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Index of Irish Methodist Churches, Chapels and Preaching Houses

The MHSI has been developing a master list of former and existing Irish Methodist churches, chapels and preaching houses. This is very much a work in progress and feedback or corrections are welcome.

The buildings are listed in alphabetical order and are by default (Wesleyan) Methodist in the Section column. Only the non-Wesleyan preaching houses/chapels are given additional codes as follows: PW – Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Society NC – Methodist New Connexion P – (English) Primitive Methodist Connexion WM – Wesleyan Methodist Association (later United Methodist Free Church).

The codes in the ‘References & Sources’ column are taken from an article by Dudley Levistone Cooney in the Bulletin of the Wesley Historical Society (Irish Branch), Vol. 2, part 4 (Winter 1992), entitled ‘Record of the Property of the Wesleyan Methodist Connexion’. These are from abstracts of Deeds contained in three large volumes and held at the Public Record Office in Belfast.

The code (DIA) in the Architect column refers to the superb Dictionary of Irish Architects (Irish Architectural Archive Online): http://www.dia.ie/. Abbreviations in ‘References & Sources’ column include: Mins (Minutes of Conference); CA (Christian Advocate); ML (Methodist Newsletter).

NameSectionCircuitCountyParish/TownlandBuiltRemarksReferences & SourcesArchitect
Abbeyleix I (Chambers Lane)AthloneLaois (Queen’s)>1793
Abbeyleix II (Old Abbeyleix)MountrathLaois (Queen’s)1826New chapel to seat 130 people. Manse added and in 1914 new Epworth Hall. In 1950 Manse sold and when services ceased the church was sold in 1975 to Faith Mission for £3,000. [Mins 1973 p.36 & 1975 p.42]1/13, 286.

D.L. Cooney, Asses’ Colts & Loving People, (Carlow, 1998), pp. 18-21.

Adare IRathkealeLimerick17971/24,
Adare IIRathkealeLimerick1873
Aghagallon (Craigmore)MoiraDown1845Originally known as Aghagallon Wesleyan Chapel it later was called Craigmore Methodist Church.

A new hall was opened 1983 and an extension added in 1993.

1/6, 3/203
Aghalee HallMoiraArmaghSale sanctioned 1931 [Mins 1931 p.67]3/236
AllageshPWClonesMonaghanTedavnetSold 1879 (but see Minutes 1936 p. 66 re Allagash sold for £45)
AnnalongDundrumDown1842(Moneydarragh). Sold to Masonic Order for £1,100 (17/6/69)1/6, 3/203; Mins 1970 p. 80 & 83
Antrim IAntrimAntrim1806Built in ‘The Kiln Entry’ opp ‘Pogue’s Entry’ – Sold 18791/1-4; 3/154, 158
Antrim IIPWAntrimAntrim1823PWM Chapel. Sold 1945 – the ‘Antrim Discount Stores of the 1980s’Mins 1945 p.65
Antrim IIIAntrimAntrim1868New church replacing chapel of 1806. Gothic. Received in 1977 £65,000 compensation.Mins 1977 p.40John Boyd, ?-1895 & William Batt partnership. (DIA)
Antrim IVAntrimAntrim1977New church and ancillary buildings erected 1977 at cost of £124,000.Mins 1977 p.40John Boyd, ?-1895 & William Batt partnership. (DIA)
ArdaraArdaraDonegal1832Rebuilt 18561/9, 14, 28, 30
ArdeeDundalkLouthArdeeGen. permission to sell church and ground 1977. Sold 1978 for £15,000.1/5, 63; Mins 1977 p.40 & 1978 p.42.
ArdglassDownpatrickDown1834[1843 according to ICA.31.10.58. p.5]; Loaned (?) to Baptist Church (1963); Sold 1966 for £405 +£1 p.a.1/8; Mins 1963 p.82, 1967 p.85 & 1970 p.82
Arklow IArklowWicklowFerrybank1822Sold1/21, 27
Arklow IIArklowWicklowFerrybank1869Opened May 1869.William Fogerty, c. 1833-78. (DIA)
Armagh IArmaghArmagh1767Re-used Thomas Street1/17-19, 31,32; 3/240
Armagh IIArmaghArmagh1786
Armagh IIIPWArmaghArmagh1835Abbey Street + Residence
Armagh III (b)ArmaghArmagh1888Armagh III remodelled-new gable+12ft increase.Builder: Thomas Collen & Son, ArmaghJohn James Phillips, 1841/42-1936. (DIA)
AthlonePWAthloneWestmeath1865F/S 25 Feb 1864; Op. 3.3.65 [IE.65.45]. Arch: Alfred G Jones (Northgate Street)1/15, 16, 26, 33, 34, 141, 3/220Alfred Gresham Jones, c.1824-1913 (DIA)
Athy ICarlowKildare1812In Meetinghouse Lane1/23, 29, 297
Athy IICarlowKildare1874New church and school. Barrack Street (Woodstock Street). FS laid 12 Jun 1872. Cost of chapel £2,220. [Mins 1875 p.76].D.L. Cooney, Asses’ Colts & Loving People, (Carlow, 1998), pp. 22-27.Frederick Darley & Thomas Holbrook
Aughadown (Aghadown)SkibbereenCork1803Fell into disuse in 1860s. A new church on a different site was erected in 1877. Sold 1955 for £35.(marriage register 1900-1909); Mins 1955 p.62
AughagallonAntrimAghagallon(Ballymacrana) Sold1/7,
AughagallonOmaghTyroneCappagh 1856Schoolhouse used for worship. Closed 1892. Allowed to deteriorate and eventually sold in dilapidated state for £25.N. Johnston & D. Preston, Methodism in Omagh (1982) pp. 7-8;  1/10,
AugherAughnacloyTyroneClogher1865Opening 26 Mar 1865 [IE.65.71]; Final service 23 May 20101/12,‘A three-bay stone-built hall with rose windows in the gables.’ (DIA)
Augheryannon (Aghyaran)CastledergTyroneTermonamongan1872cf. built during Alex Fullerton’s ministry in 1871 ICA.06.12.12p161/22 cf repairs ICA.54.12.24 p.7
AughnacloySwanlinbarTyroneCarnteel(Knockminny)1/11, 3/8
Aughnacloy IAughnacloyTyroneCarnteel1805Sold 18791/20,
Aughnacloy IIPWAughnacloyTyroneCarnteel
Aughnacloy IIIAughnacloyTyroneCarnteel1849-50New church, school and dwelling house ‘situate on the approach from the Monaghan Road’. Church opened Mar 1850. Contractor: Thomas Ross, Aughnacloy. Captain Edward Moore, J.P. gave £500 bequest to Society.Christian Advocate, Christmas Number, Dec 18, 1905, p. 15Isaac Farrell. (DIA)
AughrimPWBallinasloeGalway1786Sale sanctioned 1923 for £25.Mins 1923 p.47 & 1929 p.64.
Avoca (see Ovoca)RathdrumWicklowCastlemacadam1840Built to accommodate miners from Cornwall; sold 2014 for €60,000.MN March 2008 p. 40; Blue Book 2014 p.47
Bagenalstown IKilkennyCarlow1806(Moneybeg)
Bagenalstown IIKilkennyCarlow1908On site I, following fire. Sold 1963-64 for £520.Mins 1964 p.76
Bailieborough IBailieboroughCavanBailieborough1805Check this earlier buildingCA.11.Dec.1912 gives date as 1802
Bailieborough IIBailieboroughCavanBailieborough1834CHC.iii.203 (Adelaide Road); Gen. permission to sell 1994.CA.11.Dec.1912 gives date as 1835; Mins 1994 p.37
Balbriggan IDublinBalrothery>1826Erected pre-1826 largely due to Thomas Rogers [WMM 1826 p. 141]. Sold 1873 [Mins 1873 p.73]
Balbriggan IIDublinBalrotheryReplacement for Balbriggan I
BallinaBallinaMayo18071984, gen. permission to sell.Mins 1984 p.25.
BallinacorLurganArmaghMontiaghs1845School added in 1854.D.J. Gilpin, An Adventure in Fellowship p.13.
BallinaghCavanCavan1881Society formed about 1817 – they met in hall in Drumkeel. In 1881 they erected a church in Ballinagh. The builder was local Methodist, William Lowry. CA 8 Dec 1909 p. 600.

Sold 1961-62 but see sale of church to Faith Mission for £6,000 in 1989.

