865c.18421867
Allen, JamesNC18791904Resigned
Allen, James WesleyM1926193219042003To South Africa Conf
Allen, SamuelM1882†18571939
Allen, SamuelM1973†19372011Chairman NEE Library Board
Allen, ThomasM18021803Disappears
Allen, Thomas JamesM189618721939President MCI 1938
Alley, GeorgeW185218301912
Alley, James MurdockM188618671955HM Sec 1930-37; Pres. MCI 1922
Alty, EnochNC186318391921
Anderson, AlexanderPW1824
Anderson, AlexanderPW18171823Desisted
Anderson, Brian BabbingtonM1991†President MCI 2015
Anderson, JosephW1794c.1802
Anderson, Samuel DenisM19731998To Irish Council of Churches
Anderson, Thomas CraigM198219831 yr student supply UMC USA
Angliss, JosephP1876190218561907Resigned
Appelbe, William ParkerW183418071882Theo Tutor MCB 1873-1881
Argue, JamesNC182718021875VP Conference 1872, 1880
Armitage, James Stewart SmithM1933†19091998
Armstrong, AlexanderPW18171820To business
Armstrong, AndrewW185518301898
Armstrong, FrancisW1787c.17561836
Armstrong, GustavusW178217591832Left £1,200 for spread of gospel
Armstrong, Henry RobertM190618801994
Armstrong, JamesPW18331841“no more place among us”
Armstrong, JohnW181717881875
Armstrong, JohnPW18191821Resigned due to bad health
Armstrong, John BurtonNC186018361895
Armstrong, John MostynM1940†19192008
Armstrong, JosephW>PW178318191822From W to PWs in 1819
Armstrong, Kingsley N.M1985†1988College only
Armstrong, RobertPW18161831
Armstrong, RobertW17761788To Baptists
Armstrong, Robert HamiltonM194919272017MMS Guyana, Jamaica etc 1967-79
Armstrong, WilliamW179117651837
Armstrong, WilliamW180417851855
Armstrong, WilliamPW1853186318251895To CofI
Arnold, Alfred PercyM1914†18921961BMC & 1WW – resign due war injury
Arthur, WilliamW1837†18191901First Prin. MCB & MMS Sec 17yrs
Ashby, J.H.P18761877Disappears
Ashley, Jacob MillsP1840185518161898To USA
Ashworth, JesseP183718201904
Atkins, James BeamishW185618311910
Atkins, John HenryW1837†185718151880Supernumery on Private Mins list
Atkinson, George DuncanM1904†191518791937To Congregationalists
Atkinson, James HerbertM1902†191418811957To SA
Austin, GeorgeP183918101877
Averell, AdamW/PW179617541847To PW 1818 – Pres. Conf. 27 years
Baggaly, WilliamNC182718081879Sup Irish Mission 1844-47
Bagley, GeorgeP183418081859
Bagley, JohnPW>W1838185718191898To Cong. Ministry then PC Australia
Bagley, JohnW1841185718191898To Aust
Bagnall, Robert GeorgeM1946MCB Chaplain etc 1959-85
Bailey, JohnW1797Rsv List only
Bailey, Robert (J)W1800c.17731832
Bain, Charles HenryM194019192010Sup NBM 1970-81; Pres. MCI 1971
Bain, Desmond CharlesM1969†Sup DCM; Sec HM; Pres. MCI 2005
Bainbridge, William DobsonNC187918571940
Baird, JohnNC1841185818161895To PCI – Chpl at Spike Island, Cork
Baker, Thomas WilliamW184718211888
Baker, Vaughn WarrenM19821 yr supply US Std Pastor
Baldeon, LuisM19901996Br Conf
Ball, Frederick JosephM1908190918851986China/USA
Ball, HenryW186618421921
Ball, WilliamP183918161884
Ballard, George GrayW1861†187618421921To CoI clergy then Canada/US
Ballard, John WoodsW185118311911VP Conference 1891
Ballard, Robert JohnW18711876c.18491934To CoI clergy
Ballard, ThomasW1817c.17961875
Bambrick, Wilfred DenisM1954†MMS Ghana 1968-73
Bamford, CharlesNC18661897c.18431914Resigned
Bamford, RobertW18311852c.18071882Dismissed – To farming USA
Banks, Edward MartinW183418121893
Banks, RobertW179217671855
Bannerman, Joseph YeduM19851990c.19242016Mission partner 1985-88 Lurgan
Barber, ThomasW177917511825
Barker, JohnNC18131816Desisted
Barker, WilliamNC18391847Disappears
Barnes, GeorgeW185718331902
Barnhill, John BrettM1985†
Barrowclough, DavidW17881806Expelled – fathered child
Barry, JohnW182517921838MMS Jamaica WI 1825-37
Barton, James (Jim) BensonM192519011960
Barton, KingW18051827c.17861834Jailed as insolvent-then to Canada
Barton, Samuel SaxonNC183918201894President NC Conference 1861
Baskin, CharlesW186418401901
Baskin, RobertW18371838Disappears
Bass, James CraigW184618241896
Bassett, John SamuelW1865c.18381870
Bastable, CorneliusW17451777
Bastow, James AustinP183218101894
Bateman, FrankM191718911954MMS Bahamas 1923-29
Bates, JohnW185818331866
Bates, SamuelW1785c.1802Had 1st chapel built at Charlemont
Bates, SamuelW186718431871
Battye, EdgarM1913†18881976
Bawden, John QuickNC186418421911
Baxter, JamesPW18181819Disappears
Baxter, MarkP1862187618381892Became Ins. agent and boot dealer
Baxter, Samuel HenryM192919081988President MCI 1964
Bayly, BenjaminW183218071879
Beacom, John JamesM1914†18871952
Beacom, JohnM2006†
Beaham, WilliamP18341841c.1813Disappears
Beale, Henry MarshallW1844†18201855
Beamish, ThomasW183318601803? 1883To CoE clergy
Beattie, AlexanderM1898190818761951To CoI clergy
Beatty, WilliamPW181917931844
Beauchamp, RobertW182417981873
Beaumount, GeorgeNC1798181417631841Desisted
Beckitt, William AppletonP1860186518351912Became missry with Seamen’s CFS
Bedward, John AlbertNC188718651925
Beech, GrahamW17951796Desisted
Bell, Heather NormaM1998†
Bell, JamesW179017591844Spent 37 yrs Irish speaking missny
Bell, RobertW1838c.18161866
Bell, Robert FordNC188818671945
Bell, William (supply)NC1896190818621923?
Belshaw, HarryM193119081953MMS Gold Coast (Ghana) 1936-49
Bennett, EdwardM1900†18771951
Bennett, FrankM1911†18931981CF WWI & WW2
Bennett, John BoyleW183418081880To Editor Watchman then NZ
Bennett, MathewP18411845Disappears
Benson, HenryW18171825Retired due to deafness
Bertenshaw, JohnM1915†18901962
Best, EdwardW1848187918251900To NZ Conference 1879
Best, KennethM1967†2005President MCI 1996
Bickerdike, WilliamP183318101894
Bickerton, Thomas HenryP189318671955
Biggs, Ivan RichardM1947197119222001To CoI clergy
Bingham, WalterM193419141983
Bird, William RobertP187418541943
Birks, WilliamP185218291901
Birnie, RobertM20112013From and return to Ch. Nazarene
Black, JamesM183818121901
Black, JohnW17871789Drowned
Black, RobertW183618121887
Black, Robert JamesM191118851977
Black, ThomasW17901793Disappears
Black, William Randall SelwynM1980†1997Founded Apheideo Associates (counselling)
Blackburn, JohnP183418131874
Blackwell, RichardW17591767
Blair, AndrewW177817491793
Blair, SamuelM1942†19191992
Blair, Samuel WesleyM198219482014
Blake, RobertW17781784Desisted
Blake, William AndrewW1861186418391906To Cong. Ministry
Bluck, AlbertNC188818661959
Boardman, RichardW1763c.17381782CW composed rejected epitaph
Bodel, ThomasM1990†19422007
Bolster, Herbert Lancelot FrankM194719282002MMS Leeward Islands 1954-59
Boocock, Timothy CraigM20012005To British Conf 2005
Boone, CharlesW1771c.17491795
Booth, Alan RichardM193519111990SCM Sec 7rs; Dir. Christian Aid
Booth, John Robert (Robin) AugustineM1928†193119081992College only – Convert to RC Church
Booth, Joseph LennoxM193819162003Sec Youth Dept 1959-64
Booth, Robert (Robin) ThomasM189818731912MMS (China) 1899-1912
Booth, ThomasW17961797OT only
Boothby, WilliamW1776c.17481801
Boucher, Andrew NoelM1985†1949Sup N’abbey Mission 2002-09
Boucher, George JamesM1930†193219071980To CoI clergy
Boullier, John AmiableM1914†18881957Forces Chaplain 1940-44
Bourke, RichardW17651778
Bovenizer, Michael FitzellM189319061868To Christian Spiritualists
Bowden, JohnPW187118531880
Bowes, EdwardPW181717711848
Bowes, GeorgeM2007†
Bowron, JosephP18761878Disappears
Boyce, ThomasPW1826184118091885To NSW 1841 – became Council Clerk
Boyd, Andrew Harold JohnstonM1924†18991968
Boyd, John HenryM18391850Retired
Boyd, Richard MauriceM1950195919322009To UCC Canada, then 5th Ave. NY
Boyd, RobertW186318391910
Boyd, Samuel ThomasW187418501931VP Conference 1913
Boyle, Damien John MartinM1995†2005To PCI 2006
Boyle, WilliamPW181617531843
Bracken, William ArmstrongW187618531920
Bradburn, SamuelW177417511816Noted for oratory and radical views
Bradford, Robert JonathanM1964197419411981Became MP; killed by IRA 1981
Bradley, George WalterM18981905c.1875Resigned
Bradley, William KennethM1966†
Bradney, Mark WilksMWA1844186318161885To Cong, Aust
Bradshaw, JamesPW186318401926Son David B. major contr to WHS
Bradshaw, Thomas Alfred (Alfie)M1941†19182006FC WW2 1943-49
Brandon, WilliamW17891791
Braun, Roger KennethM198819891 yr supply UMC USA
Bredin, JohnW1769c.17371819Convrtd RC teacher – JW corrspndnt
Breen, Valerie WilhelminaM1987†1992
Breisland, Wilfred FinlayM1926†18991976
Brettell, JeremiahW177217531828
Brettell, JohnW177417421796
Bridge, RobertW17801790Disappears
Brisco(e), ThomasW175117311797Mentioned in JW’s will
Bristol, JohnW17711780Became Calvinist?
Brock, ChristopherPW186718371875
Brock, SamuelP185918391900
Brookes, John RichardM196419372016
Brookes, Norman EdwardW200420062 Yr suply from MC N. Zealand
Brothers, JohnsonW-NC18041819Disappears
Brought, Byron PaulM201020111 yr supply UMC USA
Brown(e), WilliamPW181617811851
Brown(e), WilliamW1839c.18181860
Brown, BenjaminP18361843Disappears
Brown, GeorgeW177617491822
Brown, HughW177517781781Nervous disorder
Brown, James GiffordPW181717941857
Brown, John SilasP184018121869
Brown, JonathanW177817511825
Brown, ReubenP183718151891
Brown, ThomasW1790c.17631844Intro Methodism to Ballyshannon
Brown, WilliamNC17981809Disappears
Brown, WilliamM1957†19721937MMS Caribbean then to UCC CA
Brownlee, William ThomasM1904†18791954
Brownrigg, John HamiltonM1904†18821921
Bruce, RobertW181017851863
Bryans, WilliamM189518691939
Bryant, Richard LowellM20122014UMC USA
Bryson, George Albert MaxwellM192319021960Superint. L’derry City Miss. 1950-59
Buchanan, WilliamM191418881966
Buchanan, William ThomasM1954Superint. NBM 18 yrs 1982-81
Buck, JohnP187318501914
Budd, William RobertW187418531943Sec HM 1908-29; VP Conf. 1914
Burch, SamuelM1955With Cornerstone Commty Bel. 8yrs
Burchill, Joseph TannerM1915192518951976To Canada
Burgess, CharlesP18701877c.18481930To CoE clergy
Burke, JohnNC18081836Expelled
Burman, Joseph BeaumontNC188618611935
Burnett, JohnW17871788
Burnett, Richard WilliamP186318421902
Burns, WilliamPW18421851Disappears
Burnside, WilliamW183018001889
Burrowes, GeorgeW180917861863
Burrowes, MichaelW180417821855
Butler, RichardPW186518391901
Butler, WilliamW1842†185018181899To USA, Estbl Missns India, Mexico
Butters, Alan CharlesM1940194119171973Resigned
Butterworth, WilliamNC185418781832Ceased to be recognised
Buttle, JohnPW18181849
Byers, RobertM188918661944Friend of Sam Chadwick & Jos Rank
Byrne, ClaudiusW1824184817931876To MC Canada
Byrne, JohnW18301833Retired for health reasons
Bytheway, William HenryNC18791882c.18571933Became town missry in Everton
(De) Cobain, John William FletcherW1862186618371901Son of Edwd Cobain – To CoE clergy
Cairns, AlexanderM1901†192518791954To Cong. ministry
Cairns, James DawsonM1935†194419121985To farming
Cairns, John LynhamM192819071982
Cairns, Lynn DM20052008UMC USA Supply
Cairns, William ThomasM189018641928
Caldwell, WilliamM188718621961
Callaghan, William SydneyM194519262001President MCI 1980
Callender, WilliamM1937†19101981
Calvert, JonathanP185518331908
Calvin, JamesP184418131881
Campbell, AlexanderPW18431863Ceased to travel
Campbell, ArchibaldW1797c.17681848
Campbell, DavidW180318101859Resigned to PW layman
Campbell, George JamesM1970†
Campbell, James (Jim) PatrickM1935†19081984
Campbell, JohnM1811c.17851851
Campbell, Joseph William RobertW187618531947VP Conf. 1909; Princpl Theol Coll.
Campbell, Richard Stuart DobbsW1864†1874c.18441913To CoI clergy
Campbell, RobertPW183618101879
Campbell, Robert HenryW18451859c.1821To business
Campbell, Samuel ReidM2015
Campbell, ThomasPW1867c.18421872
Campbell, ThomasW18651867Retired (health)
Campbell, WesleyM1994†MC Uganda 2013-04
Campbell, William GrahamW183118051885General Missionary 1865-1884
Campton, DavidM1991†
Canvin, FrankNC188718671899
Capey, Ernest Francis HenryNC188618651924
Caple, George BakerMWA1867188218411919Withdrew to USA
Capper, David PhilipsW1877188118541917To Australia
Capsey, Harold ClementM1908190918841934To MEC USA
Carden, HenryP187118501930
Cardwell, John NormanM1999†
Carey, JamesW184818191891
Carey, JohnW181017841874
Carey, RobertW18541857Left – became discouraged
Carey, William SamuelW187918571927
Cariss, Thomas SmithP185818331868
Carlill, Thomas (Tommy)W17621801
Carlisle, GeorgeNC183818111839
Carlisle, JohnPW183218001882
Carlisle, ThomasNC185718381870
Carrick, PowlesP184818221892
Carrothers, John WesleyM189618721942
Carrothers, William AlexanderM1909†191118891951Coll. only – To Can. Prof Econonics
Carson, Albert EdwardM190318791938
Carson, Alfred IvanM1951MMS S.Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) 23yrs
Carson, JamesPW185818291910
Carson, JohnW186018361901
Carson, Joseph W.M18871889Disappears
Carson, RobertW180817841854
Carson, Wilfred WesleyM19611976To UCC Canada
Carson, William EricM1955†1974To UMC USA
Carson, William JeremiahM1927196119031993To UCC Canada
Carson, William McMillin (Mac)M1953196319342014To UCC Canada – Social services
Carson, William RobertW1864†18361907
Carter, JamesNC187418351912
Carter, JamesW1796c.17811844
Carter, James PalmerM189718711946
Carter, RobertW18071808Reserve list only
Cathcart, JamesM189718721968
Cather, Robert GeorgeW1840†18201879To Christn League (Stewardship)
Cather, WilliamW182918051891
Chadwick, JohnNC185318261900
Chambers, Brian ErnestM1985†1993To Salvation Army
Chambers, GeorgeW1848186318241901Mngr Star Insur Soc in Ire
Chambers, JohnM1885†c.18611895
Chapman, WilliamPW1856187318211899To CoI clergy
Charity, Charles EdwardW18691870c.18461924Crockery salesman, Vic. Australia
Charles, Mark Norman JohnM2007†Permsn to serve UMC USA
Child, BenjaminNC186418401927
Christian, JohnW17721774To Cong. ministry in Sligo
Christie, JamesW17791790Left the work
Christie, WilliamW184818251900
Christie, William JohnW1875†18531932
Churms, Laurence HenryM196119643 yr supply from Brit. Conf.