Mins 1962 p. 84 & 1989 p.23.
Ballinamallard IPWBallinamallardFermanaghMagheracross1786(also known as Bellanamallard)
Ballinamallard IIBallinamallardFermanaghMagheracross1826
Ballinamallard IIIBallinamallardFermanaghMagheracross1905
BallinamoreBallinamoreLeitrim1802Sold 1948 for £375 to Mr Jonathan Price.Mins 1947 p.68 & 1948 p.71
BallinaryPortadownArmagh1874Premises used as National school during weekBallinary Methodist Church 1874-1974
Ballinasloe (Back Street)PWBallinasloeGalway1792D.A.L. Cooney, Methodists and Presbyterians in Galway (2010) p. 57-9.
Ballinasloe (Church Lane – now Duggan Ave)BallinasloeGalway1826Sold 1953 for £150Mins 1953 p.68
Ballinderry (or Loughrelisk)MoiraAntrim1896Built as Mission Hall, given to MNC by Mr Todd – Sold 1942 for £460.PRONI 3/144; Mins 1942 p.76
Ballinderry, Co DerryDerry1803
Ballindulane (see Ballyederland)DunkineelyDonegal 1840closed 1935. Sold 1940
BallineenClonakiltyCork1823A second church built on same site in 1871. Opening service 10 Oct 1871.
Ballinfull (Ballinphull)SligoSligo1821In 1821 a 31 year lease was taken on a building in Ballinfull Co Sligo. One of the three trustees was a Mr John Blair and this building then became known as “Ballinfull Methodist Chapel”.
BallingarryCloughjordanTipperarySale sanctioned 1875 [Mins 1875 p.74]; Ballingarry Hall sold 1953 £100.Mins 1953 p.67
BallingraneRathkealeLimerick1766Restoration work in 1885 added porch
BallintaggartCo ArmaghArmaghPRONI 1/176
BallintraPWBallyshannonDonegalDrumhome1826Sold 1969 for £3,423Mins 1969 p.82
Ballintra IIDonegalDrumhome1896-7William Fawcett Gilcriest, c.1863-1907/8
BallybayCootehillMonaghanBallybay 1876Renovated in 1915, including a new pitch pine ceiling, stained glass windows and repainting.               Gen. permission to sell 1990. Sold 1991 to Dr M. Smyth for IR£7,000.Mins 1990 p.37 & 1991 p.32.
BallyboyBirrOffaly1874Sale sanctioned 1922. Sold 1924Mins 1922 p.51
BallycanewGoreyWexfordBallycanew1798Gen. permission to sell 1992; sold 1993 to Mr M. Rath for £11,000.Mins 1992 p.38; 1993 p.41.
BallycastleColeraineAntrimRamoan17921985 sale of church to Northern Ireland Court Service for £29,000.Mins 1985 p.36
BallyclareBallyclareAntrim1828New church erected 1951 at cost of £14,000. Gen. permission to purchase site for new church 1996.Mins 1951 p.78 & 1996 p.39.
BallyclareNCBallyclareAntrim1842Methodist New Connexion
BallyconnellCavan1869cf. obit to James McMullen CA.1911.240. Property sold to Council for £2,500 (2014).Mins 1978 p.42
Ballydehob ISkibbereenCork1825It was replaced by Ballydehob II and became a ‘social centre’. It became the church again in 1988 when Ballydehob II sold and was finally closed in 2006 and sold.
Ballydehob II(Powell Memorial Church)SkibbereenCork1891New church erected in 1891 and sold in 1988 to Twelve Arch Developments for IR£20,000. It was the only Methodist church in West Cork that featured a bell.Contractor: R.S.W. WolfeThomas Elliott, c.1833-1915 (CA.1891 p.225)
BallyederlandDunkineelyDonegal1840Closed, sale sanctioned 1935 [Mins 1935 p.64]. Sale fell through and building subsequently dismantled and materials sold 1940 for £41.10.0 [Mins 1940 p.59]
Ballyfarnan (Ballyfarnon)DrumshanboRoscommon1842Sold 1963-64 for £150. In 1995 it was reported in the Leitrim Observer that the former church was to become a ‘cultural centre’. However in 2013 the Tidy Towns competition judges deplored the state of the building.Mins 1964 p. 76; Leitrim Observer, Wed 3 May 1995 p. 11. See also Mins 1970 p.83
BallyfinMaryboroughLaois (Queen’s)1891Site provided by James & Sarah Vanston ICA Jan15, 1892 p27. Sold 1961-2 for £125.(I)CA.1890.275; 1891.71; 1908.604; Mins 1962 p. 84Builder: Mr E. Meredith
Ballygawley HallSligoSligoGen. permission to sell 1974 – to be dismantled. Sold 1975 for £100.Mins 1974 p.44; 1975 p.42.
BallyhuppahaunMaryboroughLaois (Queen’s)1849
Ballyjamesduff ICavanCavanCastlerahan1873?
Ballyjamesduff II (Wesley St)PWCavanCavanCastlerahan1874
Ballymacilligott (Ballymacelliott, Ballymacgellicott)TraleeKerryBallymacelligott1835Ballymacelligott, a parish in the barony of Trughenmackmy, 4¾ miles from Tralee. A Methodist meeting house in 1844 had an attendance of 50. [Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland, 1844]; CA 15 Dec 1897 p. 5.
BallymacranaMoiraDownSee Aughagallon
BallymagarneyCranagillArmagh1874Service ceased in the late 1960s and permission to sell given by Conference in 1967 and again 1972. Sold 1976 for £450.Mins 1967 p.85; 1973 p.36 & 1976 p.45.
BallymagooleyCo CorkCorkSame place as Rahan see ICA. 10 Sept 1954
Ballymena IBallymenaAntrim1787Enlarged 1854
Ballymena IIBallymenaAntrim1895John James Phillips, 1841/42-1936 (DIA)
BallymoneyColeraineAntrimBallymoney1866‘Pattern Church’ cf Regent’s St, N’ards, Donegal & Cookstown.James Wilson of Bath, 1816-1900. (DMBI)
BallymoneynahornafergusAntrimOn Islandmagee 4 miles from Larne
BallymoteBallymoteSligo1827Built on land donated by Lord Kirkwall. Sold 1971 to Mr Alex Gilmore for dwelling for £750. Manse sold 1969 for £2,000.Mins 1969 p.82 & 1971 p.38.
BallynahinchBallynahinchDown1857In 1798 Conference gave permission for chapel but none builtNicholl, Methodism in Ballynahinch 1827-1977
BallynannyTyrone1932New church built 1932 at cost of £700 (DIA); rebuilt and opened 5 Sep 1946 at cost of £800. ICA.6 Sep 1946 p. 3Irish Christian Advocate (ICA), 20 Sep 1946, p.5
BallynureBallyclareAntrim1846Church expanded 1895.
Ballyshannon IDonegal1791Later it became Masonic hall
Ballyshannon IPWBallyshannonDonegalInnismacsaint1792Sold 1879 (Main Street)
Ballyshannon IIBallyshannonDonegalInnismacsaint1823
Ballyshannon IIIBallyshannonDonegalInnismacsaint1892Site II (The Mall) – Sold to Gilligan and O’Kelly for £37,500 circa 1997. Became the present Veterinary Hospital.Mins 1998 p.38Thomas Elliott, ca 1833-1915 (DIA)
Ballysheagh (Ballyskeagh) Mission HallLisburnDownLambeg1927Built at the cost of £527 and opened on 23rd October, 1927, when the preacher was Rev. E. B. Cullen. Sold 1983 to DoE for £12,000.Mins 1983 p.27 & 1984 p.26.James Shortt, Town Surveyor of Lisburn
Ballyethuland (see Ballyederland)DunkineelyDonegal
Baltinglass (Mill Street)CarlowWicklow1833Erected in 1833 to seat 100. In 1845 Miss Eliza Jones of Baltinglass bequeathed £601 to finish the chapel. Declining attendances led to its closure in 1935 and sale in 1939. Subsequently monthly services were held from 1937 until at least 1963 at the home of Mr John Jones, Newtown Saunders.Cooney, Asses’ Colts & Loving People, pp. 30-33
Banbridge IBanbridgeDown1803Rathfriland St; ‘Gospel Lane Methodist Chapel’; Sold
Banbridge IIPWBanbridgeDown1831Scarva Street – ‘George Linn’s Preaching House’; Sold 1879Used as garage; demolished 1970
Banbridge IIIBanbridgeDownNew Gothic church to seat 400 in local blue stone. FS laid Aug 1870. (DIA)1871John Glass of New York contributed £1,500 of £2,400 costBanbridge Centenary booklet 1971Architect: J.A. Moncrieff, Belfast; Builder: Mr Collen, Portadown.
Bandon IPWBandonCork1758Kilbrogan Hill, Sold
Bandon IIBandonCork1789N Main Street
Bandon IIIBandonCork1821Purchase in 1995 of former ‘Gateway Bar and Haven Night Club’ adjacent to church for £139,000.Mins 1995 p.46
Bandon IV (Cavendish Quay)PWBandonCork1824Stone laid 21 Sept 1819 Cavendish Quay {Freeman’s Journal] – after reunion became school
Bangor I, BethelNCBangorDown1814Formed from two houses at junction of Castle Street and Hamilton Road now occupied by St Comgall’s PC. In 1835 moved to Bangor II
Bangor II (Sandy Row)Wesleyan then NCBangorDown1820Sandy Row, (now Queen’s Parade) opened by Wesleyans but it did not prosper and was sold to the MNC in 1835. In 1891 it was replaced by new church on the same site. (see Bangor III below).
Bangor II (Hamilton Road – Wesley Centenary)BangorDown1892New symmetrical gabled church in dark stone with red sandstone dressings. Alt 1912. (DIA)James John Phillips, 1841/2-1936 (DIA)
Bangor III (Queen’s Parade)NCBangorDown1891Queen’s Parade (new building); Purchase in 1995 of former amusement arcade adjoining church for £250,000.Mins 1995 p.45John Henry Burton (1841-1901), MNC Architect, Warrington St., Ashton under Lyne.
Bangor IV, Ballyholme, (Brooklyn Avenue)BangorDown1936FS laid 18 Apr 1936. Cost £4,000. Contractor: Thornberry Bros. (DIA)John St John Phillips, 1870-1935 (DIA)
Bangor, Carnalea IBangorDown1929Worship began in area in 1929. In 1935 church built at junction of Crawfordsburn & Bellevue Roads. Sold 1970 and congregation joined CofI St Galls Parish in joint use of their building. In 2006 Methodists withdrew and built new worship centre at Rathmore Road to link with suite of halls built in 1966.
Bangor, Carnalea IIBangorDown2006-7New church built at Rathmore Road at cost of £663,057 [Mins 2007 p.77]Contractor: H.D McCullough & Sons Ltd.Clem McKee of Noteman KcKee
Bangor, PrimacyBangorDown1983Purchase of Ballynee site (with CofI) 1977 for £9,000. Site at Primacy purchased 1981 for £27,500 (with CofI). Christ Church (joint CofI/Methodist) dedicated 12 Nov 1983Mins 1977 p.41; 1981 p.26.
Bannfoot (Charlestown)LurganArmaghMontiaghs1855Originally built as a school, in 1930 the desks were removed and replaced by pews, and with the installation of pulpit and heating it was transformed ‘into one of the prettiest little country churches in Ireland’. [ICA.24.Jan.1930 p.48]D.J. Gilpin, An Adventure in Fellowship p.13; Bannfoot Methodist Church: Centenary Souvenir, 1955.
Bantry IBantryCork1804It was replaced by Bantry II in 1821.
Bantry IIIBantryCork1866Builder: J. Murphy, Bantry. Sold to Dr. M. Murphy in 1983 for £38,000.Mins 1983 p.27.Richard Lee, arch. of Skibbereen, Co. Cork fl. 1866-67.
Barracton ICorkCorkClosed 1850, subsequently sold
Barracton IICorkCork1852Sold when Military Road Church opened in 1895?
Belfast, Academy StreetPWAntrim1820Disposed of to Church Extension Society [PWM Mag 45.188]Raised funds for Donegal-pl Preaching-hse
Belfast, Agnes Street IFrederick StreetAntrim18531865-gallery added+3 class-rooms-closing services 1886
Belfast, Agnes Street IIAgnes StreetAntrim1887Closed 20 Oct 1974 – sold. Destroyed by fire 24 Apr 1980.Contractor: William McCammond.James John Phillips, 1841/42-1936
Belfast, AnderstownAntrim1844Built on site of mud-walled schoolroom, venue for earliest societyPermission to sell [ICA.36.2.21 p.3]
Belfast, Apsley Street Mission HallAntrimSold 1911Mins 1911 p.74
Belfast, Ballymacarrett IDown1826Opened through influence of Rev A Mackay – Bombed 1941Cong moved to new Mountpottinger in 1877
Belfast, Ballymacarrett IIPWDown1835[Known as Beaver Hall Chapel – cnr McMaster St & N’ards Rd]Cong moved to Ballymacarrett I in 1877PW Mag. 35.143
Belfast, Ballynafeigh IAntrim1893Sold old site and Iron Church 1900Mins 1900 p.50
Belfast, Ballynafeigh IIAntrim1899Alfred Arthur Forman, c.1869-? (DIA)
Belfast, Balmoral (Osborne Pk)Antrim1893-4FS laid 4 Nov 1893; Closed Sunday 1 Jan 1984 – Methodist Newsletter, Jan 1984 p. 5. Sold 1986 to Melford Properties for £65,000. [Mins 1986 p.26]Builder, James Kidd, of Annadale St.James John Phillips, 1841/42-1936 (DIA)
Belfast, Beaver Hall (Ballymacarrett)PWDown1835See Ballymacarrett No IISold 1887
Belfast, BelvoirDown1976Centre opened in 1976 and new church opened 16 Sep 1989.MNL 1989.12. p2
Belfast, Berlin Street I (Shankill Rd)PAntrim1853
Belfast, Berlin Street II (Shankill Rd)PAntrim1885
Belfast, Berlin Street III (Shankill Rd)PAntrim1903Demolished 1983 to make way for new building to accommodate the united Berlin Street and Agnes Street societies.Contractors: L & W McQuaid [Belfast Newsletter 29 Jan 1903]John Frazer & Son. (DIA)
Belfast, Berlin Street IV (Shankill Rd)Antrim1984Replaced in 1984 by new Church and suite of halls designed by Gordon McKnight, architects at cost of £350,000.Gordon McKnight, architects
Belfast, BloomfieldDown
Belfast, Bloomfield IDown1948Building consisting of two Nissan Huts
Belfast, Bloomfield IIDown1955Church opened June 1955; New Hall opened Oct 1955 [Belfast Newsletter, 6 Jun 1955, p.6]Contractor: Baird BrosArchitect: Charles Duncan Ostick
Belfast, Blythe StreetAntrim
Belfast, Braniel (Joint Methodist/Presbyterian)Down1960Church opened 3 June 1960ICA 10 June 1960 p. 13
Belfast, CairnshillDown1996Gift of site 1996. Erection of new suite of buildings – opened 19 October 1996Mins 1996 p.39-40.
Belfast, Carlisle MemorialAntrim1876Erected at cost of £25,000 and gifted free of rent to the Conference by James Carlisle, JP [Mins 1876 p.80]. SS & lecture Halls 1889; halls sold 1973; closed 29 June 1980. Gen. permission to sell 1981 [Mins 1981 p.26]. Sold 1985 to Ulster Provident Housing Association for £1.Builder-J Henry; Mins 1985 p.36.William Henry Lynn, 1829-1915 (DIA)
Belfast, Castlereagh IDown1895Sale sanctioned 1928 for £650. Congregation moved to new Cregagh Rd church in 1927.Mins 1928 p.55 & 1930 p.64.
Belfast, Cavehill RoadAntrim1947Site for new church sanctioned at cost of £4,500. Hall opened 1947; church 1957Mins 1948 p.73.
Belfast, Clementine Street (Ebenezer)NCAntrim1881-1882Bought from NC 1904. SoldBuilder: J. J. Guiler [Northern Whig (laying of foundation stone), 19 Sep 1881]John James Phillips, 1841/42-1936 (DIA)
Belfast, Cotton Court IAntrim1819Closed before 1837
Belfast, Cotton Court IIAntrim1838
Belfast, Cregagh RoadDown1927James St John Phillips, 1870-1936. (DIA)
Belfast, Crumlin RoadAntrim1884Formed from societies meeting in Ewart’s & Brookfield Mills. Closed in 2000 and sold in 2001 for £50,000. Subsequently destroyed by fireMins 2001 p.43William John Gilliland, 1855-1929 (DIA)
Belfast, Dee StreetDownSold 1960 for £4,250Mins 1960 p.70
Belfast, Donegall PlacePWAntrim1840Architect: Charles Lanyon – builder James Carlisle – Closed 1885Charles Lanyon
Belfast, Donegall Road I (Tin Top)Antrim1902Mission Hall moved from Tierney Street. Closed 1926Cf Tierney St mission hall CA.98.496
Belfast, Donegall Road IIAntrim1927In 1969 church damaged by bomb; refurbished early 1990.Francis D. Brown (DIA)
Belfast, Donegall Square IAntrim1806Known as ‘The Big House’ vis-à-vis Fountain Lane’s ‘Little House’
Belfast, Donegall Square IIAntrim1846Site I – Burnt down in 1849 and rebuilt 1850Contractor: James CarlisleIsaac Farrell, (DIA)
Belfast, Donegall Square IIIAntrim1850Site I; Closed 4 Dec 1994; Sold to Ulster Bank June 1996Contractor: James CarlisleIsaac Farrell, (DIA)
Belfast, DundonaldKnockAntrim1948, purchase sanctioned of hut for youth work [Mins 1948 p.73]; Church premises at Comber Road sold to Elim Church for £12,000 (19/11/1969) [Mins 1970 p.80]Mins 1968 p.85 – Gen permission to sell.
Belfast, Duncairn GardensAntrim1893School & lecture hall opened 1890; destroyed in May 1941 blitz. Site sold 1962-63 for £11,100.Duncairn Gardens Jubilee booklet, 1940; Mins 1963 p.81John James Phillips, 1841/42-1936 (DIA)
Belfast, Eliza StreetAntrimConversion of old silk mills into church. Opened 25 March 1866186638 Eliza St school/chapel sold 1873 & cong moved to Ormeau Rd [Mins 1873 p.73].Originally Lindsay Bros silk-ribbon factory
Belfast, Falls Road IAntrim1842
Belfast, Falls Road IIAntrimAddition to church and new schools by J.J. Phillips 1896.1854Closed 1966. Sold for £11,500 (Mins 1967 pp.85 & 86).Contractor: James CarlisleSir Charles Lanyon, 1818-89. (DIA)
Belfast, Felt Street Methodist Mission Hall (unofficial)Antrim1878Built and maintained by Lawson A. Browne
Belfast, Fountain LaneAntrim17871st in Belfast. Closed before 1837
Belfast, Frederick StreetAntrim1837Along with Salem became NBM
Belfast, GlenburnDown1955Work began 1950 in the New Room of Glenburn Estate Office and hut erected 1952. Hall demolished 1954 replaced by church.Mins 1952 p.82ICA.54.4.16 p.3
Belfast, Greenhill CourtAntrim1854
Belfast, Grosvenor Hall I (BCM)Antrim1894Officially opened Sunday 14 Oct 1894 (some final works and decoration to be completed) – J.R. Wesley Weir, Through Changing Scenes, BCM (2014)Builder: Musgrave & Co., Belfast [Northern Whig 23 Oct 1894 p.6]Architect: James John Phillips, 1841/42-1936 (DIA)
Belfast, Grosvenor Hall II (BCM)Antrim1927Official opening 22 Sep 1927 of ‘the most modern auditorium in Belfast’, seating 1,800 in a fan shape, with uninterrupted views of the stage.Contractors: Messrs McLaughlin & Harvey, Belfast (whose director of building work was Hugh Turtle)Architects: Messrs Young & Mackenzie, Belfast – Belfast Newsletter, 16 Sep 1927, p.9
Belfast, Harkin CourtAntrim1847
Belfast, Hope Street (Mill Lane, off Sandy Row)PWAntrim1860Belfast Weekly News, 6 Oct 1860C. Hirst, Religion, Politics & Violence: The Pound & Sandy Row, p. 127
Belfast, Hurst Street (Iron Church)Antrim1869Re-erected former Curragh Camp iron-church bought 1873(see Belfast, Sandy Row)
Belfast, JennymountAntrim1904Destroyed by fire 8 Jan 2003. Rebuilt & opened 25 Sep 2004William David Redmond Taggart, 1872-1940. (DIA)
Belfast, JoanmountAntrim19641948, erection of hut for youth work sanctioned.Mins 1948 p.73David Wright Boyd. (DIA)
Belfast, Knock IDonegall SquareDown1869After erection of Knock II, used as schoolroom
Belfast, Knock IIKnockDown1883
Belfast, KnockbredaDown1952New church hall completed 1952Mins 1952 p.82
Belfast, Laganview Mission HallDonegall SquareAntrim1891Sold 1951 for £1,320 (Mins 1951 p.79)Builder: Mr Agnew; James John Phillips, 1841/42-1936
Belfast, Ligoniel ILigonielAntrim
Belfast, Ligoniel IILigonielAntrim1871
Belfast, Ligoniel IIILigonielAntrim1889Closed 1981. Gen. permission to sell Ligoniel church and halls 1982. Sale of site to Housing Executive for £800.Mins 1982 p.23 & 1983 p.27.James John Phillips, 1841/42-1936
Belfast, Lisburn RoadAntrim1906Closed in 2011 in preparation for new ‘Belfast South’ Methodist Church and Agape Centre on same site. Opened 26 May 2012 at cost of £2 million.James St John Phillips, 1870-1935. (DIA)
Belfast, Melbourne StreetPAntrim1838Sold 1910. It became a ‘Picture Palace (1913-19) and then bought by Elim Assembly. Acquired and demolished to make way for MI-Westlink 1968.
Belfast, Mitchell Street (Bethel)Falls RoadAntrim1876Former Wesley Pl chapel sold to Falls Rd and sold pre-1887
Belfast, MountpottingerDown1886Opened in 1887 as new home for Ballymacarrett (No 1) congregationArchitect J.J. PhillipsJames John Phillips, 1841/42-1936
Belfast, Newtownards RoadDown1900Contractor: Robert Thompson & Son. Destroyed in blitz 1942. Rebuilt 1951-52.Mins 1952 p.82James John Phillips, 1841/42-1936
Belfast, Old Lodge RoadFrederick StreetAntrimServices discontinued following the opening of Carlisle Memorial – 1 July 1876.
Belfast, Oldpark Road (Lynn Memorial)Crumlin RoadAntrim1900Closing Service Sunday 31 May 1981.  Gen. permission to sell Lynn Memorial church and halls 1982. Sold to DoE in 1983 for £10,500.Mins 1982 p.23 & 1983 p.27.J.J. Phillips & Son (DIA)
Belfast, Ormeau RoadAntrim1873Arch: William Batt; FS laid Apr 1872; Opened 12 Jan 1873. Let with hall at £1,000 p.a. Sold 1987 for £25,000 to Open Door Housing Association. But see Mins 1988 of sale of ‘Ormeau Property’ to Mr Philip Lee for £65,000. [Mins 1988 p.25] and 1989 ‘Ormeau Road premises to Habishare Ltd for £90,000. [Mins 1989 p.23]Closed 1978; Mins 1976 p.46; Mins 1987 p.25.William Batt, ?-1910. (DIA)
Belfast, Pitt Street (Thompson Mem Hall)Down1903Origins in Scotch Row SS (1893). Closed 1972 and sold for £12,617 [Mins 1973 p.38]Belfast’s Halls of Faith & Fame, 1999, pp 220-28
Belfast, Primitive Street (Blackstaff Road)PAntrim1875Enlarged and renovated 1891. General permission to sell (along with Sandy Row in 1974 due to redevelopment and to provide one new replacement church).Mins 1974 p.44James John Phillips responsible for 1891 work.
Belfast, Salem (York Street)NCAntrim1839Replaced a smaller meeting house in York Street. Foundation stone laid 1838 and opened 1839. It was sold to the Methodist Church in Ireland in 1905 for £2,000 and under the leadership of Rev. Wm Maguire became the headquarters of North Belfast Mission who merged with the Salem congregation that of Frederick Street. It was renamed in 1907 ‘The People’s Hall’.MNC Magazine 1869 pp.704-706.Need Not Creed: A century of caring [History of the North Belfast Mission] by Duncan Alderdice, (1998)
Belfast, Sandy Row IAntrim1884Built on site adjoining Hurst St where cong met for 12 years. General permission to sell (along with Primitive Street in 1974 due to redevelopment and to provide one new replacement church). However on 5 July 1985 the church was demolished in preparation for new worship centre on same site. [MNL 1987 Oct p.3]Builder: H Keith; Mins 1974 p.44James John Phillips, 1841/42-1936
Belfast, Sandy Row IIAntrim1988New church opened 27 Feb 1988 at cost of £140,000.MNL.1988.Apr p.5
Belfast, Springfield RoadAntrim1924

replaced 1955

Snooker hall purchased on Springfield Road for meetings. It was sold to Ian Paisley and used in Crossgar, Co. Down in 1955. In 1943 linked with BCM Circuit. In 1955 new church opened on 1924 site. Closing service 12 Apr 2012.Irish Christian Advocate, 14 May 1954 p. 1
Belfast, Suffolk (Upper Falls)Osborne ParkAntrim1965Services held in CoI hall. New Church opened 1971; Sold 1994 to Messrs L. & E. O’Neill for £62,000.Closed 17 April 1994; Mins 1994 p.38.
Belfast, SydenhamDown1884
Belfast, Tea Lane (Rowland Street)AntrimMission worked by James Elliott – absorbed into Hurst St, 1869
Belfast, University RoadAntrim1864Opened 16 Apr 1865. Gen. permission to sell halls and redevelop church building. [Mins 1999 p.39]. Closing service 19 June 2005. Sold 2006 for £1,610,000.Mins 2006 p.65William Joseph Barre, 1830-1867 (DIA)
Belfast, Wesley PlaceAntrim1837Lisburn Turnpike surrendered 1875-[Mins 1875 p.74]. Absorbed into Hurst St 1969chapel sold to Falls Rd via D McConnell
Belfast, Willowvale (Ballynafeigh)183811th in Belfast
Belfast, Wilton Street (I & II)Agnes StreetAntrim1869