Clark, GeorgeP185718321901
Clark, John (also Clarke)W17841790
Clark, John DanksW18691890c.184519191yr supply frm Br Conf.(D’patrick)
Clark, RobertNC18351836Expelled
Clarke, AdamW1782c.17601832Pres Ir Conf. 1811, 1812, 1816, 1823
Clarke, Gabriel MarquisW186418361915
Clarke, GeorgePW18471848Ceased to travel
Clarke, George RichardM1956†1961To UCC Canada – Social services
Clarke, RobertM1992Provisional candidate only
Clarke, ThomasM1992†
Clarke, WilliamPW187718491936
Clarke, William ThomasM1901†18331965
Clayton, Charles Herbert MacartneyM190518821967
Clayton, William JohnPW187618561930
Clegg, JohnW17951830Disappears (debt?)
Cleland, Shaun Robert FrederickM1964
Clements, CastorW18041837
Clements, David GeorgeM1987†
Clements, EdwardP188918641946
Clements, Samuel FinlayM1969†
Clendenning, JamesPW18451847Ceased to travel (health)
Clendinnen, JohnW179517701855
Clinton, James RobertM1901†192418801962To USA Cong. Ministry
Clough, JamesW176017741795
Clutterbuck, Diane SusanM20042016Min of British Conference
Clutterbuck, Richard NigelM20042016Principal Edgehill College 2004-16
Coade, Charles EdwardM1882†189718561918To CoE clergy
Coade, William LoftusM188618591944
Coates, DenisM1961198619332012Est independent healing minstry
Cobain, EdwardW181017941856
Cobbe, Brian ArthurM194919282007
Cochrane, WilliamPW18631871Disappears
Cody, Robert DavisM189518641941
Cole, RichardW187018471925Ed Christian Advocate 32 years
Cole, Richard LeeM1899†18781963Fellow WWHS – Pres. MCI 1933
Coleman, AndrewW178517681786
Collier, Horatio GravesM189218621946
Collier, JamesW184318171891
Collier, RobertW185018221895
Collin, William LindseyM1900190718771963To UMC USA
Collinge, JohnMWA185318271900
Collingwood, Charles AllenW1867184619172 yr Supply from Br Conf 1867-68
Collins, AlfredM192719051990
Collins, ThomasP187818551901
Collins, WilliamW17671797Revitalised wrk in L’rick & Bandon
Collison, John WesleyPW187318531880
Colvin, Edwin MorrowM194219172009Grand Chaplain Orange Order
Condell, EdwardM188118571888
Condy, RichardW17761752c.1803
Conlin, WilliamPW185718321902
Conly, AlanM2014†
Connell, Arthur HPW18431855Ceased to travel
Connolly, RobertPW18281840c.18071842Withdrew
Connor, KennethM2009†
Connor, SharonM2012†
Cook, George J.PW18601861Disappears
Cooke, Alfred WesleyM19551985RE teacher 17 yrs Belfast; To BMC
Cooke, HenryM192519011989MMS Barbados 14 yrs
Cooke, Ralph BullickW18771884c.18551922To CoI clergy
Cooke, Robert JohnM1911†19161899To Cong. & then S.Africa
Cooke, ThomasW185318281906
Cooke, WilliamNC182618061884
Cooke, William Dennis DavisonM196019382014Prin. Edgehill College 1984-2003
Cooney, Dudley Alexander LevistoneM1967†Au: The Methodists in Ireland (2001)
Cooper, JohnP186218801840Disappears
Cooper, Robert (Roy)M1969†President MCI 2007
Cooper, Thomas DavidM1962Br Conf (Oxford) 2002-07
Cooper, WilliamW18111812Reserve only
Coote, JamesW1868187318491917To UMC USA
Copeland, WilliamW1805c.17821822Pamphleteer during W/PW debate
Cordingly, RichardP182618081888
Corneille, EdwinM1881†189618531926To UMC USA
Cornish, Herbert HenryM189618711934
Cornwall, WilliamW1811c.17901860Irish scholar and evangelist
Corrie, John SamuelM2012From Brit Conf.
Corrigan, PhilipM2003From Vineyard Fellowshp
Corrigan, WilliamM188818631936President MCI 1924
Corry, Joseph StoupeM1938†College only
Cory, William HerbertM189818721942
Cotton, MosesNC185718271907
Cotton, MosesP1852185718271907To NC
Coughlan, LawrenceW175517641785Ord for SPCK work Newfoundland
Coulson, Abimelech HainsworthP18331852c.18111876Became farmer
Coulson, JohnPW187118461924
Coulter, GabrielPW187018461910
Coulter, JohnW187718501929
Courcy, Edward deW186918431929
Courtney, Robert WilliamM1966†197319291999To Cong. Ministry Ballynahinch
Cowdy, SamuelW183317991880
Cowdy, SamuelW186118391913
Cowen, WilliamW17861787Disappears
Cownley, JosephW174617231793
Crabbe, Thomas (Tom) JohnM194719232003
Craig, AlanM2012†
Craig, JamesPW18241839Disappears
Craig, Joseph (Joe) VictorM1950196019232012
Craig, RuthM1994†
Craig, WilliamPW182818051888President PWM Conf. 1857, 1858
Cranston, RobertW181117851835
Crawford, Arthur AlfredM188718651924
Crawford, James AlexanderPW18641869c.18441909To CoI clergy
Crawford, JohnW18261827OT only
Crawford, JosephPW18631870c.18361904To CoI clergy
Crawford, Robert (Bob) Charles PlaceM191518931952m. Aileen Dunbar-Harrison librarn
Crawford, Samuel JamesM192819061989
Crawford, WilliamW186918431926VP Conf. 1900, 1907; Prin. WCD
Cricket, JohnW177917371806
Crofts, JosephW18241826Retired (health)
Croggon, Walter OkeW1817c.17931854Superintendent IM 1836-50
Cronhelm, Charles AugustusM188718631927
Crook, George Vance ErnestM1895190118691949To Unitarian Church
Crook, JohnW177517421805
Crook, RobertW1852187418291902To MEC USA
Crook, WilliamW180417841862
Crook, WilliamW1846†18231897Ed Irish Evanglst; VP Conf. 1883, 1896
Crooks, John RamseyM1902190618781966To CoI clergy
Crooks, Louis WardenM1897190518751958To CoI clergy
Crookshank, Charles HenryW185918361915VP Conf. 1899. 3 Vol MCI history
Crookshank, Charles HenryM1898†18761955President MCI 1937
Crosbie, Thomas GeorgeP185918391862
Cross, JohnW17901796c.17631824To USA
Crosthwaithe, Charles EdwardsNC1876188218371904To EUC Scotland
Crowe, ThomasPW18251829Ceased to travel
Crowe, WalterW1927†19051975
Crowther, JonathanW178417591824Pres Irish Conf 1820
Crozier F.C.M.NC19031904Supply only
Crozier, RobertW179317651856
Cullen, AndrewW187718481888
Cullen, Edward (Ned) BenjaminM188918611931President MCI 1925
Cullen, JohnPW1835c.18001866
Cullen, JohnM187818541929
Cullen, Lindsay HumphriesM189518671930Superintendent DCM 1919-30
Cullen, William EdwardM192419031993MMS Gold Coast (Ghana) 1930-35
Cunningham, Andrew PeterM2003†2014UCA Australia
Cunningham, GuyPW183818161840
Cunningham, Robert RichardM1930195419081975To UCC Canada
Curran, Stephen DesmondM1980†
Currie, J. WilliamNC18611862Disappears
Currie, Samuel Henry JamiesonM192519011990
Dale, WilliamM192719021966
Dall, RobertW177217451828cf The Robert Dall Story (1995)
Daly, JamesPW187218431903
Daly, John JamesM1904†18851921
Daly, William EvansM1878†190518591939To MC Can.; Prin. Div Sch Alberta
Dane, NathanielW18651866Disappears
Darby, William ArthurW18341848c.18111879To CoI clergy
Darragh, JohnW1787c.17791806Died Limerick aet 28 as result of a fall
Davidson, JamesM1930†19041972MMS Leeward Is. Pres. MCI 1970
Davidson, JohnP186218411915
Davidson, Thomas WilliamM1887†191418651948To Canada, then to USA
Davies, IsaacW185718321868
Davies, WilliamP189818731945
Davis, Desmond RobertM2013†
Davis, MarkW1756176917341803To CoE clergy
Davis, RobertPW18731874Disappears
Davis, RobertW17721783Disappears
Davis, ThomasW17791808Expelled
Davis, ThomasW187418501931
Davison, Emily (see Hyland)M2000From UMC USA
Davison, William AndrewM1985†
Dawson, AbrahamPW1837186318161884
Dawson, JacobP183218021866
Dawson, Richard JohnPW183218041888
Deacon, Thomas RichardM1971†
Deale, HerbertM189518681925
Deale, SamuelW18581859OT only
Deale, William SidneyM192519031976
Deaves, JamesW17531768Left but remained attach to Meth.
Deery, GeorgeW1841†1848
Deery, HenryW179717771851
Delap, AndrewW177417791787
DeLaureal, ShannonM2013UMC USA
Dempster, James (Jemmy)W176417761803To USA became Presbyterian
Dennison, William TelfordM190918811959
Denton, Edwin FletcherNC1873†18511903
Devers, Robert AlexanderW1839†18121881
Dice, GeorgeW17801786Expelled
Dice, MatthiasW17921793OT only
Dickson, JamesM188318551928
Dickson, William AlexanderM1882188818571897To MEC USA
Digby, William K.PW18201821Too ill to take up appt.
Dillon, JohnW17641770Friend of Elizabeth Bennis
Dinnen, JohnW1785c.17501839Sought revival on every circuit
Disney, William BM198119821 yr Stdnt Pastor supply UMC USA
Dixon, James ThomasM1915†192418891966To UMC USA
Dixon, JohnM1918†18951955MMS Gold Coast (Ghana) 1947-55
Dixon, ThomasW1768c.17451820
Dobbin, Abraham LockettPW1821c.18021867
Doherty, EdwardW1889192019031949To UMC USA
Dolamore, HenryNC1877188818431898To Cong. Ministry
Donald, JamesW183718121893
Donald, JohnW183618141901Ed Christian Advocate 30 yrs
Donald, M. LouiseM2003†
Donaldson, AlexanderNC181218131829
Donaldson, GeorgeW1860187318361913To MEC USA
Donnelly, JamesW185318281893VP Conference 1884
Donovan, GeorgeW17891794
Donovan, Patrick ErnestM188818611953Gen Missionary 1904-27
Doolittle, Thomas WadeW180317831842
Doonan, George WesleyM1929196219092002Resigned
Doonan, William CharlesW185418311891
Dorathy, JohnPW18191820Disappears
Dougall, David BrianM1945198219232005To CoE clergy
Dougherty, JohnNC18341844
Dougherty, RobertW17921796Desisted
Doughty, JobP1834184318131853To business
Douglas(s), FrancisW185418301902
Douglas, John HenryM1894190218701905To CoI clergy
Douglas, MosesPW186018341913His circuits freq expercd revivals
Douglas, WilliamW179617711860
Douglas, William MageeW1874†187718541940Coll. only; then MM SA 1877-40
Dowling, BlakelyW179017651830
Dowling, RobertM189318691901
Dowling, WilliamW1861186718361867Emig to Aust & d. within weeks
Downing, SamuelW180717491857
Dowse, John WaltonM195719352010
Dowson, GeorgeP186018401903
Dreaning, Lorna AnnM2011†
Dugan, Amanda Maryse see Durell
Duke, John ArthurM189718721945President MCI 1932
Duke, RichardW1867†187518461929To MC Canada
Duncan, Colin JamesM2000†
Duncan, EricM1975†
Duncan, JohnW17681773Disappears
Duncan, JohnW184018121881
Dunlop, SamuelW185818341928
Dunlop, Samuel DouglasM1938195919151991To UCC Canada
Durrell, Amanda MaryseM2013†
Durrell, Mark Alexander ErnestM2012†
Dwyer, JohnW184818261880Au Averell Shillington (1875) etc
Eales, GeorgeP18731880c.18501929Became Baptist
Eames, William EdwardM1926195719061958To CoI; fr. of Abp Rob. Eames (Arm)
East, Bertram GeorgeM191418871946
Edgar, Sydney CarsonM1938†19161999
Edgerton, JosephW18151833
Edwards, Edward (Ted) ArnoldM1941†19132000From Salvation Army 1941
Edwards, Edward DenhamM192819021962
Edwards, JamesW185218291901
Edwards, JohnPW1841185418181876To CoE clergy
Edwards, JohnW1747175417141785Became Independent minister
Edwards, ThomasW17951816
Edwards, ThomasW180817811868Sup Irish Schools 1825-30
Edwards, Thomas MowbrayM189918721962
Egan, AlexanderM18501941
Elliott, AlexanderPW185318281905
Elliott, AndrewPW18691870c.18381900OT only – To CoI clergy
Elliott, Ernest James FrederickM1907†192518851953To CofScotland
Elliott, FrederickW184318171902
Elliott, JamesPW185518281900
Elliott, JohnPW187518531925Founded the South Derry Mission
Elliott, John Wesley PattersonM1904†18841964
Elliott, Robert JohnM1896†18731958
Elliott, Thomas ChristopherM1915†18891969
Ellis, Charles BlundenM1927193119041966To CoI clergy
Elvidge, George HenryNC1874†18511895
Emerson, Albert EdwardM1927194819081985MMS -W.Nigeria & then Brit. Conf.