A successful cottage meeting in Wilton St gave rise to building of a Mission hall on vacant ground in 1869 with capacity of 120 and cost of £105. In 1875 Wilton St premises rebuilt, seating 220 and a cost of £490 [Mins 1875 p.76]An attempt made to close Wilton St in 1887 but Conference refused permission.
Belfast, Woodvale I (Hall)Antrim1896Closed 25 June 1939
Belfast, Woodvale IIAntrim1939Foundation Stones laid 22 Feb 1939Opening Service, 27 Apr 1940 [Belfast Newsletter, 29 Apr 1940]Architect: Richard Mills Close (1880-1949)
Belfast, York Street IAntrim1837Given up for Frederick St
Belfast, York Street II (NBM)Antrim1894
BellaghyMagherafeltDerry (Londonderry)1826Sold 1954 for £500Mins 1954 p.57
BelleekPWPettigoFermanaghBelleek1854Closed 1985; sold to Miss Warke, £10,000 for private dwellingMins 1986 p.25.
BelmulletBallinaMayo1852Closed. Sale sanctioned 1920Mins 1930 p.53
Belturbet IPWBelturbetCavanAnnagh1782Green Street, Sold 1879
Belturbet IIBelturbetCavanAnnagh1826
Belturbet IIIBelturbetCavan1902Redundant church sold 1970 to Mr Carr for £600 for residenceMins 1968 p. 84 & 85; 1970 p.81
BengourBandonCork1780sSold. Succeeded by Rushfield in 1835.
BuninubberIrvinestownFermanaghClosed 1967
Bennetstown1805(? Wexford, or Dunboyne, Co Meath)
BeraghOmaghTyrone1847Built to seat 120. In 1962 Beragh Manse, which had been built 1893, sold. Church closed 1968 and sold with manse on lease with restrictive covenant for £1,950.N. Johnston & D. Preston, Methodism in Omagh (1982) p.7; Sale Mins 1968 p.86 & 1969 p.82
BerehavenQueenstownCorkc. 1845Built by Puxley, owner of the copper mines, for the use of Cornish miners at Allihies. It never belonged to the Methodist Connexion but their missionaries served it. – Sold in 1940s and became a museum in 2007, opened by Mary McAleese.R.A. Williams The Berehaven Mines p.125
BessbrookNewryArmagh1874Erected at cost of £670.00Mins 1875 p.76
Billy (or Cabragh aka Cavanmore)ColeraineAntrimBilly1826Foundations laid ca 1815 on site of Samuel Hill’s barn. Sold 1970 to Billy & Derrykeighan Parish for £326.10Mins 1969 p. 81 & 1970 p. 80
Birr I (Parsonstown) – off Church LaneBirrOffaly (King’s)1768Simple whitewashed building off Church Lane- ceased 1821; Still standing 1905
Birr II (Cumberland St. – later renamed Emmet St.)BirrOffaly (King’s)1821New (Morrison Mem) hall erected in 1896 cost £300 seating 100
BlacklionBlacklionCavanKillenagh1849New church on estate of Francis Charles Hassard; FS 20 Apr 1849Armagh Guardian 23 Apr 1849
Blackrock I (George’s Avenue)Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire)Dublin1845-46Opened 13 Apr 1846.
Blackrock II (Sydney Place)Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire)Dublin1860-61New church in Decorated Perpendicular style. Builder: Thomas Creaser (DIA). Chapel to seat 200 on first floor, with hall (school) and vestry on ground floor. Opened 27 Sep 1861. In 1889 remodelled by raising ceiling and installing low gallery at back. In the late 20th century the congregations declined and in 1998 they joined Dun Laoghaire. The church then used for youth and community activities.D. Levistone Cooney, ‘John Wesley in Ireland’, Blackrock Society Proceedings, Vol 6 (1998), pp. 26-47.Edward F. Tarleton (DIA)
BlackwatertownMoyArmagh1898Architect J.F. Gilcriest, Belfast [CA.98.216].John Fawcett Gilcriest, 1873-1911
Bluestone ILurganArmaghSeagoe1799Thatched building blown down by the Big Wind of 1839Caroline M. Jones, Bluestone: Gem of Irish Methodism, SS Centenary 1789-1989; D.J. Gilpin, An Adventure in Fellowship p.13.
Bluestone IILurganArmaghSeagoe1840Replacement building opened in 1840. Following 1859 Revival a gallery and vestibule added in 1860. In 1910 an extension added and a new hall in 1958/9.Caroline M. Jones, Bluestone: Gem of Irish Methodism, SS Centenary 1789-1989
Bonlea I (Bawnlea)KilkennyTipperary1790Replaced 1814
Bonlea IIKilkennyTipperary1815Sold 1968 for £50 as farm storeMins 1968 p.84
Borrisokane ICloughjordanTipperary1871
Borrisokane IICloughjordanTipperary1867-8FS laid 10 Aug 1867 (DIA). Opened 13 Sep 1877. Contractor: Mr Graham.D. Levistone Cooney, ‘The Ormond Methodists’, (1975)A.B. Milne, C.E.
Boyle IPWDrumshanboRoscommon1794
Boyle IIDrumshanboRoscommon18361948, purchase of hut for youth work sanctioned [Mins 1948 p.73]; Sold 1966 for £300 for dwellingMins 1967 p.85 & 1968 p.86
BrayBrayWicklowRathdown1864New church, 65x22ft. Early English style. FS laid 25 Feb 1864; Opening 25 Aug 1864. Granite with Caen stone porch and rose window above. Est cost £1,200.Alts & imps., 1892; ‘terminals and part of the stonework … removed from the minarets with good architectural effect, 1903. (DIA)Alfred Gresham Jones, c.1824-1913 (DIA)
Brookborough I (Aghalum)BrookeboroughFermanaghAghaveaBetween 1786 and 1794A ‘homely structre – thatched and unfenced’, Christian Advocate, Christmas No. 1911. Close to Aghalun CastleD.L. Cooney, ‘The Early Methodists’ in The Brookeborough Story, ed by Jack Johnston, [2004] p.91ff.
Brookborough IIBrookeboroughFermanaghAghavea1839To seat 350. Renovated 1875
BroomhedgeNCLisburnAntrim1830Salem, Methodist New ConnexionNew church built on site 1896J.J. Phillips & son (1896 church). (DIA)
BrownlowLurganArmagh1973Closing services 4 July 2010 [MNL Sep 2010 p.5]
Bunclody (see also Newtownbarry)GoreyWexford1809Gen. permission to sell church and manse 1978. Sold 1979 for £6,000. (Now ‘The Chantry’ restaurant).Mins 1978 p.42 & 1979 p.37.
Bundoran IPWBallyshannonDonegalInishmacsaint1826
Bundoran IIBallyshannonDonegalInishmacsaint1889(Campbell Memorial) built 1889; Gen. permission to sell, let or lease church 1977. Sold 1979 for £25,000. Now ‘The Kitchen Bake’ restaurant.Mins 1977 p.40 & 1979 p.37Thomas Elliott, c.1833-1915 (DIA)
Bushmills IColeraineAntrimDunluce1826Daniel MacAfee b. BushmillsSold
Bushmills IIColeraineAntrimDunluce1841
Cabragh (see Billy)ColeraineAntrim
CaledonArmaghTyrone1785Sold 1986 to Pentecostal Church for £2,200.Mins 1986 p.26.
Camden FortQueenstownCork1808
CamolinWexfordWexfordSold 1958-9 for £27Mins 1959 p.68
Carlow ICarlowCarlow<1765Disused Huguenot church between Cockpit Lane & Tullow St.
Carlow II (Meeting House Lane)CarlowCarlow1787Enlarged 1804 by addition of gallery. 1849 lease renewed and chapel improved. – Sold
Carlow III (Scots Church)PWCarlowCarlowThomas Wilson obtained use of Scots Church for meetings.
Carlow IVCarlowCarlow1897-8FS laid 24 Mar 1897; opening 15 Apr 1898. Cost £1,200. Contractor: Mitchell of Tullow.D. Levistone Cooney, Asses Colts & Loving People [Methodists on the Carlow Circuit], (Carlow, 1998), pp.37-61James John Phillips, 1841/42-1936.
CarndonaghMovilleDonegal 1867General permission to sell redundant church, 1971. Sold 1974 for £2,000 to Countrywoman’s Association.CA 8 Dec 1909, ‘Innishowen Circuit’, p. 590.

Mins 1971 p.68; 1972 p.37 & 1974 p.44.

CarnewTinahelyWicklow1839Opened 28 Mar 1841. [W. 21 Apr 1841]

Sold 1974 to Mr R. Correll for £500

Mins 1974 p.44 Isaac Farrell
Carrickfergus IAntrim1812Successor to meeting in Loft in Sailor’s Row
Carrickfergus IIPAntrim1838
Carrickfergus IIIWMAntrim1847WMA chapel replaced North Gate room; sold Good Templars 1871WHS(I) Bulletin Vol 5. p. 14
Carrickfergus IVCarrickfergusAntrim1884New gothic churchSamuel Patrick Close, 1842-1925. (DIA)
Carrickmacross (Bath Street)CastleblaneyMonaghanMagheross1879Sold 1919 for £250. (Historical account CA.11.Dec.1912 p. 616)Mins 1919 p.57; 1920 p.53 & 1922 p.52.
Carricknahorna (School)Ballyshannon – later Donegal & Ballintra Circuit.DonegalKilbarronA Methodist Society was established by 1781 and the school was also used for worship. Sold for £30 for farm buildings [1967]CHC, History of Methodism, Vol. 1. pps. 291, 352.