Emerson, GeorgePW1824183317961841Ent business
Empey, Francis (Frank) FullertonM1926192819041956To CoI; fr. of Abp W. Empey (Dub)
England, JohnM191418901955President MCI 1947
England, RobertM1913191318941985To Canada – Education
England, Robert LambeM1936†19121967
English, AlexanderW18651883c.18441899To NZ – Anglican Church
Erskine, GeorgeW180918131834MMS – Ceylon, NSW
Evans, DavidW17681783Left the work
Evans, EdwardW17801782Disappears
Evans, HenryW185918371924Ed. Advocate & anti-H.Rule ldr
Evans, John SwantonPW1843184618211887To MC Canada
Evans, WesleyM1906†192018831945To USA
Evatt, Robert BaileyW1877188018541937To Independents, then USA
Ewans, James BairdM191218861959Journalist – and author
Ewart, William JamesM1919†193218921969To CoI clergy
Ewing, James AlexanderM19471950Became Ed. Welfare Officer WELB
Ewing, Mervyn GeorgeM1998†
Eyre, Charles GeorgeM1945†19252015President MCI 1982
Eyre, JosephP189518681902
Fairley, RobertP187618551937
Fallows, Noel Andrew Joseph ColquhounM1989
Falls, Thomas AlanM1995†2013Moville Community College
Faloon, DanielPW18181824c.17971862To Canada as SPG priest
Farley, George WalterM192419031989
Farrell, JohnW1835c.18121844
Farrell, WilliamM1924193019011946To CoI clergy in 1930 – readmitted to MCI 1932
Faul, John Nicholas GroseMWA184818251906
Fee, John Alexander ThompsonM193219101955MMS North China etc. 1936-56
Feely, JohnW1821c.18011860Fluent Irish speaker & scholar
Fell, John RobertP190318791947Pioneer to Zambezi
Fennell, George MatthewM1918†18951991
Fenwick, JohnW1751c.17241787
Fenwick, MichaelW174917901797
Ferguson, Aian WesleyM1974†President MCI 2008
Ferguson, CampbellM19461946Withdrew (health)
Ferguson, George WesleyM1945†197619262014Sup DCM 1964-75; Resigned
Ferguson, Margaret AnneM200319562017
Ferguson, RobertM192819061964
Ferguson, SamuelW1844†c.18201861
Ferguson, Samuel DavidM1938†19101970
Ferguson, WilliamW179017701854
Ffrench, PatrickW181817761850MMS in WI 1818-27
Findlow, Thomas WilfredM191218841918
Finlay, WilliamW181017771855
Fisher, JohnW17481762Disappears
Fisher, Thomas LewisM1950Waiting list only
Fitzhenry, JohnW17941794Did not take appointment
Fitzhenry, RobertW1857186518361914To Cong. Min, then farming
Fitzpatrick, ThomasPW18161817Disappears
Flagherty, WilliamPW18461866c.18271893To CoE clergy
Fleming, JohnM192819051983NBM Supt 1952-69
Fleming, WilliamPW18261838To USA
Fletcher, RobertP187718531934
Fletcher, Wilfred BrianM1980President MCI 2004
Floyd, JohnW17721782c.17491799Left – without blame
Fontaine, OscarM19691970190319831yr temp supply UMC USA
Foote, Wilhelm GeorgeM19511953Waiting list only
Foote, WilliamW1808c.17801863
Forbes, Thomas DorrensM1942196119202007MMS Bengal; Resignd – psych. Lect.
Ford, AdamPW1817c.17911874
Ford, Adam LittlePW1843185518191883To CoE clergy
Ford, JohnP185818321902
Forde, George HenryM1902191218771932Transfer to MC Canada
Forde, ThomasW187218461923
Forker, William (Wilbert) GeorgeM1955†19352009Servd Templeton Fndtn 1973-84
Forshaw, RobertM192719051981MMS S. Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)
Forsyth, Mark StevenM2001†
Forsythe, William SamuelM194219151994
Foster, HenryW1780c.17241787
Foster, James DenningM188318581942
Foster, JohnW1800c.17761832
Foster, JohnW183318071877
Foster, JosephPW18251826Desisted
Foster, Robert (Ross) HosfordM1914†18931934RAMC 1916-8; MMS India 1920-7
Foster, Steven GeorgeM2001†
Foster, ThomasW184318141907
Fox, Joseph LeeNC1866†1895c.18451895Resigned
Fox, Norman SamuelM1978†1988To Cong. Min; then NF Misy Cause
Frackelton, HenryM188618621941
Frame, SydneyM194919291987President MCI 1986 (d. during yr)
Franks, EnockNC1854187818281893From P – then English Presby Ch
Fraser, Christopher CharlesM1994From Ch of Nazarene
Frazer, JamesPW186718421910
Frazer, JosephW1865186718401915To MEC, USA
Frazier, FrancisW17861789
Friel, Thomas HenryW18601861c.18311916To CoE clergy, then W. Australia
Frost, BrNC18141814A young man who promised much’
Fullerton, AlexanderW186018391922Au: Fifty years an Itinerant Preacher
Fullerton, William HenryM1932†19091978
Fury, JohnW17911792OT only; Disappears
Gaffney, JamesW17761779
Gallagher, Ernest WilliamM1940†19181984India 1943-66; Pres. MCI 1981
Gallagher, JamesPW18181819Disappears
Gallagher, PhilipM2012†
Gallagher, RobertPW18371840Retired – lack of abiltiy
Gallagher, Robert David EricM1936†19131999SoC 1958-66; Supt. BCM 1957-78; Pr. MCI 1967
Gallagher, Robert HenryM1905†18811965President MCI 1946
Gallagher, Sara AlisonM2011†
Gallucci, Paul JosephM2002
Gamble, Albert WilliamM192519041977Contrib ‘Weekly Causerie’ to ICA
Gamble, WilliamW18011801
Gater, WilliamNC18411846Disappears
Geale, RobertW185918321889Estb new Moville & Youghal Chpls
Geddes, HenryW183218051870
Gentleman, Benson EdwardW187518501927
Gibson, Alexander (Sandy) BrownM193118921956
Gibson, AndrewM2014†
Gibson, EdwardPW18641866Disappears
Gibson, JamesM189518681951
Gibson, ThomasM19161924 18901959
Gibson, Thomas EdmundW1875†18551935
Gibson, WilliamW1841c.18131842
Gilbert, JohnW184018101892
Gilbert, NicholasW1749c.17241763
Gilcriest, JohnW185018241899
Gilcriest, JohnM188918621923Rostrevor Ch built in his memory
Gilcriest, WilliamW180617781824
Giles, Henry JohnstonW183318141897
Gill, Nigel ErnestM2016†
Gill, WilliamW17781780Disappears
Gilliland, Arthur DesmondM1940†19212008MMS serv. in China & Hong Kong
Gilliland, Robert Henry Murray McCheyneM1911†18891972Worked with Muintir Na Tíre
Gillis, JohnW17861798Expelled
Gillis, WilliamNC187318511921
Gillman, James BenjaminW182318001888Noted 19 c.Irish preacher
Gilmore, Britt WilliamM2012UMC USA minister
Gilpin, Henry AlexanderM196219222011
Gimblett, Ernest ClarenceM1913†18881970Trans to Brit Conf. 1922
Glanville, Albert EdwinM189318621947
Glanville, John EdwinM192018981958Servd MMS India 1928-36
Glanville, WilliamW1862†1864Richmond College only
Glass, JohnPW18341842Resigned – to America
Glass, JohnM1919†18941956
Glassbrook, JamesW17571774Left – to New York (Presbyterian)
Glenny, James Brownlee (Lee)M1983†
Good, George EdwardM1938†19151994MMS SriLanka; Pres. MCI 1969
Good, George HaroldM1956Pr. MCI 2001- IRA decommissioning
Good, JohnW186418431926
Good, John WinstonM1956President MCI 1991
Good, Peter AllenM1967†19332000
Good, Robert JamesM1916†18921976President MCI 1958
Goodall, GeorgeNC181817951861President MNC 1840
Goodall, George RobertsNC189418691931
Goodwin, JohnW176817401808
Gordon, DavidW178517571799Diary & hymn logbook at archives
Gordon, James ArthurM1909†18861957
Gordon, JohnNC18251861From W to NC 1835; Disappears
Gordon, John (Jock) StanleyM1946†19181989Servd MMS 1950-56; 63-77
Gorman, WilliamW185318291906Noted prchr – VP Conference 1892
Grace, JohnW1786c.17601812
Gracie, Colin DavidM1999†
Gracie, Geraldine Harriett WoodsM1994†
Graham, CharlesPW1839184818171892To Cong. Mnstry Shepherd’s Bush
Graham, CharlesW179017501824Known as ‘Apostle of Kerry’
Graham, DanielW17881793To Barbados WI 1792 where he d.
Graham, JohnNC184518191888
Graham, JohnPW1842185218221879To Cong.
Graham, JohnW17901793Desisted
Graham, Laurence Arthur MooreM1994†President MCI 2017
Graham, RobertPW18291830Disappears
Graham, RobertPW18371841Retired
Graham, WilliamPW18381843Resigned
Graham, WilliamPW1845186518221888To Cong.
Graham, WilliamW17811782
Graham, William HenryPW18421852c.18241899To CoE clergy
Graham, William MooreW192419001987
Graham, William WinstonM1963President MCI 2002
Grainger, JosephP190118741965
Grant, Charles LynnW1846c.18241870
Grant, GeorgeW1835181518561846-54 – Star Insurance Agent
Gray, StewartPW1849186318241918To USA – Baptist minister
Gray, William John WesleyM194319252011
Greaves, Charles SwiftM189818711937Co-founded Irish Msny Sum School
Green, John ElliottW186118371926
Green, RichardM189818711950
Green, Trevor CharlesM1960
Green, WilliamW177017951739
Green, William HerbertM1911†18871925Svd BEF WWI in France
Greenaway, David Henry GeorgeM1979†1980College only
Greenaway, James GeorgeM194819241982
Greenwood, PaulW17461767
Greenwood, RichardM1940†19181990Prin. Edgehill 1962-72; Pr. MCI 1976
Greer, JohnW1826c.18051871
Greer, RobertM192419021946
Greer, ThomasW186318361901
Gregory, Michael RobertM1989†19532002
Griffin, Brian DesmondM1970†Servd MMS Cote d’Ivoire 12 yrs
Griffin, JamesPW183718151900President PW Conf. 1865 & 1866
Griffith, SamuelP1866Disappears
Griffith, WalterW178417611825
Grubb, JamesM1887†18661937Popular preacher and author
Guard, EdwardW185618331884
Guard, ThomasW1851186218311882To SA and then MEC, USA
Guard, WesleyW1860†18391914VP Conf. 1893, 1902, 1911
Guard, WilliamW1821c.17991850
Guilford, JosephW176117731777
Gunne, WilliamPW184118171847
Guthrie, GeorgeW17441778Desisted – ‘feeble capacity’
Guy, ThomasPW18371841Ceased
Hadden, JohnW180217781842
Hadden, JohnW186918441915
Hadfield, Frederick JosiahP189218671930
Hagan, JohnW17961797Withdrew – discouraged
Haime, JohnW174517081784Bouts of depressive illness
Haire, JohnW18231824OT only
Haire, Norman CyrilM1951†19342019
Haire, RobertM1913†18851961Author of several books on JW
Hall, EnochNC186518431914
Hall, JamesW177917981751Expelled
Hall, ThomasPW1859186618391922To Cong. USA
Hallam, JohnP186218401913President Prim Conf. 1890
Halliday, ArmstrongW1834c.18131838
Halliday, ThomasW17661786Expelled
Ham, ThomasW18411842Disappears
Hamblin, DonaldM19851986191720021yr supply from UMC, USA
Hamill, RobertM1948195219262016To Canada then CofS.
Hamilton, AndrewW178817641839
Hamilton, AndrewW178917701847Bk Std & Ed. MM (Dub) 1808-18;
Hamilton, FrederickW17881789Disappears
Hamilton, GeorgePW18381871c.18131891Pres PW 1860, ’70 – To CoI clergy
Hamilton, JohnW1794c. 17631824
Hamilton, Julian IrwinM2005†
Hamilton, RobertW1835c.18101876
Hamilton, RobertW18361838Suspended
Hamilton, T.P18361843Disappears
Hamilton, WilliamPW>W18191826To W 1826 & disappears 1833
Hamilton, WilliamW178817611843
Hamilton, William GrahamM1957WCD Chaplain 1972-2000
Hamilton, William IrwinM1951President MCI 1987
Hammet(t), WilliamW17841792c.17561803Missy to WI who withdrew
Hammond, GeorgeM1878†188718601929To Brit Conf 1887
Hammond, George MackayM1951197219292016To MC NZ 1972
Hampson, John (Jun)W1777178417531819To CofE
Hampson, John (Sen)W17521784c.17301795Pique at not in Legal 100
Hancock, StephenM1995†
Hanna, Alan GordonM1939†19131996
Hanna, Francis AsburyM1903†18801967
Hansbrow, GeorgeW1800182917741864Rmvd from Ptd Mins 1829
Haran, JamesPW18581865
Harbinson, AlfredM1910†18821955
Hardcastle, WilliamMWA18471852c.18251907Disappears – to farming
Harding, SamuelP18541888c.1832To Cong. ministry
Harker, JamesNC1857187118301916Resigned – Insurance broker
Harman, JoshuaW181017871856
Harper, JohnW178617991815To America – ‘Left the work’
Harpur, EdwardW1828c.18011869
Harpur, JamesPW187518571898
Harpur, SamuelW1806c.17851834
Harpur, WilliamPW187418511925Founded ‘Central Ireland Mission’
Harrington, JohnW1826c.18001859
Harris, AlexanderM188618641918
Harris, CharlesM2005From Church Army
Harris, WilliamW17531769Retired
Harrison, CharlesP187018451906
Harrison, Charles WilsonM190919101882Failed exams & unsuitable
Harrison, HenryNC18361846c.1811c.1856To Cong. Ministry
Harrison, JamesP18211840Disappears
Harrison, JohnW17761777
Harrison, John JosephM193219091999
Harrison, WilliamW1802c.1809
Harry, JamesP183317971870
Harry, WilliamW17671770Departed the work
Hart, JohnM192319022001
Harte, EdwardW185818371909
Harte, Frederick EdwardM189518721948
Harte, Frederick JohnM1930†19091996Noted preacher; Pres MCI 1931
Harte, Ross JohnM2005†
Harte, Walter Henry (Harry)M1936†19151989Resigned became teacher
Hartley, RobertP183618171892To PM Church, Australia
Hartley, Thomas AlfredM192619051985
Harvey, JamesPW183218071860
Haskins, DerrickM1970†199419472018To UMC, USA
Haskins, Nathaniel Robert (Bob)M188618641916
Haskins, Robert LeslieM1970†1980To UMC, USA
Haslam, ThomasP>NC18271837P> NC 1834 >Frmd Tract Soc 1837
Hassard, Austin NoelM195119262018
Hassard, Maureen ElizabethM2003†
Haughton, JohnW174117601781To CoI clergy
Haver, ThomasP18741877?1831? To Cong. Min. at Insch, Scotland
Hay, JohnW1840184718171894To Brit Conf 1847
Hayden, EleanorM2006†
Hayes, William HenryM192518971966
Hazel, John MabinM1967†1972
Hazelton, EdwardW180617771854
Hazelton, EdwardW187618521929
Hazelton, JohnW184418151898
Hazelton, RobertW185018231887Fund raiser Curragh Camp & WCD
Healy, (Healey) JohnW?1743?1749Expelled – for affray
Heaney, S. StewartM1983†1984
Heany (Heaney), JamesPW185418301869
Heard, JosephPW18601861
Heather, Dawson DeanPW182218031861President PW Conference 1856
Heatley, Henry DanielM19491951Waiting list only – To CoI clergy
Heatly (Heatley), JohnPW183518101885
Hedley, Henry ArmstrongNC18801897c. 18571954to Australia (Victoria)
Heenan, LoudenM1918192018991924Supply only – then to USA
Helton (Hilton), JohnW1763177717321817Became Quaker
Henderson, Anketell MatthewW18411852c.18301876To Cong. ministry Australia
Henderson, DanielPW182417981883
Henderson, GeorgeW178717881814OT only-departed the work
Henderson, Ian DavidM1970†President MCI 2011
Henderson, RichardW?17591771Resigned – depression
Henderson, WilliamPW18561857
Henderson, William DesmondM1950†College only
Henley, PatrickW18361837OT only
Henn, SilasNC1854185618221902Returned to watchmaking
Hennin, JosephW17911797Disappears
Henning, JohnPW184218171893President PW Conf. 1866 & 72
Henry, David C.M198219831yr supply from UMC, USA
Henry, Henry EbenezerW1860†18391871
Henry, JamesW182618021865
Henry, John BodkinM1915191618931954Left following HMF service
Henry, WarrenW1875188318521898To MC Australia (NSW)
Henshaw, RobertNC182718061876
Herbert, JamesPW182618051858
Herbert, PearcePW1837184218111842Ceased on a/c of ill health
Herbert, WilliamPW181617701863
Herbert, WilliamPW181917971861President PW Conference 1855
Hern, JonathanW1769179117441804Expelled – drunkeness
Heslup, JohnW17611768
Hetherington, HughW1908†1912c.18851917To Canada & d. oas WW1 (1917)
Hetherington, John PrushoPW>W1818182718011861To W – Canada & England
Hetherington, ThomasW17831792Desisted of own choice
Hewitt, Daniel BenjaminPW187818561935
Hewitt, Geoffrey C.M20062012Supply from Brit Conf
Hewitt, Mary ElizabethM1980†
Hewitt, RobertW183818091892
Hewitt, ThomasW17871801
Heywood, WilliamMWA18441846Disappears
Hickey, ThomasW183518151882
Hicks, Conrad J.M20032012Supply from Brit Conf
Hicks, Sonia M.M20032012Supply from Brit Conf
Higgins, JohnW184218191895
Hill, Alfred WesleyM1910191818891988MMS China Res. 1918 – Reinst. ’49
Hill, DavidM1908†191218871971To Aust – then GP in Eng.