Sale Mins 1967 p. 86

Carrick-on-Shannon IPWDrumshanboLeitrimSale sanctioned 1874 [Mins 1874 p.84] and finalised 1878 [Mins 1878 p.27]
Carrick-on-Shannon IIDrumshanboLeitrimSold 1918 for £300Mins 1922 p.52
CarryduffDonegall SquareDown1985First service held in rented Carryduff Unionist Hall, 6 Jan 1985. Hall purchased in 1994 for £120,000. [Mins 1994 p.38]Carryduff Methodist Church (typescript) by Fred Masterson, (2000)
CashelClonmelTipperaryCashel1833Designed and built by William Tinsley. Sold 1908Mins 1908 p.65William Tinsley, 1804-85. (DIA)
Cashelgarron Church HallSligoSligoSold 1974 to Mr Siggins for £300.Mins 1974 p.44
Castlebar ICastlebarMayoAglish1760
Castlebar IICastlebarMayoAglish1785Sold with manse to Elim Pentecostal Church for IR£36,000.Mins 1992 p.39
CastleblaneyCastleblaneyMonaghanMuckno1822Sold (with manse, 1947 for £1,500 to Mr Walter Wilson. (Marriage Register – 11 Oct 1872-25 Aug 1942)Mins 1947 p.67
Castlecaulfield IPWDungannonTyrone1842
Castlecaulfield IIDungannonTyrone1886Replaced 1842 building through exertions of Rev Samuel Cowdy
Castlecomer ICarlowKilkenny1802-06Sold
Castlecomer IICarlowKilkenny1826New church to replace Castlecomer I to hold 80 people. By 1950 services had ceased to be held and church was sold for £200. [Mins 1950 p.75 & 1952 p.82].D.L. Cooney, Asses’ Colts & Loving People, (Carlow, 1998), pp. 58-61.
Castledawson IMagherafeltDerryMagherafelt1826
Castledawson IIMagherafeltDerryMagherafelt1838Now used as Christ Church, Castledawson Parish Halllocation of 1st Mayola Scout Hall
CastledergCastledergTyroneUrney1840Renovated 1898 [CA.98.189]
CastledermotCarlowKildare1903Services previously held for 40 plus years in ‘The Upper Room’ in a Presbyterian building. Services ceased to be held in 1974 and in 1975 building sold to Kildare C.C. for £5,000 and used as library. [Mins 1976 p.45]McClintock, Castledermot 1903-1953; D.L. Cooney, Asses’ Colts & Loving People, (Carlow, 1998), pp. 62-65.
CastlefinStrabaneDonegal1843Chapel and schoolhouse. At one point it had two teachers and 80 pupils. By 1909 services held fortnightly and 1925, monthly. Sold 1974 to Mr Finn for £1,400.Mins 1974 p.44 & 1978 p.42.
Castlerea (Castlereagh)CastlebarRoscommon1825Sold 1883 [Mins 1883 p. 47]
CastlewellanPWDundrumDown1869Sold to Brethren circa 1970 for £240 to become Castlewellan Gospel HallMins 1970 p.83
CavanPWCavanUrneyTownland of Cavan, Co Tyrone
Cavan IPWCavanCavanUrney1798Wesley Street. Remodelled in 1863, Sold 1879. In later days used as assembly hall
Cavan IICavanCavanUrney1828?New Church 1859 cf Feargal Thomas Harron ‘William Hague FRIAI: an architectural appraisal’ Breifne VIII, No. 32 (1996), 728; Sold 1966 (church & manse) for £4,900.Mins 1967 pp.85-86William Hague, 1836-1899 (DIA)
CavandonaghCastledergTyroneArdstraw1868ICA. 12 Dec 1906 p. 16
Cavanmore (Billy)ColeraineAntrimBillySee Billy
CelbridgeDublin (Blackhall Pl)KildareCelbridge1859New Gothic church opened 9 Mar. Lancet windows in sides, triple lancet at west end. (DIA). Sold 1948 for £676 to Ministry of Defence. [Marriage Register 1865-1904]Mins 1948 p.71Edward F. Tarleton. (DIA)
CharlemontPWMoyArmagh1773Sold 1937
Churchhill ISpringfieldFermanaghInishmacsaint1832Sold
Churchhill IISpringfieldFermanaghInishmacsaint
Churchill SchoolCookstownFermanaghSold 1916Mins 1916 p.61
ClifdenGalwayGalway1850Sale of chapel and manse sanctioned 1921. Sold 1924Mins 1921 p.51
ClonakiltyClonakiltyCork1812It was replaced on same site by a new church opened on 25 Nov 1860.
Cloncore HallPortadownArmagh1857Built by Shillington the ‘Tabernacle’ Closed and sold 1954 for £300. [Mins 1954 p.57]CHC.iii.490; Ballinary MC 1874-1974 p.4
ClonegalTinahelyCarlowHad a small graveyard.1834Sold 1958 for £50. [Mins 1959 p.68 & 1960 p.70]. See also Mins 1970 p.83D.L. Cooney, ‘Clonegal’ in WHS Bulletin, Vol. 10 p. 63.
Clones I (Cara Street)ClonesMonaghanClones1775Cara Street – Sale sanctioned 1879 [Mins 1879 p.60]
Clones I (Whitehall Street)PWClonesMonaghanClonesWhitehall Street. Sold to Monaghan Co Council 1961 for £1,000. Mins 1961 p.77D. L. Cooney, History of Methodism in Upper Erne Circuit, (Lisnaskea, 1990), p.23
Clones III (Newtownbutler Road)ClonesMonaghanClones1961New 100 seat church built beside manse – opened 16 Aug 1961. 1984 gen. permission to sell church and manse. Manse sold 1985 £30,000.ICA. 25 Aug 1961 p5; Mins 1984 p.25; 1985 p.36.Mr White
Clonmain IMoyArmagh1762
Clonmain IIMoyArmagh1809Site I. Sold 1958-59 for £325.Mins 1958 p.68 & 1959 p.68
Clonmel IClonmelTipperary1804Sold 1879Thomas Tinsley
Clonmel II (Gordon Street – now Wolfe Tone Street)ClonmelTipperary1842New Greek Revival chapel to seat 200-250 persons. Replaced Clonmel I on same site. Sold 1904, proceeds towards new building.Mins 1904 p.64William Tinsley, 1804-1885. (DIA)
Clonmel III (Anglesea Street)ClonmelTipperary1905Anglesea Street. Sold 1954 for £500. Manse sold 1954 for £1,500.Mins 1954 p.57
ClonsastPortarlingtonOffaly (Kings)1902Sold 1962 for £120 [Mins 1962 p.85]cf. Obit of William Lee, CA.1914 p.369
Clontibrit (Clontibret)PWCastleblaneyMonaghanClontibret1826‘A Primitive Wesleyan meeting house is attended by 50’ [The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland, 1844 p.465]. Millmount the home of Andrew Swanzy one of the lay leaders of PWM Society with Clontibret parish.Sold
Cloonshinnagh see MullafarryBallinaMayoBallysakeery1827See Mullafarry and Griffith’s Valuation (1856)
CloughClones (later Upper Erne)Fermanagh‘Reunion at Clough: Notwithstanding that the country was covered with snow there was a well filled house at the annual social meeting held in Clough Methodist Church, near Magheraveeley, on Thurs. 5th inst. [Jan 1959] Rev.Fredk. T.Parker presided.’ [Impartial Reporter, 12th January 1939]. Redundant church sold 1971 to Mr R. Johnston for site for dwelling house for £200.Mins 1971 p.69 & 1972 p.38
Cloughagaddy (Knox)ClonesFermanaghSallaghy1879Sold 1969 for £200 to Mr JohnstonD. L. Cooney, History of Methodism in Upper Erne Circuit, (Lisnaskea, 1990), p.24.
ClyhorePettigoDonegal1792Sold (Cloghore)
Coa HallBallinamallardFermanaghGeneral permission to sell 1971. Sold for £50Mins 1971 p.69; 1972 p.38 & 1973 p.36
Coalisland IDungannonTyrone1853
Coalisland IIDungannonTyrone1924Burnt down and replaced by Newtownkelly new building
Coalisland III (see Newtownkelly)DungannonTyrone
Cobh (Queenstown) (See Cove)CorkCork
Coleraine IColeraineDerryColeraine1776Old barrack transformed
Coleraine IIColeraineDerryColeraine1801
Coleraine IIIColeraineDerryColeraine1854Coleraine Chronicle 16 Sept 1854 a/c of new church & manse
CollonDroghedaLouthCollon1805Erected 1805 largely due to Thomas Rogers, who joined society in 1799 (WMM 1826 p.141)