Hill, Frederick ErnestM191918991982
Hill, JohnW181517871875HM Sec 1949-62; Pres. MCI 1963
Hill, ThomasP>NC185318261903From PMs to NC 1860
Hill, WalterM191718971975
Hillaby, SamuelW>PW18221826c.18001862
Hilton, Robert F.P186018321913
Hinds, SamuelNC1868187218451923Resigned – to Cong. Ministry
Hobart, NathanielW1822c.17931865
Hoey, WilliamW183118081873
Hoey, WilliamW184018081889
Holdcroft, DavidP18351849c.1811?1901? Became schoolteacher
Holland, AlbertM192419041984President MCI 1955
Holland, WilliamP186718401927
Hollingsworth, SamuelW187018431898Principal WCD 1891-98
Holloway, Thomas Henry (Harry)M192919071995
Holmes, JohnW182017871857
Holtby, Thomas RoutledgeP187718551919
Hookins, WilliamNC1869†18451916President MNC 1903
Hooks, MosesW18011802Rsrv list again 1806
Hoole, ElijahW181917891872Sec Ir Msn Schls 1830-35
Hopkins, WilliamW1854185618321922To Cong. ministry Aust
Hopper, ChristopherW174917221802
Horan, Patrick KevinM1926†193019021951Irregular’ IRA convert – To CoE 1930
Horne, JamesW18151856MMS – WI – disappears 1853
Horner, WilliamW176917461826
Houston, DavidM1962†
Houston, John WilliamP18621867Disappears
Howard, David P.M200620093yr supply from UMC, USA
Howe, JohnW17771789
Howe, JohnW1802c.17811839
Howe, JosephM191018841939His minstry built Cregagh Rd Ch.
Hudson, GeorgeW1760178017381813
Hudson, JamesW17691777To CoE clergy
Huebner, Dennis WilliamM198019822yr supply from UMC, USA
Hughes, GeorgeP1860186018391912
Hughes, JamesW183018021887Helped erect Warrenpoint Church
Hughes, JohnW183518031888
Hughes, John ArthurNC189919021870Supply only
Hull, JamesM1990†College only
Hull, Thomas Trevor NeptuneW182618061903MMS 1837-54, Malta, NSW etc
Hullah, Albert SwalesM1911192018851966M.Cross WW1 -To Brit. Conf 1920
Hunter, HughNC1820183018011871Resigned became Baptist
Hunter, John Dale GardinerM19621964
Hunter, William JohnstoneM1910†18881983Supt. DCM 1938-50. Built Laytown
Hurley, JamesW17901793
Hurley, JohnW17901801
Hurst, JohnPW18181827
Hurst, JohnPW18351836
Hurst, ThomasPW1851186618241888Ceased on a/c of ill health
Hurst, ThomasW18121816Ir Rsv lst -To WI with MMS
Huston, AndrewW1840185018161870To Pittsburg Cfce, USA
Huston, RobertW182918071881Noted Methodist author
Hutchinson, David CrooksM1916†18881963
Hutchinson, JamesW1845185818241908To Tasmania with MMS
Hutchinson, John JamesM187818511931
Hutchinson, SamuelW1868†187518521900To CoI clergy ministry
Hutchinson, William WalterM189718711950Supt Open-air work 1929-37
Hyland, EmilyM2002
Hynes, John ArthurM1901†18781962
Hynes, MartinW186518431916
Inwood, CharlesW186918511928Est Egypt Gen Miss. – staff of 63
Irons, WilliamPW1818c.17911828
Irvine, AndrewM2015†
Irvine, David DuncanM190219071881To NY Conf, USA – withdrew 1922
Irvine, Herbert (Bertie)M192619031976
Irvine, John Alexander LapsleyM1922194619021971To CofI ministry
Irvine, John ChillingworthPW1869188618401928To MC Canada & then USA
Irvine, John CrozierW1806c.17741850
Irvine, KennethM1967†1985Resigned
Irwin, George HenryPW1816c.17911851
Irwin, George RobertM1899†191018791921To Pres. ministry Canada
Irwin, JamesPW1848c.18201888President PWM Conference 1873
Irwin, JamesW1789c.17671829
Irwin, Noel GeorgeM1989†1998To Brit. Conf. 2003
Irwin, Thomas JohnM190218671958Principal WCD 1910-45
Jackson, DanNC1875†18521916
Jackson, DanielW177817501824
Jackson, ThomasM1922†19011968
Jackson, WilliamW1799c.1803
Jackson, WilliamM192519021980
Jaco, PeterW175317291781
James, GeorgeM191318711954From W. Aus Conf. to MCI 1913
James, ThomasNC187818501894
Jameson, Joseph BrowneM192519031955SoC 1948-55
Jamieson, John TrevorM1984†
Jamison, RobertW187118481929
Jebb, JohnW181517901856
Jefferys, AndrewW17871790Desisted
Jennings, John BarnabasM192519031979
Jersey, Francis NathanielP1822184017971860Became Baptist – To Canada
Jessop, RobertW1827184818021867To USA
Jobling, ThomasP183318121869
Johnson, JohnW1755c.17251803Shared in building 1st Lisburn Chpl
Johnson, JosephP186918481912
Johnson, RobertW184918201898
Johnson, Robert CrawfordW186318411914Estblshd BCM; VP Conference 1898
Johnson, Robert JohnW187618821853To Troy Conf. USA – then expelled
Johnson, ThomasW175317201797
Johnson, ThomasW17971817
Johnson, WilliamW17871794Desisted
Johnston, Andrew NoelM19481950Waiting list only
Johnston, ArthurM1908†192118851950To Pres. minstry USA
Johnston, Arthur IrvineM189518691959
Johnston, Derek JamesM1986†
Johnston, EdwardW181017771858
Johnston, EdwardW1845c.18181875
Johnston, Francis JohnM1902192618761953To NSW Conf. Australia 1926
Johnston, HenryW18371841Retired – family reasons
Johnston, IrvineW185618291918
Johnston, JamesW180717831866
Johnston, JamesM1908†18821969Noted for his open-air preaching
Johnston, James W.M195319541 yr supply, FMC, USA
Johnston, JohnPW184618251895
Johnston, JohnPW186318401902
Johnston, John KerrW1842184518191865To Qn’s Coll. Taunton; then Canada
Johnston, John WesleyM188418641948
Johnston, JosephW1846c.18211885
Johnston, Richard CharlesM2002Minister of UCA, Australia
Johnston, RobertPW185118211911
Johnston, Robert Thomas MoffitM1898189818741941To Cong. Ministry in Scotland
Johnston, SamuelPW18681873c.18471904
Johnston, SamuelW184718241859
Johnston, Samuel JohnM192519001970President MCI 1966
Johnston, Thomas AlexanderM1936†19142003MMS – Nigeria for 33 yrs
Johnston, William EdwardM194018951984From UCC Can. 1949 (Ord 1927)
Johnston, William ScottM1927194319071996MMS China – then farming Gorey
Jones, Aelfryn (Ivor) ErnestM1937†195419091990Trans to UCC, Canada
Jones, Ivan William StuartM1922†194418961978To CoE clergy
Jones, JohnPW18671871Disappears
Jones, John WilliamW1863†190518421905Chronic alcoholism
Jones, MichaelM2007†2014
Jones, Robert GibsonW184018171879
Jones, Robert JohnstonPW187318481887
Jones, SamuelW18311850c.1805Head Kingswood 1845-9. Left 1850
Jones, Thomas AbsalomPW18431870c.1830Pres PW Conf. 1869. To CoI min.
Jordan, JamesW178017881821Expelled 1788. Resumd 1792
Joyce, JohnW1804180717791833To America – maverick ministry
Joyce, John GelstonPW1842184418101858Desisted – bad health
Joyce, MatthiasW178217541814Dublin Book Steward 1795-1805
Joynt, George ArthurM190918801956President MCI 1943
Judson, JohnP183318041876
Kaines, GeorgeMWA186618401913
Kane, (Kean, in America) Lawrence (Jnr)W17951803To MEC America, prolific author
Kane, Lawrence (Snr)W1783?1817c.17581823Seceeded with PWs in 1818
Kane, Richard RutledgePW1859186818411898To CoI clergy
Kane, RobertPW1823c.17901871
Kead, ThomasW17501762Formed Society Cootehill 1858
Kearney, HenryW1803180617821855To CoI clergy – Supported PWs
Kee, DavidPW18191821Desisted on a/c health
Kehoe, KatherineM2013†
Kell, GeorgeM191918991970MMS India 1929-42, 1944-49
Kellett, Francis JamesM1930†19091949Learnt Irish for ‘open-air’ work
Kells, John (Jack) AlexanderM193019071992MMS India 1950-61
Kelly, John DwyerM1900†18761964CF WW1; MMS India 1925-37
Kelso, HerbertM194919231995MMS E.Nigeria 1953-63
Kendall, DennisP184718241896
Kennedy, HenryPW186918391913
Kennedy, JamesW18361846c.1814To CoI clergy – Manchester 1851
Kennedy, ThomasM192719031975
Kennedy, Trevor StongM1956
Kennedy, William D.M200720081 yr supply UMC USA
Kenny, BernardP185918331902To PMC Aust. 1864; Pres. 1885
Kenny, BernardPW18591860To PMC
Kenny, CharlesPW183518381812Desisted on own accord
Ker(r), JohnPW185418341890 President PWM Conference 1878
Ker(r), RobertPW185918361904
Ker, Donald PaulM1973†Sup. BCM 2003-6; SoC 2007-14; Pres. MCI 2009
Ker, Robert ErnestM192719031961Prin. E. Coll 1957-61; Pres. MCI 1959
Ker, Robert MoubrayM189418721926BCM 1898-1926; Pres. MCI 1926
Kernahan, AlexanderW18471849Disappears
Kerr, AbrahamW18321838Resigned
Kerr, David JamesM1958Sup BCM 1987-02; Pres MCI 1998
Kerr, JohnW178217501830Dublin Book Steward 1804-1814
Kerr, RobertPW184118191887Sec & Editor 1865-77; Pr Conf. 1871
Kerr, Robert ThomasM1914†18881964MMS India 1919-52
Kerr, ThomasW178717651846
Kershaw, JamesW17501767?17261797Took up medicine
Kevin, Charles KilronanM1915191718891964To CoI clergy
Kevin, Henry NewtonW1875†18511912
Keys, CharlesM1924†19001972
Keys, JamesW1844†185018271887To Newark Conf. USA
Keys, JohnM1932†19071985
Keys, John Henry FrancisM1961MMS Haiti; Chpl: MCB, K’wd & QUB
Keys, ThomasW17991801
Keys, WilliamW180617741861
Kidd, GeorgeP183518131885
Kidd, WilliamW179617741846
Killen, JamesW18101817Disappears
Kilpatrick, DavidM1986199519372001From Sal. Army & retrn to S. Army
Kilpatrick, Mervyn HughM1992†MMS Zimbabwe 5yr; Sri Lanka 3yr
King, George WalterP187918561944
Kingham, DavidPW18601867Ceased to travel
Kinghan, Frederick ThomasM1906191118791917To MC Canada. Killed oas WW1
Kingsborough, RobertPW183818131889
Kingsborough, ThomasPW1875188318481929To CoI clergy
Kingston, Abram RichardM1954197819312017To University Ulster – Phil Dept
Kingston, Andrew GaryM1987†
Kingston, Heather May – see H.M. Morris
Kingston, Paul (A)M192118991985MMS Nigeria 1926-1960
Kingston, Paul (B)M1956DCM 10 yr; HM 12 yr; Pres. MCI 1984
Kingston, Paul (C)M1970†President MCI 2010
Kingston, Thomas MatthewM1962
Kingston, William YpresM1941†194219191998To CoI clergy
Kinmonth, Albert EdwinW1870187318461928To Cong. USA
Kirk, James CorscadenM1902190318781951To Canada then USA – teaching
Kirkpatrick, Francis JohnM1890189518681948To CoE clergy then Seatle USA
Kirkpatrick, GeorgeW185618311844
Kirkpatrick, IrvineM191018821953
Kirkpatrick, RobertM1936†195519141994MMS Nigeria then CoE clergy
Kirkwood, JamesW187318541938VP Conference 1919
Knot, HarlowPW18171824Disappears
Knowlan, JamesW1806c.17761845MMS WI – then Nova Scotia
Knowles, John ArthurM1948195019241991To CoI clergy
Knowles, RobertW186418411905
Knowles, Robert AtkinM1912†18871968
Knox, AndrewW187418461920
Knox, John DempseyM1956†198219352014Sec MYD; YMCA Scot & Meth MLA
Knox, RobertM188418591914
Knox, ThomasP183618071870
Knox, ThomasW186018371919VP Conference 1904
Krakowski, ShirleyM2014†
Kyle, SamuelW180617791853
Kyle, Thomas JamesM192919091995
Laird, Caleb SheraW1871†18511908
Lamb, JamesPW18181820Desisted to W (see next)
Lamb, JamesW18211835?18081859Expelld – he followed family to US
Lamont, James DavidW187318501911VP Conference 1908
Landers, John JamesW1856187318341921To USA→Ire→USA (MEC & PEC)
Lang, JamesW18601865
Lang, JohnP18621863Disappears
Lanktree, MatthewW179217701849Au of Lanktree Narrative (1836)
Lanktree, MatthewW182118001833
Larminie, SamuelPW183517941863PWM’s ‘Gideon Ouseley’
Larwood, SamuelW17431753/541755Became Independent minister
Lauder, Bruce M.M201220143 yr supply from UCA
Laurance, Thomas ClarkeW1856186418311918To WA Conf. Australia
Laverty, Joseph Alexander MauriceM1980†
Lavery, William JamesM1965†
Lawley, JohnP183418091886
Lawrence, William HenryM1937†19121939College only prior to early death
Lawson, Eric JamesM2008Supply from UCA
Lawson, GeorgeP18681869Disappears
Lawson, JamesM1905191018821966To MEC USA for health reasons
Lawson, William ElsworthM1895189718671946To Cong. USA & then business
Lawton, Dennis EugeneM200320074 yrs supply from UMC USA
Le Bert, George AntoniusW18731883c.18501923To CoE clergy – ‘quick temper’
Le Bert, William BidwellW184418171901Opposed 1840s Maynooth Grant
Le Maitre, Frederick PhilipW18251851c.18031864To CoE clergy
Leach, JohnNC186118811883Ceased to be recognised
Leatham, ThomasP183518111836
Lee, JamesP186218411892
Lee, NebuchadnezzarW17881790?enlisted in army – to East Indies
Lee, Robert SamuelW186918441931Too busy to attend Conference’
Lee, ThomasW174817171766
Lee, Wesley GordonM1910†18661954
Leech, JohnW177317361810Named in ‘Deed of Declaration’