Sale sanctioned 1921. Repurchased 1925; Sold 1953 for £100

Mins 1921 p. 51 & 1953 p.67
Collooney ISligoSligo1858New chapel ‘a substantial structure’, 40x20ft (DIA)
Collooney IISligoSligo
Cookstown IPWCookstownTyrone1803James Street
Cookstown IICookstownTyrone1826James Street
CoolballeyLaois (Queen’s)Sold
CoolbawnCarlowKilkennySold 1915Mins 1915 p.73
CoolnacrunnaughtCastledergTyrone1925Sold to 1970 to Mrs McKane for £600.Mins 1970 p.81 & 1971 p.69
Cootehill ICootehillCavanDrumgoon1795Succeeded a place of worship little better than a hovel; Sold 1879Bridge Street
Cootehill IIPWCootehillCavanDrumgoon1841Cavan Street. Permission sought to sell PWM church and manse 1948.Mins 1948 p.72
Cootehill III (Bridge St)CootehillCavanDrumgoon1870Arch: Hallam – FS Aug-Sep 1868; Old p/h to be converted to Sc/h. Sold 1971 to Masonic Order for £500.Mins 1968 p.85; 1969 p.82, 1971 p.69 & 1972 p.38Hallam
Cork, ArdfallenCorkCork1987Site purchased 1986 at cost of £230,000. Sheltered housing completedMins 1986 p.26.Walter Stansfeld, Green McCarthy & Stansfeld, architects.
Cork, Barracktown ICorkCorkClosed 1850, subsequently sold
Cork, Barracktown IICorkCork1852Built on Site I then replaced by Miltary Road church
Cork, BlackpoolCorkCork1836Land given by Bro & Sister Gaggin; Sold 1861 to Richard Perrott
Cork, DouglasCorkCork1810Society formed 1809; Chapel opened 1810CHC.ii.333
Cork, French Church St ICorkCorkSold
Cork, French Church St IIPWCorkCork1845Sold Site I (Marriage register 1885-1897 in Cork safe)
Cork, Hamonds Marsh ICorkCork1752Original Chapel demolished
Cork, Hamonds Marsh IICorkCork1827Smaller chapel with preachers’ houses either side built on Site I
Cork, Henry StreetCorkCorkSold 1920 for £1,600 – Same site as HMIMins 1920 p.53
Cork, Military RoadCorkCork1895Arch: Robert Walker – Sold 1949 to Catholic Church for £7,750Mins 1949 p.77 & 1950 p.76Robert Walker, c.1835-1910
Cork, Patrick Street (Wesley Chapel)CorkCork1805Sold 1986 to Power Securities for IR£350,000.Mins 1987 p.25.E. Marks [C.H. Strong, Methodism in Cork, 1805-1905].
Corker (Urbal)DunkineelyDonegal1845Corker School hall was also used for worship and meetings.  In 1881 the classroom was used for religious services on Sundays at 8.00 am and 6.00 pm. [To School through the Years, Louise Bustard (ed., 2012)]. Gen. permission to sell 1982. Sold 1983 for £3,500 to Mr D.S. Neeson.Mins 1982 p.23 & 1983 p.27
Corlespratten (Corlisbrattan)KilleshandraCavanKillashandra1803(2 m from Arva)
Cortober (Cortubber)CootehillCavanEnniskeen1859Last service held in 1968. Sold on £1 lease to Mrs Bennett whose family originally built it. To revert to Methodist Church on ceasing to be a place of worship. [Mins 1968 p.84]D. L. Cooney, History of Methodism in Upper Erne Circuit, (Lisnaskea, 1990), p.24.
CosbytownPWSpringfieldFermanaghInishmacsaintSold 1961 for £125Mins 1961 p. 77
Cove IQueenstownCork1810Sold 1873 [Mins 1873 p.73]MMag (London) 1810.487; CHC.ii.333
Cove IIQueenstownCork1874New church erected 1875 [Mins 1876 p.80]. Sold 1958 for £800 (Marriage registers 1866-1923 in Cork safe)Mins 1958 p.68
Craigmore (see Aghagallon)MoiraArmagh1845PRONI 3/100
CranagillCranagillArmagh1882FS laid 22 Sep 1881; Opened 26 Mar 1882. Contractor: Messrs Collen Bros.Cranagill Methodist Centenary 1881-1981 [1981]Henry Shillington
CreaghPWFivemiletownTyrone 1877Opened Wed 26 Sep 1877
CrossmolinaBallina→KillalaMayo1809Sold 1872 [Mins 1872 p.76].Marriage Register 1866-1871
CullybackeyAntrim1839The original Presbyterian congregation was founded in 1810 but it wasn’t until 1839 that the church was built. A union was formed with the United Presbyterians in 1858. The church was remodeled and improved in 1876 with a gallery added in 1895. A union with the Free Church of Scotland took place in 1900. When the United Free clergy withdrew from Ireland in 1923, the congregation became Methodists. A new church was built on the Shellinghill Road and opened in September 1969.PRONI 3/167
Curragh ICampKildare1860New church erected by Mr Vivian, Lucan Iron Works. Sold 1873 to become Hurst Street, Belfast.Mins 1873 p.73.Edward F. Tarleton. (DIA)
Curragh IICampKildare1876New church to replace iron church. FS laid Jun 1876Thomas F. Wonnacott, 1833/4-1919 (DIA)
DaingeanOffaly (King’s)See Philipstown
DalkeyDun LaoghaireDublin1861Opened 5 Sep 1861. Closed June 1973 (congregation to Dun Laoghaire). Gen. permission to sell with Manse 1974.Mins 1974 p.45Hugh Carmichael & Alfred Gresham Jones
DarbysbridgePWArmaghArmaghClosed – Sold 1937
DeerparkLongfordLongfordc.1877Gen. permission to sell 1982. Sold to Mr Arthur Burns in 1983 for £1,000.Mins 1982 p.23 & 1983 p.27.
Derryall IPWPortadownArmagh1859
Derryall IIPortadownArmagh1859General permission to sell redundant church, 1971. Sold 1972.Mins 1971 p.69 & 1973 p.39
DerryanvillePWPortadownArmagh1784Added to in 1790 – completed 1799. Transepts added post 1859Short history in 161st Anniverary booklet
Derrygonnelly IPWSpringfieldFermanaghInishmacsaint1817Burned 1835PWM Mag 1839.397
Derrygonnelly IIPWSpringfieldFermanaghInishmacsaint1837Site IPWM Mag 1839.397
Doagh IBallyclareAntrim1799Slate-roofed, 21’x18′, building.CHC, Vol. 2, p. 360 & Ordnance Survey 1835.
Doagh IIBallyclareAntrim1845Site I; In 1998 sanctuary enlarged and entire suite renovated.“‘At the Tail of the Plough’: ‘Methody James’ Hunter of Doagh,'” MHSI Bulletin, Vol.21 (No.1), pp. 20-45.
Donacloney (Waringstown)MoiraDown1894Dedicated 9 Feb 1894. Contractor: Collen Bros, Portadown. Cost £950. (DIA)Thomas Elliott, c.1833-1915 (DIA)
Donaghadee IDonaghadeeDown1813
Donaghadee IIDonaghadeeDown1907Reconstruction of 1849 church in Renaissance style. Interior and roof destroyed by fire 1976.James St John Phillips, 1870-1936. (DIA)
DonaghmorePNewryDown1841Transferred to Irish Methodist Church 1879
Donegal IDonegalDonegalKillymard1830
Donegal IIDonegalDonegalKillymard1858‘Pattern Church’ cf Ballymoney, Regent Street Newtownards & Cookstown.James Wilson of Bath (DMBI)
Downpartrick IDownpatrickDown1777Edwards Smyth’s church
Downpatrick IINCDownpatrickDown1809Ebenezer chapel. Relinquished 1849.
Downpatrick IIIDownpatrickDown1828Built (and designed by JL. Partly collapsed in 1839. (DIA)John Lynn, ?-1864. (DIA)
Downpatrick IVDownpatrickDown1955Built at cost of £7,000Architect: Anthony Frederick Lucy, FRIAI
Drimoleague (William Feckman Memorial Chapel)DunmanwayCork1889Hall built in 1936 and replaced by new one in 1984 at cost of £29,000.Mins 1984 p.26
Drogheda IDroghedaLouth1795
Drogheda IIDroghedaLouth1811FS laid by Adam Clarke; ‘a square two-storey building, with pointed windows … remarkable for the simplicity of architectural effect.’ Ground floor used for Sunday school, upper storey for worship. Renovated and improved 1911. (DIA) Closing services-Sun 16 Jun 1963 [Drogheda LM Mins 14/5/63]Sold 1965 (with Manse) to C E Wilde (member) for £4,000. (Mins 1965 p.77 & 1966 p.75)1911 architect: Herbert Thompson Sykes, 1869-1956. (DIA)
DromaraPWDromoreDown1835Preaching House in progress in May 1835. Sold 1968-69 for £150. [Mins 1968 p.84, 1969 p.81 & 1970 p.83]PWM Mag 1835. 216; Mins 1956 p.63
DromarinDownSee Gilford
Dromore IIDromoreDown1804
Dromore IIDromoreDown1820
Dromore IIIPWDromoreDown1839
Dromore IVNCDromoreDown1841
Dromore VDromoreDown1870FS laid 28 Apr 1870. Builder: Adam George, Holywood. Design criticized by T. Hevey, 1875. (DIA)Cost £2,000 [Mins 1875 p.76]William Gray, 1830-1917. (DIA)
DrumSligoSligo1838Gen. permission to sell 1995. Sold 1996 to Mr Raymond McCullough for £11,500.Mins 1995 p.46 & 1996 p.39.
Drumady (Dromody)PWClonesFermanaghClones1858It was refloored 1878 and a new ceiling installed 1929.(Lisrace)MN.03.Jan.p.34
Drumalure (Drumaloor)HallKilleshandraCavan1905Mr Daniel Bell responsible for erection of Hall in 1905. Sold for £30 for dwelling house. (Mins 1967 p.85).ICA. 11 Dec. 1931 p. 597; ICA. 11 Oct. 1929 p.496
Drumbrochas (Drumbrughas)NewtownbutlerFermanagh1903Came to be know as ‘Drumbroughas Hall’. Sold 1976 for £500. [Mins 1976 p.45]D.L. Cooney, History of Methodism in Upper Erne Circuit, (1990), p. 43.
DrumbullionKilleshandraCavan1778Lease expired
DrumduffPWSwanlinbarFermanaghDrumduff1859In 1881 converted into National School and was closed in 1915
DrumheelPWCavan (Wesley St)CavanDrumlane
Drumkeerin (Drumkeeran)ManorhamiltonLeitrim1838CHC.iii.261 re opening – by 1897 it was in very bad state. Sold 1961-62 for £150.Mins 1962 p. 84
DrumlaghySwanlinbarFermanaghca 1887 it was letting in rain & became utterly unsuitable – superceeded by new Florencecourt MC
DrumnamaltaCookstownTyroneDrumnamalta Hall sold 1954 for £275Mins 1954 p.57
Drumquin INewtownstewartTyrone1858Methodists took over old granary in centre of village and converted it into chapel. Sold 1879 [Mins 1879 p.60]N. Johnston & D. Preston, Methodism in Omagh (1982) p.7
Drumquin IIOmaghTyrone1878New church erected in place of Drumquin I. Extended church 1978-9.
DrumshanboDrumshanboLeitrim1863Old School House sold 1946
Dublin, Lr Abbey Street IDublinDublinSt Thomas1820-1821Opened by Dr Adam Clarke, 1 June 1821.Line drawing: WMM(Dublin ed) 1821.Arthur Williams, Architect & builder
Dublin, Lr Abbey Street IIDublinDublin1902Demolition and new building on site of 1820 church. New front elevation ‘a busy nondescript mish-mash of nine bays, with four tiers of various window types and advanced curved-topped ends’ (Casey). Cost £5,188.D. Levistone Cooney, ‘A Dublin Architect: George F. Beckett’, Dublin Historical Record, Vol. LIX, Vol. 1, p. 51-52.George Francis Beckett, 1877-1961. (DIA)
Dublin, Beaver RowDublinDublinc. 1826Built by Wright brothers principally for employees. Closed 1850
Dublin, Bethel (see Lombard St)
Dublin, Blackhall PlaceBlackhall PlaceDublinSt PaulsSee Dublin, Gravel Walk
Dublin, Brighton Road (Rathgar)DublinDublin1874Contractors: J. & W. Beckett. In 1893 completion of spire, organ chamber etc. (Architect: James John Phillips); 1909 improvements, new pulpit & ventilation (Architect: George Francis Beckett); 1924 extension of church as war memorial when seating was doubled by addition of 2 transepts (Architect: Richard Francis Caulfield Orpen).David M. Weir, Rathgar Methodist Church: Brighton Road, Dublin 1874-1974 (1974)1874 architect: Thomas Holbrook. (DIA)
Dublin, Brown Street SouthPWDublin (Cork St)DublinSt Catherines1834Brown Street Chapel was created from a transformed store. There was with the chapel a Widows’ Alms House, capable of accommodating 12 inmates. Services were discontinued in 1888 & building sold.
Dublin, Charleston Road IDublinDublinRathmines1854Became the lecture hall on opening of second churchIsaac Farrell. (DIA)
Dublin, Charleston Road IIDublinDublinRathmines1893FS laid 30 Apr 1892. On parallel axis to old church & connected to it by vestibule and porches. Old church reconstructed as school house. (DIA). Closed in 1977 and sold to an insurance companyJames John Phillips, 1841/42-1936. (DIA)
Dublin, Clonliffe (Jones’s Road)DublinDublin1882Gothic red brick with limestone dressings. Also school house. FS laid 12 Oct 1881. Cost circa £2,600. (DIA). Accommodated congregations from Oriel St and Langrishe Pl; Closed 1949 – Sold to Castle Clothing CoD. Levistone Cooney, ‘The Methodist Chapels in Dublin’, Dublin Historical Record, Vol. LVII, Nol. 2 (Autumn 2004) p. 161.Frederick Morley, ?-1896. (DIA)
Dublin, Clontarf IDublinDublinKillester1868St Lawrence Rd & Clontarf Road. EnlargedEdward F. Tarleton (DIA)
Dublin, Clontarf IIDublinDublinKillester1881Rebuilt Site I
Dublin, Clontarf IIIDublinDublinKillester1907New Church Site IW.M. Mitchell & Son. (DIA)
Dublin, Cork StreetDublin (Cork St)DublinSt Catherines1747Weaver’s shop bought for preaching room at 104 Cork St. Sold
Dublin, Cork StreetDublin (Cork St)DublinSt Catherines1777Weaver’s shop bought at 148 Cork St; Enlarged 1812- Sold 1902
Dublin, Dolphin’s BarnDublinDublin1902A neo-Byzantine exterior in red brick of octagonal shape. Accommodated congregation from Cork Street. The suite of buildings included a new (St Andrew’s) school. Closed 1978. Gen. permission to sell church, hall and school 1980 [Mins 1980 p.32].D. Levistone Cooney, ‘A Dublin Architect: George F. Beckett’, Dublin Historical Record, Vol. LIX, Vol. 1, p. 50-51.George Francis Beckett, 1877-1961. (DIA)
Dublin, DrimnaghDublinDublin1941New church built entirely of concrete, costing c. £3,000. (DIA)Samuel James Hurd (a partner with the Methodist, Edwin Squire)
Dublin, DundrumDublinDublin1978Purchase of site from Wesley College 1977 (£14,000) and erection of new church (£111,000).Mins 1977 p.41Architect: Edwin William Squire (24 June 1909-3 May 1979)
Dublin, German ChurchDublinDublin1795
Dublin, Golden BridgeDublinDublin1812Old Bethel. Lease executed July 1828 to Mr William Haughton, who had a cutler’s shop in Charles St. and little preaching house, ‘The Bethel’ was built. After more than 50 years it was replaced by new church at Inchicore and ‘The Bethel’ was sold for £225See Dublin, Richmond. ‘The Bethel, Golden Bridge’ by R. Lee Cole, ICA 7 Dec 1951 p.5; Steven C. Smyrl, Dictionary of Dublin Dissent (Dublin: Farmar, 2009), pp. 101-103.
Dublin, Gravel WalkDublinDublin1770(Blackhall Place) (Hendrick Street)
Dublin, Gravel Walk IIDublinDublin1840Church was altered in 1898 at a cost of £800, when the architect was George Francis Beckett. Closing service 25 Jun 1961 [ICA. 21 Jul 1961 p5]. Sold 1962 for £4,500 & organ £450. [Mins 1962 p.84]D. Levistone Cooney, ‘A Dublin Architect: George F. Beckett’, Dublin Historical Record, Vol. LIX, Vol. 1, p. 50.
Dublin, Great Charles Street (Wesley Chapel)DublinDublin1805Built to cater for the newly fashionable Mountjoy Square. The cost of building left trustees with debt of £5,000. The Methodist printer, Bennett Dugdale, came to the rescue and eventually became the owner of the chapel. Dugdale was among a section of Dublin Methodists who joined the secessionist Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Society and the chapel was used by them before Bennett sold it in 1826 to the Church of Ireland.D. Levistone Cooney, ‘The Methodist Chapels in Dublin’, Dublin Historical Record, Vol. LVII, Nol. 2 (Autumn 2004) p. 153-54.Edward Robbins. Presumably the ‘Robins’ referred to in George Newenham Wright’s Historical Guide to Dublin (2nd ed. 1825) as architect of Gt. Charles Street MC. (DIA)
Dublin, Hardwick(e)Street Chapel & SchoolsDublinDublin1843Purchased from the Jesuits and ‘fitted up for a Methodist place of worship or preaching house’ – later the home of the Wesleyan Teacher Training College (Normal School); Sold 1910-proceeds to reduce Abbey St debt.PRONI: CR6/3E/1, f. 202, 207, 208.