Leetch, AndrewPW18621865Ceased to travel
Leighton, Samuel JohnM1915192218901972To CoI clergy
Lemon, James AlexanderM1966†
Lendrum, WilliamPW182718031858
Levick, SamuelW17631771
Levingston, RobertPW18541855Disappears
Lewis, Moses JamesM1890†18681946
Lewis, P. BairdM2008†
Lewis, ThomasP1834c.18101856
Ley, WilliamW1759c.17631803To CoE clergy
Liddicoat, MarkM2006†From 2012 – serving with BMC
Liddle, HughM1929193219071973Ceased
Liddy, JamesPW18781879Disappears
Liddy, JohnW183418081885
Lightbody, William (Arthur)PW1836184118181879To NSW – WMS sch’master & LP
Linahan, JohnM188918671945
Lindsay, Edward RowletteM1936†19162006Sec HM 1968-85; Pres. MCI 1972
Lindsay, Eileen RosemaryM1994†
Lindsay, George DicksonW1871187518451901To MEC Maine Conf, USA
Lindsay, JamesW18491858Disappears
Lindsay, RobertW17741788Explld 1784 and again 1788
Lindsay, Robert HillW182717991867
Lindsay, Robert KennethM1977†Stud Chpl Dub 10yr; Pres. MCI 2012
Lindsay, Samuel John (Jack) ClementsM1934†195919101995To UCC, Can -Estb Renewal Fllwshp
Lindsay, WilliamPW183618121885
Lindsay, William ThomasM1916193118971975To CoI clergy
Lipsett, William MooreM193119071968
Little, EdwardPW1836
Little, Joseph FrithM193119081978
Little, RichardW187318461922
Little, WilliamPW18161822
Little, WilliamW17961808left 1800-resmd 1805-left 1808
Littlewood, Robert WesleyM193119081976Au of poetry & hymns incl HP386
Livermore, JohnW17781783
Livingston (Livingstone), JosephNC181117801864Pr Ir Conf. 1814; Pr Conf. 1838
Livingston (Livingstone), WilliamPW186518401873
Livingstone, Robert GeorgeM193219131984CoS India; Gurteen; Pres. MCI 1977
Livingstone, Samuel JamesM2009†
Livingstone, ThomasW18041807Disappears
Loane, George WilliamM1956
Lockhart, Richard ArthurM191618981963Estblshd Teacher Tr Coll. In Kenya
Loftin, D. WayneM19941995Student Pastor supply UMC USA
Logan, WilliamNC18311836Expelled
Loney, Robert (Bobby) ThomasM1980†
Long, MortlockW184618241894
Lorimer, Alan WilliamM1995†
Lorimer, Pauline MargaretM1995†
Lough, WilliamW184518141876
Lougheed, ThomasW180117721849
Love, ThomasPW18171827‘Laid aside’
Lovett, GeorgePW18571867c.18361893To CoI/CoE clergy
Lovett, WilliamPW185518281917
Lowe, Thomas HillNC1866†187618451924To CoE clergy
Lowry, JamesW17981813Nova Scotia→WI→Ireland→Eng
Lucy, HenryW182718011838
Ludlow, Alexander MartinM190518781934
Ludlow, David (Day) HallM192419001977
Ludlow, RichardPW1861c.18421875
Ludlow, Richard HenryM189918761963
Ludlow, Richard NelsonM1924195319041999MMS Nigeria -Trnsfr to BMC 1953
Ludlow, WilliamPW186618361925
Lumley, WilliamM1946195019222007To CoI clergy
Lumley, William BenjaminW187518541942Treasurer HM Fund 1910-38
Lupton, WilliamW182818031854From PMs – br of Moses Lupton
Lutton, WilliamPW185718821882
Lynas, Joseph MartinM1948†196819272011To UCC, Canada
Lynch, JamesW180717751858Ord by T. Coke for Msy wrk. 1813
Lynch, Victoria MM2012Trnsfr from CoI clergy
Lynn, William HenryPW18601871c.18381882To CoI clergy
Lyons, Beresford StuartM1894†18741952President MCI 1942
Lyons, JamesPW186518431938d. in retirement in Vancouver Can.
Lyons, JamesW17881792Expelled for child molestation
Lyons, JohnNC181417831865
Maddocks, PhilipP183518161906
Magee, GeorgeW1845†1851c.1823Dismissed – To USA
Magill, JohnW187018461926
Magowan, RobertPW182718011884
Magowan, Thomas WalkerM195619292012MMS Jamaica 1963-73
Maguire, Charles FrederickM190518831960
Maguire, Charles WesleyM1911192118901978To CoI clergy
Maguire, DenisM2006†
Maguire, Francis Herbert ScottM1907†18851969
Maguire, ReginaldM191418861952
Maguire, Thomas CatherPW184118091890President PW Conference 1876
Maguire, WilliamPW187318451924VP Conference 1917
Maguire, William EdwardM188718631928
Maguire, William John FinlayM1902†192118791954To CoI clergy
Mahon, GeorgeW>PW18001818From W to PW 1819; left PW 1820
Mahon, WilliamPW18281834Prob to USA
Maland, ThomasP190618781927
Malcomson, JohnW178717681828
Mallin, Christopher W.PW18491852Discontinued
Mallin, JohnPW1816c.17891832
Manners, JohnW175717311763
Manning, GeorgeMWA18641865Disappears
Martin, AndrewM191919201897Resigned
Martin, Henry GeorgeM1903193518761939Resigned over stationing
Martin, John HillW186818431894
Martin, PierceW187518511927VP Conference 1916
Martin, WilliamP184418191859
Martin, William RogerM190018751927
Masaroon, RobertW181217891871
Mason, Eric JoshuaM1939†19131996
Mason, Garry JamesM1992
Mason, JohnW176417331810Noted botanical collector
Mason, Raymond William ColhounM1950197419311983To UMC USA 1974
Massey, William HenryM189718771937d. while President MCI 1936-37
Massiott, JamesW17511758
Masterman, ThomasNC18591896c.18371913
Matchet, J.NC18111812Disappears
Mathers, JosephM189418731966
Matthews, John FrazerW181817881848SoC 1848-60
Matthis, MorrisM198419851 yr Student Supply UMC USA
Mawhinney, Edmund Thomas IrwinM1958SoC 1990-2003; Pres. MCI 1994
Maxwell, Paul Norman WilliamM2008†
Maxwell, RichardW184618201892
Maxwell, RobertM189418701953
Mayes, George ClaudiusW1865184419201 yr supply IMC – remainder BMC
Mayly, JohnW17761788
Mayne, CharlesW179617731838
Mbayo, JohnM2011†
Macaulay, William AlanM1985†2011
MacCormack, James TreshamM194719262004MMS Zambia & Ireland
Mackay, William J.M1995†2005To CoE clergy (Sodor & Man Dioc) Ord 2017
Mackey, AlexanderW18181833c.17851865Protégé of A Clarke – resgn re debt
Mackey, Nigel DavidM1994†
MacLaurin, SamuelNC18781879Supply only
MacMahon, Henry HerbertPW187618521927
MacMahon, Henry HerbertM1915†18921916Killed oas HMF France 1916
MacPhearson, JamesP183318141901
MacWilliam, John William AndrewW186018351918
McAdam, JohnW18011817
McAffee, DanielPW>W18221827c.17921873Anti-Catholic controversialist
McAllister, Colin Robert JohnM1985†1996
McAllister, William JosephM195619371988Chpln MCB 1983-87; VP 1991
McArthur, JohnW1793c.17631840Father of Sir William McArthur
McAuley, Alexander HendersonM1966†19271981
McBrien, Francis (Frank)M1948198119262004Resigned 1981 – to British Conf.
McBrien, Nigel RalphM1997†2002To social work
McBurney, JohnW1772?1779
McCaffrey, JohnM1906†18821960
McCaffrey, Samuel EdwinM192018971986President MCI 1956
McCann, Maurice MercerM1970†1979
McCappin, JohnPW18571865To Goderich, Canada
McCartney, Stephen J.M2010†College only
McCaughey, RobertM1930193119072007Resigned
McCay, RobertW17891790Disappears
McClatchey, T.P18771878Disappears
McClean, Robert MervynM1957†1977To teaching & NS CoI clergy
McCleave, NathanielPW1828183017961874Left – defective eyesight
McClelland, ThomasW17921796Resigned
McClelland, Thomas JamesM1894†18731924MMS India & to BMC
McClement, Frederick JohnM1909†191118851967To Canada and then USA
McClintock, JamesW1846c.18191850
McClintock, John (Jack) AlexanderM194419201969
McClune, WilliamNC183718171846
McClung, SamuelPW182718031840
McClure, JohnNC1799180317781817Left 1803 -ill health -resmd 1810
McClure, WilliamNC1830184918031871To NC Canada
McCollom, DanielW181118172 yrs reserve list – 1 yr Ir Missn – left 1815 (health)
McCombe, AlexanderNC1823184718081876To Unitarian Church
McConkey, ThomasPW18701874Disappears
McConkey, WilliamPW18191827c.18011867To Cong. Ministry
McConnell, HenryM189318661953
McConnell, Henry OrmondeM192819041998MMS Haiti 1933-1969
McConnell, Patrick MorrisonM1955†19352005MMS Haiti
McCord, CharlesW1802c.1842
McCord, Thomas JamesM1903†18771923
McCormack, AlexanderPW18571866Ceased to travel
McCormack, Clodagh S. (see Yambasu)M
McCormack, JosephPW181817941879Pres. PW Conf. 1853. 1862, 1867
McCormack, Samuel ArthurM1915†192318901973To MEC, USA (New York)
McCormick, Arthur HerbertM1876187818541913Resigned – ill health
McCormick, CharlesW180717781863
McCormick, George HerbertM1909†18661954MMS India & to BMC
McCornock, William JnrW178717671834
McCornock, William SnrW177817461789To Dominica, WI 1788
McCracken, Thomas (Tim)M1924190519941943 wpc – estbl. Kylemore Clinic
McCrea, AlexanderM1900†18791963President MCI 1939
McCrea, FionaM2007†
McCready, SamuelM194119021982
McCrory, JosephM194619241980MMS Eastern Nigeria 1951-57
McCullagh, Hugh StanleyW18771880c.18541926Resigned – commission agent
McCullough, RobertM1943†195519191997To UCC, Canada 1955
McCutchan, GeorgeW1863186718351916To CoI clergy aka ‘Patriot Parson’
McCutcheon, JamesW180117761851
McCutcheon, OliverW185218251895‘Delegate’ 1882; VP Conf. 1890
McDade, Charles EdmundM1891189218681961Became Physician
McDade, Edward IvanM1984†
McDade, John ScottW18551831
McDade, Samuel HenryM18791885c.18521934To NSW & Queensland Conf.
McDonagh, Robert GeorgeM191618941946
McDonald, BartholomewW17971799Belfast-born missnry to Antiqua
McDonald, JamesW178417611833g-g-fr of R. Kipling & S. Baldwin
McDonald, MichaelW17701775
McDonald, Thomas Moss(e)W1842†1848c.18211904To CoE clergy
McDowell, SamuelW1808c.17801855
McElhinney, Robert IvanM1969†MMS BS 1974-79; Pres. MCI 2006
McEvoy, James FrederickM194519191977
McFann, ThomasPW181617981864President PW Conference 1854
McFarland, Armour GeorgeM199019352014From Church of Nazarene 1990
McFarland, JohnW17911804To PCI, resignd PCI 1830.
McGahie, Hugh ReidW1860†18371920
McGarvey, WilliamW1836c.18151853
McGavern, WilliamPW1862186418361921To MC, Canada
McGuffin, Thomas Henry SamuelM1980†
McIlroy, JohnPW183618011885
McIlwain(e), AndrewW186618341907
McIlwain, GeorgeW1801c.17711856
McIlwrath, George AlanM190018781965cf ‘McIlwrath Hall’ N’ards Rd. Belf.
McIntyre, AntonyNC18411852To Unitarian Church
McIntyre, Samuel GeorgeM189618741946
McIvor, FrederickM191918961968Father of Basil McIvor MP
McKay, ColinW184818251893
McKay, Joseph WilliamW184018191891Delegate’ 1870, 76; VP Conf. 1886
McKay, ThomasNC190218721959
McKeagh, HughM188518631838VP Conference 1918
McKee, JamesW1793c.17681825
McKee, JamesW1839c.18181845
McKee, JosephPW18221830Disappears – misconduct
McKee, Thomas AndrewW185018241897Gvr&Chpl WCD 27 yrs; VP Conf. 1885
McKee, WilliamW18151817
McKee, William SmythM18851889c.18601910To CoE clergy
McKenny, JohnW1813c.17901847MMS Africa>Ceylon>NSW
McKeown, JamesW1794c.17651833
McKibben, Robert (Robin) NormanM1992†
McKinley, ArchibaldP18621867Disappears
McKinney (McKinny), DavidPW18631871c.18321892To CoI clergy
McKinney, JamesPW186618711847/81918To CoI/CoE clergy
McKinney, James WesleyM192118951974Prin. Gurteen Coll. Pres. MCI 1957
McKnight, Thomas RufusM1981From UMC, USA, 1981
McLeer, Gilbert SidneyM193019081986Chpln to Forces 1942-61
McLorinan, JohnPW18491852Disappears
McLorinan, ThomasW1843†18181880Life-long friend of Luke Tyerman
McMaster, JohnstonM1968Youth Dept, Youth Link & ICC
McMaster, Thomas McKeownM195019251966
McMath, Robert RiddellM1919†192119841953College only, then to UCC, Canada
McMeekin, Derek GeorgeM1967†198619472002To PCI 1986
McMillen, GibsonW183818111822Sup Mssn Sch 12 yrs; ‘Delegte’ 1875
McMullen, DanielW17941827
McMullen, JamesW17881804d. Gibraltar
McMullen, John ThomasM1901†190318741946To MEC, USA
McMullen, WallaceW184118191899Delgt 1874, 78; VP Conf. 1888, 95
McMullen, WilliamPW186318361904
McNab, AlexanderW1766178317451797resgnd-to pastor cong at Lee Croft
McNeese, JohnW17691772Departed the work
McNight, Nicholas DavidM2004†
McNutt, John Alexander MillerM1937†194719141992To CoI clergy
McQuade, James StanleyM1950196919292019To USA – medicine & law
McQuigg, JamesW178918151831Expelled under false charge
McQuoid, Samuel LindsayM1952197619232013To UMC USA 1976 & then BMC
McVeigh, Robert WalkerM192419042001Sec HM 1963-67; Pres. MCI 1960
McVitty, George CrawfordM1914†19161892To Methodist Church Canada
McVitty, WilliamM1889†18661956
Meara, AlanM1961
Meara, WilliamM1891†18711959MMS S. Africa, where he died.