Crookshank, History of Methodism Vol 3, p. 335;

Sale, Mins 1910 p.64

Dublin, Hendrick StreetDublinDublinSee Dublin, Gravel Walk
Dublin, HowthDublinDublinSee Dublin, Sutton
Dublin, InchicoreDublinDublin1886From Richmond & Goldenbridge. Closed 1964 & with school sold for £13,500 in 1965. Builder: J. & W. Beckett.Mins 1965 p.77 & 1966 p.76William Kaye-Parry, 1853-1932. (DIA)
Dublin, Kingsland Park (Victoria Street)PWDublinDublinSt Peter’s1870FS laid 3 Nov 1870; opened 24 Oct 1871. Builder: J. & W. Beckett. (DIA). Closed 1941. Leased to Department of Social Welfare.D. Levistone Cooney, ‘The Methodist Chapels in Dublin’, Dublin Historical Record, Vol. LVII, Nol. 2 (Autumn 2004) p. 161.John McCurdy, c.1824-1885 (DIA)
Dublin, Langrishe Place IPWDublinDublin1825(Summerhill) Rented, enlarged 1830
Dublin, Langrishe Place IIDublinDublin1835Built – See Summer Hill (to Clonliffe) Sold 1882
Dublin, Lombard Street, BethelDublinDublinSt Mark’s1847Bethel’ – work chiefly among sailors Sold 1901Mins 1901 p.51
Dublin, Marlborough StreetDublinDublin1747Rented, Lutheran. Closed 1747
Dublin, Oriel StreetDublinDublinSt Thomas1850Sold to RC Church 1882 – to Clonliffe
Dublin, Plunkett StreetDublinDublin
Dublin, Poolbeg StreetDublinDublin1840Built chiefly to serve sailors. Closed 1847 (to Lombard St)
Dublin, RanelaghDublinDublin1801Oakley Road. Sold c. 1854 for £25 (to Charleston Rd)
Dublin, Richmond (Kilmainham)Dublin (Blackhall Pl)DublinSt Judes1829Built to serve Richmond barracks. Closed 1886. (to Inchicore)
Dublin, Ringsend I(Thomas St – on corner of present Irishtown Rd and Fairview Ave.)DublinDublin1830Given permission to sell, 1904 – proceeds towards new church. Finally sold 1914 for £70. Now owned, after much alteration, by the the Catholic Young Men’s Association.Mins 1904 p.64; D. Levistone Cooney, Tale of Three Churches, p. 82; Steven C. Smyrl, Dictionary of Dublin Dissent, pp. 103-104.
Dublin, Ringsend II (Irishtown Road)

Hall, also designed by G.F. Beckett, added in 1932.

DublinDublin1904Contractor: James Beckett. Closed June 1961; sold for  £5,150 to W.J. Kavanagh (Mins 1962 p. 85 & Cooney, Tale of Three Churches) p.88. In 1999 demolished to make way for Summerfield apartment block.D. Levistone Cooney, ‘A Dublin Architect: George F. Beckett’, Dublin Historical Record, Vol. LIX, Vol. 1, p. 53; Steven C. Smyrl, Dictionary of Dublin Dissent, pp. 103-104.George Francis Beckett, 1877-1961. (DIA)
Dublin, SandymountDublinDublin1864FS laid 28 Apr 1864; Opened 9 Dec 1864. In 1915 there was renovation of front, including removal of pinnacles – architect: George Francis Beckett.D. Levistone Cooney, ‘A Dublin Architect: George F. Beckett’, Dublin Historical Record, Vol. LIX, Vol. 1, p. 54-55.Alfred Gresham Jones, c.1824-1913. (DIA)
Dublin, Skinner’s AlleyDublinDublin1748Rented – Baptist
Dublin, South Great George StreetPWDublinDublinSt Brides1820Chapel opened 24 Dec 1820. 80ft in length x36ft wide with gallery on either side – capable of accommodating 1,500. In 1890s became DCM – Closed 1963 and sold for £19,250 (DCM amalgamated with Abbey Street)Mins 1963 p.81-82
Dublin, 62, South Great George Street Book-roomPWDublinDublinSt Brides1836Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Book-room, Society Rooms and Preachers’ AccommodationCost £1,700. PWM Mag 1836 pp. 365-67.John Howard Louch, 1797-1867
Dublin, Stephen’s Green (Centenary)DublinDublinSt Peter’s1842FS laid 22 Mar 1842; opened 18 Jun 1843. Destroyed by fire 1968 (to Leeson Park). Sale of site approved 1972 to J. Lyons Ltd for £249,000 [Mins 1973 p.36]David B. Bradshaw, Methodist Centenary Church: A commemorative record. Dublin (1943).Isaac Farrell. (DIA)
Dublin, Summer HillPWDublinLangrishe Place
Dublin, Sutton1904New church to replace the Mariners’ Hall on Howth’s West pier, which the congregation had been using for some years. Contractor: James Beckett.D. Levistone Cooney, ‘A Dublin Architect: George F. Beckett’, Dublin Historical Record, Vol. LIX, Vol. 1, p. 53.George Francis Beckett, 1877-1961. (DIA)
Dublin, Tallagh2003
Dublin, Weaver’s HallNC1800
Dublin, Wesley College Chapel1927
Dublin, Whitefriar Street1752Sold
Dun Laoghaire I (Kingstown)1836Northumberland Street. In 1888 a new gallery added to give increased accommodation.New gallery architect:  James Carson (DIA)
Dun Laoghaire IIDun Laoghaire1904New church built on Site 1. Cost £5,300 and building dedicated 7 Oct 1904. Extended 1957.D. Levistone Cooney, ‘A Dublin Architect: George F. Beckett’, Dublin Historical Record, Vol. LIX, Vol. 1, p. 53-54.George Francis Beckett, 1877-1961. (DIA)
DuncannonWexfordWexfordDuncannon chapel sold 1912Mins 1913 p.75
Dundalk IDundalkLouth1790Sold 1879
Dundalk IIPWDundalkLouth1835Commenced 1835 on land granted by Earl of Roden
Dundalk IIIDundalkLouth1838Greek Revival style. It is more than likely that Duff . . .was responsible for the Methodist churches at Newry (1839) and Dundalk (1838)’ Paul Larmour, ‘That eminent and tasteful architect’, Perspective 7. No.1 (Sep/Oct 1998). 61 (DIA); 1916, Repairs and improvements. Gen. permission to sell, 1988.Mins 1988 p.25Thomas J. Duff, c.1792-1848. (DIA)1916 improvements architect: George Francis Beckett, 1877-1961. (DIA)
DundonaldBelfast, KnockDown
DundrumDundrumDown1883Commenced in 1882 during ministry of James Kirkwood and completed in 1883 during that of Richard Butler.Christian Advocate, Christmas Number, December 11, 1907 pp. 11-13.
Dungannon I (Perry Street)DungannonTyrone1786Replaced on same site by 1850 building
Dungannon II (Shamble Lane)PWDungannonTyrone
Dungannon III (Perry Street)DungannonTyrone1849-50New church in Gothic style, 52×32 ft with addition of 40ft in rere for sexton’s house. FS laid Jun 1849. Opened 19 May 1850. Built on site of old Wesleyan ChapelArmagh Guardian, 25 Jun 1849, 17 Jun 1850.Isaac Farrell. (DIA)
Dungannon IV (Thomas Street)PWDungannonTyrone1862Sale sanctioned 1879 [Mins 1879 p.60]-Sold to Orange Order 1879
DungarvanWexfordWaterford1907Gift of chapel in 1907 by Samuel J. Merrick, JP of Youghal. Redundant church premises sold Oct 1969 to Messrs W. & G. Hadden for sum of £775 for use as business premises.Mins 1968 p. 84 & 1970 p.81 & 83
Dungorman (1 mile from Laghey)PWDungannonTyroneKillyman1840Sold 1904, proceeds towards new Laghey church in village centre.Mins 1904 p.64
Dunkineely IDunkineelyDonegal1828
Dunkineely IIDunkineelyDonegal1856
DunlagheySwanlinbarSold 1887
Dunmanway IDunmanwayCork1789
Dunmanway IIDunmanwayCork1837Built on site of Dunmanway I with gallery to seat 150 people. Remodelling in 1912-13 removed gallery and added new porch. Closed 30 Sep 2007. MNL Oct 2007 p.32. Sold for in 2013 for €70,000.It was subsequently refurbished and in 2014 donated to the community as ‘The Atkins Hall’.
Dunmurry (Black’s Road)Osborne Park1934Origins in services held from 1915 at home of Joseph Holland. Sold 1958 [Mins 1958 p.68 & 1959 p.68]Sold to Baptists 1958 for £5,250 and moved to Finaghy
DurrowAbbeyleixLaois (Queen’s)c.1824Sold to the Irish Country Women’s Association in 1963-64 for £145Mins 1964 p.77
Durrus (Four-mile-water)BantryCork1828Built as school and used for Sunday worship. When school closed continued as church until closed in 1971 and sold in 1974 to Mrs Burton for £1,600 to be used as dwelling house.Mins 1950 p.76 – Sale of teacher’s residence for £150; Mins 1971 p.69; 1972 p.37; 1974 p.45
EdenCarrickfergusSee ‘negotiations relating to property at Edenvale’ Mins 1986 p.25.
EdenderryOffaly1804RK produces design for ‘Methodist Preaching House’ (DIA)Plan & elevation, s. & dated April 1804 in PRONI, Downshire MSS. D 671/P6/11Robert Kennedy. (DIA)
Edenderry IIIPortadownArmagh1954New church sanctioned by Standing Committee 1951 at cost of £15,000. ICA 10 Sept 1954 p.6. Extension to halls 1997 at cost of £450,000.Mins 1951 p.78 & 1997 p.39.
EdenderryPWPortarlingtonOffaly (Kings)Monastoris1756
EmyvalePWMonaghanMonaghanDonagh1837Sale proposed 1921. Sold 1924Mins 1921 p.51; 1922 p.51
EnnisLimerickClareDrumcliff1811Deed lapsed 1924 – reverted to owner; but see sanction of sale by Conference in 1924. [Mins 1924 p.55]
Enniscorthy I (Maguires’s Lane)WexfordWexford1804CA 9 Nov. 1888, p.542
Enniscorthy IIWexfordWexford1834Sold 1953-54 for £100 ‘to the Masonic brethren’ ICA.26.8.55.p6Mins 1954 p.57
Enniskillen I (New Street)EnniskillenFermanaghEnniskillen1780
Enniskillen IIPWEnniskillenFermanaghEnniskillen1792Main Street
Enniskillen IIIEnniskillenFermanaghEnniskillen1826Preaching Lane
Enniskillen IV (Darling Street)EnniskillenFermanaghEnniskillen1863-6Plans approved 1863; FS laid Jul 1865; opening 17 Feb 1867; Front renovated 1918.Methodism in Enniskillen, Thomas Salter, [1918]William Joseph Barre, c.1826-1867. (DIA)
Farmer’s Bridge Mission HallTraleeKerryca 1889In ca 1889 Rev. J.O. Park started mission work in a ‘humble’ building at the foot of Slieve Inish Mountains, three miles from Tralee. It was blown down and in ca 1895 Rev S.T. Boyd had it replaced by iron hall seating 100 and with pews from old Barrackton Chapel, Cork.CA.15 Dec 1897 p.5 (including line drawing of original Farmer’s Bridge Mission Hall).
FerbaneAthlone1835Sold 1902 for £30.Mins 1902 p.57 & 1907 p.66.
FermoyFermoyCork1822Sale of chapel and manse sanctioned 1922 (marriage registers 1864-1916 in Cork safe)Mins 1922 p.51
Fethard-on-SeaWexfordWexford1862Sold 1957 for £125 for benefit of Waterford Circuit.Mins 1957 p.67
Finaghy (from Dunmurry)Osborne ParkAntrim1954Hall opened 1954, registered for marriage 1959, church opened 1967Architect for 1954 hall – Adam Bunyan Dobson, 1870-? (DIA)
Fintona IPWIrvinestownTyrone1828Sold 1879 see MHSI Bulletin 2011 pp.107-13
Fintona IIOmaghTyrone1863Irish Evangelist Aug 1863, pp 176-77 & 225
FivemiletownBrookboroTyroneClougher1800According to Crookshank a chapel built 1800/01
Fivemiletown IIPWFivemiletownTyroneClougher1820Fair Green Chapel built 1820; sold 1896
Fivemiletown IIIFivemiletownTyroneClougher1856Sold c. 1880 to landlord and then occupied by Masonic Lodge
Fivemiletown IVFivemiletownTyroneClougher1897Designed by Thomas Elliott, CE Enniskillen together with hall. New hall and ancillary rooms erected 1997 for £200,000.Mins 1997 p.39
Florencecourt ISwanlinbar/BlacklionFermanaghKillesher1794Successor to Drumduff and WC at DrumlaghySite given by J H Geddes
Florencecourt IISwanlinbar/BlacklionFermanaghKillesher1878Opened 12 June 1878.
ForkhillDundalkArmaghForkhillSold 1947 for £25 to Mr HumeMins 1947 p.67 & 1948 p.71
Four Mile WaterSkibbereenCork1828Closed
Galway IGalwayGalway1765Preaching room used by Wesley 1765 (a kind of cellar in a miserable back lane surrounded by herring stores).
Galway IIGalwayGalway1812Built with money raised by Londoner Mr. Maberly (£250) and William Reilly (£150) and given to Gideon Ouseley for chapels in Galway and six other chapels.
Galway IIIGalwayGalway1839On land gratuitously donated by Hedges Eyre and though exertions of Gideon Ouseley.W. 10 Apr 1839 p. 125.
GarryhinchMaryborough (Portlaoise)Laoise (Queen’s)Sale sanctioned 1921Mins 1921 p.51
GilfordTandrageeDownSee also Dromarin; Sold 1963-64 £1,000.Mins 1962 p.85 & 1964 p.77
Glacknadrummond (Glacknadrummon) IPWMovilleDonegal1859Scriptural School.  Builder: Alex Ferguson. Land donated by Geo Young, JP & DLPWM Magazine, 1857. p. 307J.H. Bible, Derry
Glacknadrummond (Glacknadrummon) IIMovilleDonegal1904On site of earlier PWM school.CA: 1904, p.44;  8 Dec 1909, p. 591
GlassloughMonaghanMonaghanDonagh1810Rev. William Armstrong (1765-1837) was born Glasslough. [Obit Mins Vol 2 (1837) p.505.]Sold.
GledstownPWMaguiresbridgeFermanagh1842PWM Mag. 1842 p. 470
GlenarmLarneAntrim1840Per. to sell chapel sanctioned 1877 [Mins 1877 p.28]. Transferrred to CofI in 1882 which used it as a parochial hall
Glenavy IPWAntrimAntrim1830Opened by A Averell – after Glenavy II opened used as schoolBecame school under National Board of EdSame as Legateriffe School?
Glenavy IIAntrimAntrim1893