Medd, Henry NaisbyM1912†18881976President MCI 1951
Megahey, WilliamM1932†19081980
Megarry, JamesW1870188918471899To CoE clergy
Meharry, Clifford JamesM1984†2000To BMC – Chaplain Leys College
Meir, John EdwinNC1888†18671946
Meirs, AndrewNC187218381900From Cong. Ministry 1872
Meneely, Colin EdwardM20022012From FMC 2002 – To Cong. 2012
Mercer, Peter CrossleyM1995†
Meredith, SamuelW18451847c.18201894To MEC, USA
Meredith, ThomasW1828c.18011874
Meriton, JohnW17441748/916981753CoE priest – trvld with JW 1744-8
Merrick, William BoltonM188218561915
Mervyn, William HenryPW1836186418121882Pres. PW Conf. 1861 To CoI clergy
Mettrick, Francis (Frank)M1920192118991977To CoI clergy
Meyer, Robert JacobW183718101892
Midleton-Weaver (see Weaver) Leslie J.
Mill, PeterW177417501806
Millar, Edward Victor Cecil GeorgeM19482010Waiting list only – to Cong. Min
Millar, Gary DarrylM1994†
Miller, JohnW17811796
Millichamp, EdwinP186118401919
Milligan, ColinM2006†
Milligan, JohnPW18221853Disappears
Mills, Harold BestM192919321907To York St Cong. Dublin
Mills, MosesNC183918131904
Mills, Noel D.M20112014Supply from Elim church
Mills, ThomasNC183418141878
Mills, WilliamNC186118381905
Mitchell, SamuelW17791799Expelled for doctrinal errors
Mitchell, Terence I.M20052006I yr supply MCSA
Mitchell, William JohnM1919192718941981To CoI clergy
Moffatt, (Moffitt, Moffat, etc) JamesPW183018081877
Molloy, JohnM1916191918951964To CoI clergy
Monahan, Charles HenryM1892†18691951MMS India & to BMC
Monahan, William BeattyPW1853186018281910From PW to W 1860
Monroe, LouiseM2013†
Montgomery, Albert (Bert) RobertM1969†
Montgomery, ArchibaldW179417891800Baptised by JW
Montgomery, JohnM190818821975President MCI 1952
Montgomery, John RobertM2009†
Moore, AlexanderW1788c.17621839
Moore, DavidM1890189718651950To South African Conference
Moore, HenryW177817511844
Moore, HughW1777179017591829Desisted from travelling
Moore, HughW183518131867
Moore, HughW186618361927
Moore, James William BryansM189918731950
Moore, JohnW1864188418361927To CoI clergy
Moore, John Raymond JamesM1974†
Moore, RobertM189818691947
Moore, Robert DavidM1967197219432014Resigned – Social work
Moore, ThomasM188918621945
Moore, WilliamPW187518761920To CoI clergy
Moore, WilliamM188918651935President MCI 1930
Moore, William DunbarPW183018321808To USA
Moorhead, James KeithM1926192819051962To USA (Texas) as teacher
Moorhead, SamuelW>PW17861821Pres. PW Conf. 1816-17. Disappr.
Moorhouse, MichaelW17731786Departed the work
Moran, Bertram CarsonM190218781962
Moran, FrancisM1884†18591943
Moran, John HickeyM1885190418621952To CoI clergy
Moran, ThomasW185118281904
Moran, ThomasM1878†18581927FC, Queenstown (Cobh) 1902-27
Moran, William PatrickM1897†18751952
Morgan, JamesW175517341774
Morgan, JohnW1731/21782
Morris, EdwardNC18371845To MNC Canada
Morris, EdwardP183418041868
Morris, Heather May EleanorM1989†President MCI 2013 (1st woman)
Morris, JamesW17481756Excluded by JW for admin sacrmts
Morris, John NewsomW1837184018141884Retired on account of health
Morris, LloydM18861887c.18591920Resigned. To CoI clergy
Morris, Richard SamuelM1931†195819101999MMS GC (Ghana); To CoI clergy
Morris, Robert DesmondM193719162004President MCI 1974
Morris, Stewart RowlettM1977†2005MCOD London 1984-89
Morris, William SamuelM189318631940
Morrison, George RobertM194919252016President MCI 1989
Morrison, JosephW18001807MMS WI where he died
Morrison, Robert MeredithW186118961908
Morrison, Simpson GabrielW18361838c.18151891To Cong. Ministry; then PCI.
Morrow, David WesleyM191918931975
Morrow, Ephraim James CharlesM18741877To CoI/CoE clergy
Morrow, FrancisW1844c.18191866
Morrow, Francis EdwinM190918841953
Morrow, JamesPW182418011845
Morrow, JamesW1864†187218381906To MEC, USA
Morrow, WilliamPW18751878Disappears
Mortland, Samuel HaysPW18541878c.18341885To USA – Independence MO USA
Morton, Arthur JohnM1896190318661944Transfer BMC 1903
Morton, Benjamin BrookeM1903†18841935
Moseley, MarkP185818341893
Moss, JamesP182117951863
Mossop, John ParkerP187918551933
Motte, ThomasW17691771
Mowatt, GeorgeW1770c.17351825
Mullally, William DenisM2000From SAMC – President MCI 2016
Mullan, DavidM1974†
Mulligan, Noah EdwardM192719031980FC 1941-45
Mulloy, WilliamW182918011886
Munce, Frederick LarmourM1987†
Munro, James HenryM190118741957MMS India 1925-35
Munton, Henry JamesM1889†190818631941Retired to Canada where born
Murdock, ArchibaldW1790c.17671848
Murdock, JamesW183318081890
Murlin, JohnW175417221799aka ‘The Weeping Prophet’
Murphy, Hugh DavisW1871187318491927To CoI clergy
Murphy, MichaelW1788c.17601840
Murphy, Nigel JosephM2013†
Murray, JohnW17601774? Became land steward for lady
Murray, Peter DavidM1984†President MCI 2014
Mwanzele, Moba BonaventureM2007†2010Began Beulah Flwshp, Monaghan
Myles, Gerald GarlandM193119071994Prin. WCD 1947-71; Pr. MCI 1968
Myles, WilliamW177717561828Au: Chron History of Methodism
Nabney, Samuel John WalkerM1914†18861979
Nairn, George LockhartP>W185918661899To Aust. Left Ps to Ws then Presby.
Nash, JohnW182418021888
Naylor, RobertW17781783
Ndlovu, JacobM196219631yr WC supply from Zimbabwe
Neilands, David GeraldM1976†19532016Yth Dpt 9yrs; Chpl MCB 16 yrs
Neill, John EdwardM1898†18741936MMS India 1905-26
Neilson, DanielP187218501904Left 1886 for Pres. Rejoined 1891
Nelson, Albert ErnestM1918†18971970MMS Bahamas & Trinidad
Nelson, David MegawM1988†1991
Nelson, JohnP>NC182317981869Left PMs 1837 to NC 1838
Nelson, JohnW180917871877dedicated in childhood by JW
Nelson, John JonesM196019392016Cambpell Coll. Cpln 1978-2001
Nelson, Robert Alexander McLatcheyM1923†19051992MMS Ceylon (Sri Lanka) 27 yrs
Nelson, Samuel ThomasM1916195018921952Resigned – to IEB
Nelson, William EricM1941195719191999To UCC, Can. Aka ‘Padre to Pubs’
Nesbitt, Allan LeonardM196219631 yr supply UMC USA
Nesbitt, JohnW180117751858
Nesbitt, Samuel William HamiltonM187818581909d. NY subwy-Clomnel MC fd.raisng
Nesbitt, ThomasW1830c.18091832
Newall, ThomasW17611780Disappears
Newell, Cecil AndrewM194519252012MMS Rhodesia 17 yrs; Pr MCI 1983
Newell, William JohnM2005†
Newman, GeorgeP186518441913
Newsome, EdwinP186818441918
Nichol, JohnW186718411909
Nicholas, WilliamW186118381912VP Irish Conference 1894, 1903
Nicholl, WilliamM194619262007
Nicholle, EdwardP18361852Disappears
Nicholson, Edward CarsonM1970†Chpln to HM Forces 1980-2005
Nicholson, SamuelW>NC183518111887Left Ws 1836 to NC
Nicholson, Samuel HerbertM1916192518931955To PCI 1927
Nicholson, Thomas BallansW1872187918521925To British Conference 1879
Nicklin, SamuelP183718551811c.1858Disappears
Nicoll, JeremyM2006†
Nixon, David HenryM1992†
Nixon, Desmond RobinsonM1933†193519111952Trnsf to SA Conference 1935
Nixon, GeorgePW18661867Disappears
Nixon, Hugh ThomasM189618731918
Nixon, JamesW186518421916
Nixon, JosephM1966†2 yr college only
Noble, ArthurW1810c.17851862
Noble, JohnPW182117971853
Noble, RobertPW18641866Disappears
Noble, Thomas (same as above?)W1807Rsrve list only
Noble, Thomas AndersonM195419302006
Nolan, J. (Peter?)NC18391840Teacher & S/R – disappears
Nolte, JerreM19851 yr student supply UMC USA
Norcott, James William (Billy)M1919†194818941985To CoI clergy 1948
North, William CharlesW1866188918391926Retired – died Manitoba, Canada
Northridge, BenjaminM1916192318971972To CoI clergy 1923
Northridge, William LovellM1907†18861966Prin Edgehill Coll. Pres. MCI 1944
Northridge, William YoungM188418581913
Norwood, William JohnW1837†184918171889To USA 1849
Nullis, Isaac SeptimusP1858186318281868Retired
Oddie, JamesW17461771c.17301790engd in trade & left
Ogden, JosephNC188418651955
Ogden, ThomasNC1837184217991880To MNC Canada 1842
Oliver, JamesW185618311920
Oliver, JohnW184118211913
Oliver, Turner BarrettW1876187818551918To CoI clergy
Oliver, William JohnW189818761956
Olivers, ThomasW175317251799Emplyd by JW as Corrector of Press
Olliffe, JamesW180417801860
Olmsted, William EdwardM200819432016Tranf to MCI from UMC 2008
Olver, Richard WesleyW189818721945President MCI 1940
O’Neill, Ernest WilliamW19551964To USA -est Campus Ch of America
Orbison, ThomasW1840184918131872To MEC USA
Orr, FlemingW187818531839
Orr, JamesPW186918431924
Orr, RobertW18591863Disappears
Orr, RobertPW186018331915
Orr, ThomasPW187018391921
Oswald, RobertPW18711873c.18491901To CoI clergy
Ouseley, GideonW179917621839
Owen, ThomasP18631881
Owens, CecilM193919161998
Owens, Ivor NoelM1992†
Owens, ThomasM1786?17651808Served in WI 1788-1800
Park, John FosterM1898†1901Disappears
Park, John OliverW1866†18451941VP Conference 1901 & 1910
Park, YounghamM2014
Parke, (Park) ArthurW1811c.17881811
Parke, Elizabeth JuneM2005†
Parker, ArthurM1966†
Parker, David LindsayW1869187118481915To MEC & then PEC USA
Parker, Frederick TurnerM1906†18821961With MMS Jamaica 1911-20
Parker, Joseph JosiahP1864187918421922To Cong. Min. then USA where d.
Parkhill, James WilsonM1884†18591935
Parkhill, Robert Albert (Bertie)M192719031974
Parkin, JohnM1981†
Parkin, VincentM193719151999Prin. Edgehill 1973-81; Pr. MCI 1979
Parr, ThomasP183818171866
Parsons, RobertPW18281831
Patchell, George WilliamW1857186518321883To MC Australia (Adelaide)
Patten, WilliamW1794179817651843To America (Kentucky)
Patterson, Cheryl AnnieM2013†
Patterson, JamesW1823c.18001864
Patterson, Ruth ElizabethM20042001-03 in training
Patterson, SamuelW1853187918311899Forcibly remvd frm Curragh Camp
Patterson, ThomasW17891802Desisted ‘of own accord’
Patton, Albert JohnM1923195819001985Resigned
Pattyson, WilliamPW181717911876
Payne, JosephPW182617981874
Payne, ThomasPW18251829‘Laid aside’
Payne, ThomasW177217411783
Peacock, ChristopherW178117531786
Peacock, WilliamW18031813
Pearce, BenjaminW178417541794d. as missionary in West Indies
Pearce, ThomasPW182518001833
Pearson, ThomasW185018251893Leading temperance advocate
Pedlow, DanielW1795c.17711844
Pedlow, JamesM192819042001
Penington, WilliamW1759c.17341767
Perfect, JamesW17701785Explld for ‘vanity’ & ‘self-conceit’
Perronet, CharlesW174717551722/31776Left Itinerancy -settled Canterbury
Phillips, Randall CanningM188718651933Au: Irish Methodism; Pres. MCI 1928
Phillips, RichardW1805c.17781845
Phillips, RobertP18761885c.1858To CoE (Manthorpe, Grantham)
Phipps, JohnP18341849Disappears
Pilcher, JesseW1831c.18071873Sup IrMiss & Schls 1855-61
Pilmoor, JosephW1765178517431825To America where Epis ordained
Pimlott, Gregory RobertM200420051yr supply from UMC USA
Plunkett, Hedley WashingtonM1940†19172006President MCI 1975
Pollock, WilliamW18141829
Poole, Derek GordonM1961†2016Trns to MCI 2000 rtn BMC 2016
Poole, Wesley Stephen WilliamM1956†195919332006To PCI 1959, then CofScotland
Porter, FrederickWMA18701871Disappears
Porter, John ReidW185018261885
Porteus, ThomasNC186418391907
Potts, JosephNC1864187218421911To Cong. ministry
Powell, John DonorW185318271888VP Conference 1887
Pratt, James CalcottW1808184817801870Permiss. to emigrate to US 1848
Preece, FrancisP18371849c.1814Disappears
Price, HenryNC1839184317481845Discontinued 1843
Price, HenryW182318021869VP Conference 1868
Price, Henry GuardM189118691943To MMS India 1895 & then BMC
Price, JohnW1772c.17431820
Price, John OlliffeW186818471920VP Conference 1915
Price, NehemiahW177117901743Explld for over familrty w women
Price, RichardW1808c.17851847
Price, Walter HenryW187018511911To S Africa 1875 & BMC 1887
Price, William GuardW185118271903VP Conference 1879, 1889
Prichard, JamesP183318081885
Prickard, JohnW177417441783
Pritchard, JohnW177117461814Kingswood Schl Govenor 1802-07
Proctor, CharlesP18361862Is ‘retired’ PM minister in 1871
Proctor, JosephM1914†191718861931To CoI clergy & then CoE
Proctor, StephenW17681782desisted without blame’
Pugh, HughW17881789
Pugh, PhillipP183518171871President PMs 1869
Purdy, John WilliamM1966†2015 per to work with BMC
Quaile, WilliamW185118241901
Quarry, William HenryW185718331921
Quinn, HubertM1924192919021972Au of ‘kailyard’ fiction; To PCI
Quinn, William HayesM1913†192118871943To MEC USA (NY Conference)
Rainey, RobertM1899†18751938
Ralph, BenjaminM1870187218431933Hd tchr Cornwall, Bristol, then CAN
Ramsay, Adam AverellPW1857186218371928To Cong. Ministry 1862
Ramsay, John CharlesPW1856186418351874To Cong. Ministry 1864
Ramsay, William HenryPW1861186318431914To CoI clergy & then California
Ramsay, William HenryM1882188318561917To MEC, USA – then Unitarian
Ramsden, JohnNC183618141892
Ramsey, JohnPW182618021860
Range, David AlanM19812000Supply pastor UMC USA
Ranson, Charles WesleyM192419031988MMS India; WCC; Drew; Pr MCI 1961
Ranson, Henry John FrederickM188918661947
Ranson, JamesPW1818c.17891837
Raynor, John BuxtonP186118371886
Rea, Frederick BeattyM193019081984MMS Rhodesia(Zimbabwe)1937-84
Rea, George WilliamM188618611909‘He preached a strenuous gospel’
Rea, JamesW17651770Desisted from travelling’
Rea, William James (Jim)M1967†Founded EBM(21 yrs) Pres MCI 2003
Redman, Malcolm Edward GeddisM1940†19131997
Redmond, JohnM1896†191218761967To CoI clergy 1912
Reeves, JonathanW174217541787Recvd Episcopal ordination
Reid, CharlesPW18311856Disappears
Reilly, AlexanderM1926†18991995
Reilly, WilliamW180917811868
Remmington, JohnW180217721838Newfoundland Canada 1804-10
Rennick, JamesW1783c.17481818
Revington, GeorgePW182117971864Secty of Missns & Book Stwd 32 yrs
Rhodes, FrankNC1892†18701938
Rice, Cecil AtchesonM1955†196919352017To Boston USA Psychotherapy
Rice, William CharlesPW182918021836Resp. for Langrishe Pl. Chp, Dublin
Richard, William ApW17991801Disappears
Richardson, George BrysonP190218771946
Richardson, KeithM1974Supply Lurgan (Qween St) 1985-7
Richardson, Philip MelanchtonP190718781939
Richetts, WilliamW182518011875Apart from 1825 srvd with Brit C.
Riddle, WalterPW181617701818
Ridgeway, ThomasW1789c.17581852
Rising, Lloyd HarrisonM1967189419821yr supply UMC USA – 1967-68.
Ritchey, WilliamW181517931847
Ritchie, Arthur Stanley CrozierM1926192719051970Supply list only – to UCC, Canada
Ritchie, Hugh JamesM1915†18901978
Ritchie, JamesM189818701958
Ritchie, John Derek HosfordM194819272003President MCI 1992
Ritchie, John FrederickM1919†192119001958College only – to S. Africa etc.
Ritchie, Joseph DavidM1886†18671935
Ritchie, Paul EdgarM1998†2011To Irish Baptist pastorate 2011
Robb, DavidP1862187018431920To Cong. Ministry
Robb, HeatherM1984†FM Pilgrim prior to MCI minstry
Roberts, RobertW175917311799
Roberts, Robert GeorgeW1871187918421939To Brit Conf 1879
Roberts, ThomasW178617651832
Robertson, CharlesW185918331895
Robertson, JamesW1862†18401907VP Conference 1897, 1906
Robertson, John CharlesM1895†18681931Pr. Th Coll. 1920-31; Pres. MCI 1929
Robertson, Samuel AlexanderW187018481895
Robertson, WilliamW1800c.1807
Robinson, DavidW18371848c.18101887To MEC USA & then medicine
Robinson, FrankM1911†191718911969To MC Canada -then Insurance
Robinson, GeorgePW183118111842
Robinson, GeorgePW186618421911
Robinson, JamesMWA185618261892
Robinson, JamesPW181617821858
Robinson, JamesPW182818011830
Robinson, JamesPW183517991873
Robinson, JamesW18721873OT 1yr only
Robinson, JohnMWA184618241899
Robinson, John HiramW1848185218251900To MEC USA
Robinson, JohnM1963
Robinson, Kenneth JohnM1976†
Robinson, RichardPW181617901854Srvd St John’s, NB, Can. 1825-26
Robinson, ThomasNC1820c.17951845Sup. Ir Mission 1829-32
Robinson, WilliamPW1841187118151892Pres. PW Conf. 1864; To CoI clergy
Robinson, William Abraham HobsonPW187118511909aka ‘the boy preacher’
Robinson, William JasperM189918781971CF WWI – mentioned in dispatches
Rock, William DavidM1987†Gen Sec Yth Dpt 2001-15
Roddie, John Richard WesleyM1909†18861953President MCI 1950
Roddie, Robert (Bertie) CharlesM1914†18901949
Roddie, Robert (Robin) ParkerM1958
Rodell, Jonathan MichaelM19992000MCB Chaplain 1999-2000
Rodgers, Robert DonaldsonM1959
Roe, GeorgeW?17591766left the work
Rogers, Benjamin BartholomewP18601876c.18391877
Rogers, JamesW177417491807
Rogers, JohnW1803c.17741860
Rogers, SamuelPW182118001825
Rolston, David DermottNC1845184718191914To Canada
Romeijn, Willem DirkM198119821 yr supply UMC USA
Rooney, JohnPW1862186518421869To Ws 1865→Cong. 1866
Rooney, Robert (Roy) Frederick CharlesM192619061999
Rooney, William JohnM190018741945
Roork (Rourke), ThomasW1762177017281835To America – TN River Valley
Ross, David StanleyM1959†19272015
Ross, JohnPW18251829Ceased ‘laid aside’
Rothwell, ThomasW187318461915
Roulston, Hugh ThompsonW186718411896
Round, DavidNC184518241899
Rowe, Richard DudleyM1987†
Rowell, JacobW174917221783
Ruddell, GeorgeM2014†
Ruddell, JohnM1898†190418741956MC Canada -then homesteading
Russell, DerekM1965†
Russell, FrancisW1794c.17701838Supporter of Lorenzo Dow in MCI
Russell, Richard KennethM1994†
Russell, Robert StanleyM1970†MMS Bahamas 1975-78
Russell, ThomasP182918061889aka ‘Apostle of Berkshire’
Russell, William JohnM1888189618681953To S. African Conference 1896
Rust, EdwardP183718131888
Rutherford, RobertP18381854From PM to WMA 1842. Rt. 1854
Rutherford, ThomasPW187318481929
Rutherford, ThomasW177217521806
Rutledge, Andrew MoffittW186418401921
Rutledge, JamesW1802c.17671848
Rutledge, JohnW18041815/6c.17781826Served in WI (New Providence)
Rutledge, WilliamW18091812
Ryan, ThomasW17671791Desisted resulting from infirmity
Sage, JohnNC18391842Disappears
Salt, WilliamNC180917851851Prov acpt by W 1806 to NC 1809
Salter, ThomasM189518671934Trns to Brit Conf 1918
Saul, JohnW192618751878
Saul, William BeamishW186718371907To Brit. Conf. 1869
Saunderson, HughW176817771746Expld 1777 & took 60 with him
Saunderson, JohnM189318691941
Sawyers, Thomas Adam BartonM1944196119212005To CoI clergy
Sayce, SamuelNC18401841Resigned
Sayers, James McMasterW186718421890
Sayers, Richard RoycroftM1906†18811960Br Jack Sayers ed Belfast Telegraph
Scott, AbrahamNC180117771850
Scott, Benjamin MurrayNC185418321866
Scott, RobinsonW183518141883Prin. & ThTutor MCB; VP Conf. 1871
Scott, ThomasM1899†191318751945To CMC (Toronto Conf.) 1913
Scott, WilliamPW182217981880
Scott, WilliamPW1844185618141897To CoI clergy
Scott, William WatsonM1986†19382012
Seacomb, ThomasW17541759
Seaward, ThomasW17861787
Seed, RichardW17681805
Self, ThomasP184018151872
Semple, Leslie LloydM19511953191619912 Yr supply MC Aust (Irish born)
Service, JohnNC1846185518231904Left and emig to US & to Pres. Ch.
Severn, BenjaminNC18261832Resigned
Sewell, RobertPW1845185218231905To Cong. Ministry
Seymour, HenryP→NC18331844From PM to NC 1838 then Canada
Seymour, JamesNC1830185817981882To NC Canada 1858
Seymour, ThomasNC182918071866
Seymour, Thomas GibsonNC186618411900
Shaw, CharlesNC1853186118321906His bio inspr for A.Bennets’s Clayhanger
Shaw, ErnestM191518911960President MCI 1954
Shaw, JamesW1849185418201910To MEC USA 1855
Sheane, Joseph KennethM1951196719262010To USA – part-time with Pres Ch
Sheerin, StephenM2003†
Sherman, Joseph FrederickP187318541920
Sherry, MarkPW18641867Disappears
Sherwood, Richard EdwardM1893†18721943
Shine, JohnPW18171819
Shipway, Percy StanleyM191018861961
Shire, HenryW187718501925VP Conference 1920
Shone, JosephNC185918321916
Shuttleworth, JohnNC184818161898To NC Canada 1857
Sickle, Lee VanM19811982191820161 yr supply UMC USA
Silcock, ValentineM1934†19101999MMS Burma (Myanmar) 1937-51
Simon, JosephNC183918181885
Skelton, CharlesW17481754c.17251798
Skillen, Christopher BoydM2015†
Skillen, HamiltonM195319322001President MCI 1985
Skuce, Charles JamesM195419301966
Skuce, Daniel Alfred RalphM195019271996
Skuce, Stephen FrancisM1986†From 2005 serving with BMC
Skuse, CharlesPW18341855c.1820To Cong. Ministry & then USA
Skuse, William PerrottPW1844185318201853d. at sea on way to Tasmania
Slack, CharlesP18681870Disappears
Slater, EdwardW17701776?1808Resigned – weak constitution
Slater, Thomas WilliamNC1876†18561943
Sleath, Arthur Douglas LawrenceM1943†19141988
Sleath, George Douglas WoodsM1940†19192004
Sleator (Slater), John WilliamPW18721876c.18531930To CoI clergy
Sloan, HaroldM1932†19082007Sec Conf. 1970-76; Pres. MCI 1973
Sloan, James BarryM1992†Serving in Germany from 1997
Slocomb, JohnWc.17441776
Smiley, SamuelW187318491873List of reserve only
Smiley, WilliamW1869†18501886
Smith, Arthur JacksonP187418541935
Smith, HenryWMA186918441871
Smith, HenryM1922†18961971
Smith, JamesW17921830
Smith, JohnW176617131774cf CHC A Methodist Pioneer (1881)
Smith, RobertW→PW1788182017641826From Ws to PW 1820
Smith, Robert (Robin) BellM1945†195319242007To UCC, Canada 1953
Smith, StewartW186718421923son Herbert PPS to Horace Plunkett
Smith, SydneyWMA184918251864
Smith, WilliamW1789/9017581839Au: Consectve Hist & Sacred Harmony
Smylie, John DrydenPW1863186918401926To CoI clergy
Smyth(e), WilliamM1883189918591914To Protestant Episcopal Church, USA
Smyth, David ThomasPW187718821854To USA 1882
Smyth, EdwardW17771784c.17471823From CoI clergy 1777 & back 1784
Smyth, JamesM1897†18751950Served CMC Canada 1911-37
Smyth, William HenryM1885†18641949President MCI 1921, 1927
Snowdon, GeorgeW1769c.17381812
Snowdon, JohnP183118051872
Sorsby, WilliamNC1840185618091892To Cong. 1856; to PCI 1860
Spence, Gabriel JohnPW187818561924
Spence, George LeslieM1981†
Spence, JohnPW1860186818431914To CoI clergy
Spence, John NettletonM1898†18741978Sup BCM 1925-49; Pres. MCI 1941
Spence, JosephW1862†1865c.18381909To Australia QLD & NSW
Spence, KarenM2003†
Spence, Michael PaulM2010†
Spence, Robert HullM1906†18831965HM FC 1915-20
Spence, William George StanleyM1950197219302017To UCC, Canada, then Phych. AB
Sproule, WilliamM1871†18481893
Squire, William HugoM1960To Brit. Conf. 1974
Stacey, JamesNC183918181891
Stafford, Herbert WilfredM1924†19021997MMS India 1927-50
Stafford, LukeP185518341923
Starkey, WilliamW1830c.18031847
Starkey, William ReillyW185918381910
Steed, JohnM198019833 yr supply from UCA
Steele, SamuelW179017651824
Steele, Samuel HenryNC1871188218511926left & studied medicine at QUB.
Stephens, EdwardP186018381900
Stephens, FrancisW181317861858
Stephens, FrederickW1845185218241908To Cong. Ministry 1853
Stephens, JohnW1788c.17671789
Stephens, JohnM1990†Sup DCM 2001-14, SoC 2015-
Stephens, RichardPW18161818Disappears
Stephenson, GeorgeW1793c.17941837
Stephenson, JohnPW182017941853
Stephenson, JohnW1788c.17481819Served in WI (Bermuda) 1798-1801
Stephenson, Thomas ClarkeM1995†
Sterling, JamesW180117771833
Steward, Edmond (Ted) StandishM1944194719221998To Meth Ch NZ
Stewart, AlexanderW→PW181317901863VP PW Conf. 1840-46; Pr. 1847-52
Stewart, DavidM1887†189518681961To PCI 1897
Stewart, GeorgePW182517951852
Stewart, JNC18151817Disappears
Stewart, JamesM188518571940Censured for sale of liquors
Stewart, JamesM1924192819021965To Rhodesia & then Pres Ch
Stewart, JohnNC18391842Disappears
Stewart, JohnP18371839Disappears
Stewart, John (Jack)M1953†19291977Served Leeward Is. 1956-71
Stewart, RobertM1878†188518541921To Aus. Pres QLD Conf 1902, 1914
Stewart, WilliamW1800c.17761854SoC 1829-30; 1840-47
Stewart, William Henry (Harry)M191718961946
Stockdale, George (A.)M189819071876Retired
Stokes, WilliamPW183818151859
Stokoe, JohnNC18461871c.18241885To CoI clergy
Storey, John CharlesW184318181886
Storey, Robert JamesM1935†19132004
Storey, Wilson JamesW185418271895‘He was a staunch Unionist’
Storr, EdwinP1872187518481881To Cong. Ministry
Story (Storey), GeorgeW176217381818
Strange, James MackM200620071 yr supply UMC USA
Strawbridge, RobertW17631776?1732c.1781To America, pioneer circuit rider
Strickland, BillM198219831 yr student supply UMC USA
Strong, Charles HenryM1889190618691964To CoI clergy
Strong, RobertW1802c.17781831
Stroud, JohnP183918181888
Stuart (Stewart), MatthewW17861827
Stuart, JamesW1792c.17651831
Stuart, JamesW1809c.1811Disappears
Stuart, JohnW17941833Desisted – re use of spirits
Sturgeon, AlexanderW179517681839
Sturgeon, WilliamW17961806To WI 1798 – where he died
Stutt, John WilliamM1911†18891978President MCI 1949
Sullivan, EdwardPW182417981858
Sullivan, JamesW18241851Irish-speaking missionary
Summerfield, JohnW1819182117981825To America – formed Tract Society
Sutcliffe, JosephW1786c.17621856
Swanton, WilliamW18541865c.18301865d. on way to Australia
Sweeney, Brian ThomasM1981†
Sweeney, DavidM2007†
Sweeney, John (Joe) MooreM1993†
Swindells, RobertWc.17411783Pioneer Meth preacher to Ireland
Tackaberry, FosseyW182317961847cf Life & Labours by R Huston (1860)
Taggart, MorrisM19541964To USA -priv pract Pych & therapy
Taggart, Norman WilsonM1956†MMS India, ICC; Pres. MCI 1997
Tansom, William ChristopherP18621837To USA – Drew Seminary etc
Tarrant, HenryMWA1846185818271899To Cong. Ministry
Tasker, DavidM1984†College only
Tate, WilliamNC1797179917731736Joined Unitarians
Tattershall, ThomasW1781c.17541822Establ. first Socty in Wexford
Taylor, AndrewW17961833c.17751841Captr dur ’98 Wexfd Rebln – to Can.
Taylor, Benjamin HannaM1944195619212010Cf Rev Ben (1989); To UCC Canada
Taylor, Clifford AlfredM1965†2007Established independent ministry
Taylor, HenryPW18301854Disappears
Taylor, JohnNC183818191880President MNC 1867
Taylor, JohnP185718301901
Taylor, JohnPW1825c.1795c.1875
Taylor, JoshuaMWA18571863c.1812Became master grocer
Taylor, Richard HenryM195219522016President MCI 1993
Taylor, SamuelPW18361837Disappears
Taylor, Stephen RichardM1995†
Taylor, ThomasW176117381816
Taylor, Thomas WesleyM192619031990MMS Jamaica 1947-63
Taylor, WilliamPW18651871c.18411904To CoI clergy
Teasey, Robert James JacksonM189718731958
Temple, MortimerM1936194919041968MMS Bengal -then AUS where died.
Templeton, James BradleyM1873†18501922
Teskey, Francis (Frank) JohnM1939†194219201980Coll. only-HMF WW2; Stran. TT Coll.
Thatcher, ThomasP1875188218521936To Cong. Ministry
Thomas, BarnabasW17641788?1793Left – became recluse
Thomas, EdwardNC186118361927Au bios W. McClure, S. Nicholson etc
Thompson, Alfred CharlesM192919061932
Thompson, Darrin James StephenM2013†
Thompson, DavidPW18631870c.18401911To CoI clergy
Thompson, George WilliamM188518561935
Thompson, HughM1925192619051992To Cong. Min. USA
Thompson, JamesW1865188218431889MC SA where cmpld Man of Laws
Thompson, Jean MargaretM1981†19382015
Thompson, JohnPW182617971879
Thompson, John DayP186718491919President Prim Conference 1915
Thompson, JosephMWA183818001869
Thompson, JosephPW18461847Ceased to travel
Thompson, JosephM193119051968Fm WA Conf ’44-MMS WI 1945-59
Thompson, Kenneth HamiltonM1970†
Thompson, Stephen TrevorM2010†
Thompson, WilliamPW18601870Ceased to travel
Thompson, WilliamW175717331799First Pres of Conf. after JW death
Thompson, WilliamW18041808Res. Reneged on matriml promise
Thompson, WilliamM1900†1911c.1880Retired – To Eng as Ins. Manager
Thompson, William Ernest MorleyM191518941969SoC 1941-7; Pres. MCI 1948
Thompson, William HenryM190518821907
Thornton, James JohnNC18881891c.18271893left and d. shortly afterwards
Tidswell, JabezMWA184018441815Retired on a/c of affliction
Tobias, JamesW182918031882VP Conference 1869, 1877
Tobias, MatthewW179117701845
Tobias, ThomasW17501767
Todd, JohnPW185418171885
Todd, Matthew MetcalfNC188018591933
Todd, Samuel KennethM1963†President MCI 2000
Toland, JohnW18071812Missionary to WI – Excluded 1812
Tolland, JamesM1955195619352008To PCI
Toner, Robin FisherM2010In training 2008-09 LNS minstry
Totten, MatthewP18511857Disappears
Townsend, RichardP183418011839
Tracy, Richard TaylorW181517911889
Trembath, JohnW17431760c.1793Took up farming – died Cork
Trotter, Frederick AlbertW187118461933
Trotter, John CrawfordW1872188918471942To CoI clergy
Truesdale, IanM1983198419331987From & return to Zimbabwe Conference
Truesdale, JohnM192619051971Served with MMS 17 yrs
Tucker, WilliamW17461755/617271813With JW to Ireland 1747
Tully, Mark KevinM198519861 yr stud. pastor supply UMC USA
Tunley, WalterP189718731938
Turnbull, BrianM19831991To social work
Turner, James BernardM1934†19101993Ed Irish Christian Advocate 1960s
Turner, JohnM194619242012President MCI 1978
Turner, R.P18321839Disappears
Turner, Robert CharlesNC185318241885From Wesleyan Reformers 1853
Turner, Thomas EdwardNC18861905c.18641910Redundnt when NC trnfr wk to IMC
Turnock, BenjaminNC183818141900
Turnock, Benjamin BerkleyNC186318431880
Turrill, HenryMWA18661869Disappears
Turtle, David LeeM2005†
Turtle, Thomas DavidM194419222010MMS Burma 11 yrs; QUB Cpln 24 yrs
Twinem, Daphne MaryM1990†
Twinem, Leonard FrederickM1935†19122001
Twinem, William SpenceM1928†19041970
Twiss, AlexanderW1845185418221893To CoE clergy
Unsworth, Janet MaryM1997†
Vance, GeorgeW183418151889VP Conference 1873
Vaughan, Russell SamuelM198019811 yr student supply UMC USA
Verner, ThomasW17851791Resigned
Verner, WilliamPW18651871c.18431924To CoI clergy
Vickery, WilliamM1900†18761944MMS Burma & BMC
Vorster, MichaelM199119932yr supply from MC SA supply
Waddell, John WesleyP189318681951
Wade, SamuelP183618021865
Waine, WilliamNC18761883c.1829c.1898Disappears
Wakeham, John G.PW1834c.18151843Son of a pious Est Clergyman
Waldron, IsaacW176017781782Expelled
Walker, CharlesPW18681874To W’s 1872; Ret 1874 – ill health
Walker, IohnW183818161881
Walker, Joseph JohnM1878188118541898To Cong. Ministry
Walker, Samuel HughM1913†18911917Killed oas WW1
Walker, Sydney AlexanderM1909†1910188719571 yr only coll.-To Pres. Ch Canada
Walker, WilliamNC1892†18691954
Walker, William JohnNC1902190518731950To MEC USA – withdrew 1929.
Wallace, John BeattieW186718441872Declined Prof. post at Peking Uni
Wallace, RobertW183618121866
Wallace, Robert WilliamM1969†
Wallace, Samuel LeslieM194419212016MMS Sierra Leone 40 yrs; Pr SL Conf.
Wallace, WilliamPW18271828Disappears
Wallace, William JohnstonPW18721878c.18521907To CoI clergy
Walmsley, ThomasM189118631927
Walpole, Christopher GillingM1956President MCI 1995
Walsh( e), Hugh CarletonW18581874Fled – bankrupt and defraud
Walsh, Caroline WalshM1984†1993m. M. Voster SAMC & to S. Africa
Walsh, ThomasW175017301759Gen Sup Ireland 1755
Walter, Cheryl JaneM19812000Supply UMC USA 1981, 1988-99
Walton, John ArthurM189818741936Pr MCI 1934 -Fr of Prof.Ernst Walton
Ward, AlbertM196419651 yr supply from Br Conf.
Ward, NathanielW17781785Departed from the work
Wardlow, Alan GeorgeM1989†
Waring, CharlesP1876188018451937To Cong. Ministry
Warner, GeorgeP185118291899
Warner, JosephP185318341900
Warner, Nicholas JohnW18701883c.18481905To CoI/CoE clergy
Warr, George W.PW18361842Disappears
Warren, William ArchibaldM192819041970MMS 1928-43; 1955-59.
Warrington, Samuel AndrewM1922192319011981To CoE clergy
Washington, GeorgePW18211845‘Debarred’ from from all offices
Waterworth, William GarfieldM190918811956MMS Gold Coast (Ghana) & Nigeria
Watkins, ChristopherW1768c.1743c.1805
Watkinson, RichardW17761792
Watson, GeorgeM192919072007
Watson, Hugh McMurrayM1899†18781951President MCI 1940
Watson, JamesW174717701813
Watson, JohnW17711786Left prob due to illness
Watson, John (Jnr)W?1771c.17491837
Watson, John MeredithPW1859186718341911To Cong. Ministry
Watt, Ruth HazelM2009†
Waugh, DavidW180017751847
Waugh, James CraigW187518471934
Waugh, James SwantonW1839†1855182218981854 to Aus; Prin W Coll.Melbourne
Waugh, JohnW180617811854
Waugh, Richard Mortlock LloydM191518931958President MCI 1953
Waugh, Robin William DavidM1992†
Waugh, ThomasW180717851873Most influntl ldr of MCI mid-19C
Waugh, WilliamW18751877c.18571923To CoI clergy
Weatherill, Brenda WinifredM20032000-02 LNS training
Weaver, Leslie John MiddletonM1960†1968
Webb, HenryW18001805Disappears
Webb, RichardNC18421843Disappears
Webster, Clive DesmondM1995†
Webster, Ebenezer E.W188518611954MMS India 1887-1910 then BMC
Webster, George LoweM1885†18591942Founder of Gaelic Christian Fllshp
Wedgwood, George RylesW186618431917VP Conference 1912
Weir, Colin MichaelM1996†
Weir, SamuelW185918391918
Weir, William Crawford HamiltonM189518731913
Welham, John RobsonNC185718301899
West, Edward ClarkeW186718401907
West, George MontgomeryPW1816182417891855Maverick on both sides of Atlantic
West, JohnW17871790Disappears
West, John AubreyM1922†18961971MMS India 12yr; Gifted musician
West, WilliamW1779c.17431822
Westell, ThomasW?174217191794
Whalley, EllenM1976First MCI woman ordinand 1978
Whan, PaulineM2010†
Whatcoat, RichardW1769178417361806To America 1784. 1800 elctd Bp.
Wheatley, JamesW174217511775Expelled 1751 – renegade preachr
Wheeler, HenryP183718151889
Wheeler, HenryMWA18501852Disappears
Wherry, JamesPW186218361904
Wherry, JohnPW182918011860Ed PWM Mag. Pres PW Conf. 1859
Whitaker, Thomas KnoxW18371864c.18121891Expelled 1864 – cruelty to wife
White (Whyte), Matthew GrahamPW18621871c.18351885To CoI clergy
White, AndrewPW18161823Disappears
White, EdwardM1903†18781963
White, JamesPW18281835Disappears
White, JohnPW18421865c.18191881Pres PW Conf. 1858; To Cong. Min.
White, John WilliamP189418721900
Whitehead, JohnW17641769c.17401804JW’s literary executor
Whitford, JohnW1745-481754Became Independent minister
Whitla, JonesM188718631922
Whitley, JohnW17741774Unable to take up appointment
Whittaker, EdwardM190418771956President MCI 1945
Whittaker, John GeddesW187318481922
Whittington, Thomas StanleyM195219261998MMS Gambia 6yrs; Pres. MCI 1988
Whittle, EdwardPW1816185617941866Resigned – To Canada where died.
Wiggins, JohnW180717771858Served in West Indies 1807-17
Wiley, Noble (also William)PW18221830Suspended – disappears
Wiley, ThomasW186818421880
Wilkinson, JohnM195619291994
Wilkinson, RobertW176917451780
Willans, WilliamNC1868†18441901
Willett, SamuelP18471850Disappears
Williams, Charles Albert UsherM1905191218831960To CMC Canada
Williams, James ClaytonNC18611873c.18351889To Unitarian ministry
Williams, JohnW18011806Disappears
Williams, JohnW182818021861
Williams, John WhitakerNC185618271891Super. Irish Mission 1878-83
Williams, RobertW176617691775To America – where pub JW books
Williams, ThomasW174117551719-2017871st Meth pr in Ireland. Expld 1755
Williamson, Donald StuartM1955†1961To USA – Texas Medical Centre
Williamson, Edward McDonaldM1963196619422014To CoI/CoE clergy 1969
Williamson, James (Jim)M1959Sup L’derry City Miss. 1974-79
Willis, Charles SimpsonP185918361916To PM Canada 1870; Retired 1882
Willis, JohnPW18591873c.18341884To CoI clergy
Willridge, HenryPW18541855Disappears
Wilson, CharlesM1895†18701947
Wilson, ChristopherPW18611867Disappears
Wilson, JamesPW184618251905Pres PW Conf. 1868, 1874
Wilson, JamesW178217871760Ent business & then to America
Wilson, JeremiahW183218091884
Wilson, JohnPW18411857Disappears
Wilson, JohnW17991812Desisted – settled in business
Wilson, JohnW182217981828Translated NT & part of OT
Wilson, JohnW185218271901Ardent advocate of temperance
Wilson, John (Jnr)W1802c.17681840
Wilson, John JamesM1948
Wilson, John StethemW182317991845
Wilson, Kenneth AlexanderM1961MMS Leeward Is. Pres. MCI 1999
Wilson, RichardPW18471848Disappears
Wilson, RobertPW182818021878
Wilson, RobertW181017781839
Wilson, ThomasPW18331874
Wilson, WilliamW17881808
Wilson, WilliamW18111819Served Msyn WI 1811-17.
Wilson, WilliamW1859186018311881Ent Aust min 1860 (NSW & Q’land)
Wilson, William JohnM190518781955
Wilson, William MontgomeryPW187518491929
Wimperis, William GeorgeM1906†192318821948To PCI – ‘an outstanding preacher’
Winby, WilliamW17701772d. Londonderry of smallpox
Wisheart, JamesM192519001986Sup Evangelism 7yrs; Pres. MCI 1962
Wittam, JohnW176717381818
Wolfenden, AndrewMWA1849186118191889Retired – became bookseller
Wonnacott, John CharlesM1996†
Wood, CharlesW185218261877
Wood, John WilliamW187318891852To S.Africa & then ent business
Wood, SamuelW178817681842His weakness was grandiloquence
Woodhouse, Adam ParkerPW186018421896
Woodhouse, WilliamW18641865Disappears
Woodrow, JohnW178717621850
Woodrow, JohnM190518801956
Woods, JohnPW18611865Disappears
Woods, John LoweW187718551886
Woods, JosephNC18311836Resgnd re prolonged Probtr. status
Woods, Stephen EdmundM2008†
Woods, ThomasM195019252013
Woods, William JohnM191718931967
Worrell, ThomasW17891792To Jamaica 1791-92 where died
Worrell, ZachariahW1796c.17601834Poetry vol incl Saints of Togherdoo
Wride, ThomasW176817331807
Wright, DuncanW176417361791
Wright, JohnPW187118381909
Wright, John (Howie)PW18651870c.18441906To CoI clergy
Wright, JonathanNC190319071871?1951To Wesleyan Reform 1907
Wright, WilliamNC186218331870
Wrigley, FrancisW176917461824
Wyld, WilliamP18331845Disappears
Wyse Jackson, Vanessa GregoryM1997†
Yambasu, Clodagh SaraM1986†
Yambasu, Sahr JohnM1966From Sierra Leone MC
Yates, Harold MouldingM190918821961B. Guiana 1912-25 – then Br Conf
Yeomans, Frank EdgeP190118721935
Yewdall, ZachariahW177917511830
Young, Edward KeatingW1839†184618151879Resgn to follow literary pursuits
Young, Ernest WilliamM1901†192918791953To Canada
Young, JamesP185818341914
Young, John WrightM192919071996
Young, SamuelW182217971884
Young, William JohnM190118751927
Zeelie, RowanM2011†
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