Builder, Mr. Caldwell

A new church hall was added in 2009.

James John Phillips, 1841/42-1936
GlengormleyNBMAntrim19351st dual-purpose centre 1935; chapel extension 1977 (£25,000). New church to seat 500 opened 2 Sep 1989Mins 1977 p.40. MNL Oct 1989 p.1; Dec 2003 p. 30.
Gola Mission HallMaguiresbridgeFermanagh1902cf Opening [CA.1902, Apr 4]; Sold 1975 for £50 for dismantlingMins 1975 p.42.William Carrothers of Lisbellaw. Constructed of wood and iron.
Golden BallPWGolden BallDublinKiltiernanSchoolhouse
Goleen HallSkibbereenCork1900Built on road to Mizen Head on Schull side of Goleen. By 1922 only occasional services being held. Sale sanctioned 1923Mins 1923 p.48
Gorey IArklowWexford1803
Gorey IIArklowWexford1829
GreencastleNBMAntrim1939Dual-purpose hall erected Whitewell Rd 1939; new church 1966MN May 2006 p. 40
GreenislandNBMAntrim1958Sunday evening services started in Unionist Hall, Station Road in early 1950s. Church hall erected on a gifted site on Station Road and opened 6 Dec 1958.MN Mar 2007 p.39
GrogeyFivemiletownSold 1942? (Note in Gamble’s list of continuing weekly worship); Sold 2014 for £30,000.Blue Book 2014 p.47
GurteenCarlow1805Sold 1968 for £110 for religious purposes.Mins 1968 p.85
GurteenTullamoreOffaly (Kings)GeashillLease 1892Sale sanctioned 1921. Sold 1953 for £30. [Circuit schedule book p.97]Mins 1921 p.51; 1953 p.68.
HacketstownTinahelyCarlow1833Sold 1915Mins 1922 p.52
Holywood IPWDownc 1825Sold to Donegall Sq in 1857
Holywood IIHolywoodDown1871New Methodist church and school room on site of Holywood I. Modern Gothic style – red brick with Scrabo stone string courses. FS laid 1870. Builder William Nimmick. (DIA)James Kendall. (DIA)
HowthDublinSee Dublin, Sutton
Hyde ParkLigonielAntrim1828Closed June 2015 as the very small congregation decided it was no longer viable to keep it open.F.J. Cole, Centenary of Hyde Park Methodist Church 1829-1929.Probably Alexander Wilson, Architect, of Rocklands, Carrickfergus.
Inismore (Inishmore or Innishmore)MaguiresbridgeFermanagh1849Transferred from Enniskillen to Maguiresbridge Circuit 1878. Gen. permission to sell 1996. [Mins 1996 p.39]. Sold 1997 to Mr Ivan Mayers.pic CA 1912 p. 607; Mins 1998 p.38
InistiogeKilkennyKilkenny1849Built on plot of ground on the Square leased to the Methodists by William Tighe at a yearly rent of £1. Last used for worship in 1947. Sold 1948 for £200 to Inistioge Co-operative Agricultural Society.Mins 1947 p.67 & 1948 p.71
InnishannonBandonCork1795Lease never secured to Connexion and it was relinquished in 1881.
InverDonegalDonegal1881Opened 13 Feb 1881. CA 1904. Dec 14 p. 18. Builder: Andrew Coulter, Mountcharles.Inver Methodist Church, 125th Anniversary by Ian D. HendersonWilliam James Robinson, C.E., c.1839-1909
Irvinestown (Lowtherstown)PWIrvinestownFermanaghDerryvullan1804
IslandmageeCarrickfergusAntrim1829See Ballymoney – also see gift of plot of land 1848 [IE.71.124]ICA. Sept 24 1929 p. 453
Keady IArmaghArmagh1796Sold
Keady IIArmaghArmaghSold
Keenagh (Kenagh)PWLongfordLongford1788Gen. permission to sell 1976. Sold 1978 to Mr Boyle for £3,000.Mins 1976 p.45 & 1978 p.42.
KellFivemiletownTyrone1909Opened 4 Nov 1909. Closed June 2010. Sold 4 June 2014 for £15,000.CA, 12 Nov, 1909 p.551Thomas Elliott, c.1833-1915 (DIA)
KellsCo AntrimAntrimPRONI 2/32
KenmareBantryKerry1832Sale sanctioned 1875 [Mins 1875 p.74]. In 2011 purchase of ESB store in town for €260,000.Mins 2011 p.61.
KerkarCo DonegalPRONI 2/27
KilbrittainPWKinsaleCork1856P/House built for Society by Hon Col Henry-Boyle BernardRuins
KilcooBallyshannonFermanagh1891Foundation stone laid Jul 1890 by WC Bracken, JP of Blacklion. The Society had met for ‘many’ years previously in barn fitted up by John Ovens. John Glass of USA contributed £150 approx. half the cost.CA.1890 p.369Thomas Elliott, c.1833-1915
Kilkee I (Albert Road)LimerickClare1853Transformed from a dwelling house in 1853. Sold 1900 for £142
Kilkee II (Geraldine Place)LimerickClare1900Crook Memorial Church cost £700.Offered to Community in 2000 by HMD
Kilkenny IKilkennyKilkenny1771Sold
Kilkenny IIKilkennyKilkenny1802Sold
Kilkenny IIIKilkennyKilkenny1838New church on site of Franciscan friary. Kilkenny Hall sold 1946; 2000, gen. permission to sell church and former manse with view to erection of new church on new site.Mins 1946 p.69; 2000 p.42.
KilladeasIrvinestownFermanagh1868Measuring 15ftx21ft it was one of Ireland’s smallest Methodist churches. See (incl pic) [ICA.1963.Jun.27 p.7]. Sold 1970 for £100 to Mr Abbott for use as store.Mins 1970 p. 81
KillalaBallinaMayo1835Sold 1970 to Mrs N. McCormick as warehouse for £100.Mins 1970 p.81
Killarney ITraleeKerry1830
Killarney IITraleeKerryHigh Street. Sold 1912, proceeds towards new church.Mins 1912 p.72
Killarney IIITraleeKerry1912New church built of local green stone and Cork limestone. Replaced earlier building in obscure location – designed especially for the benefit of Killarney’s international tourist trade.D. Levistone Cooney, ‘A Dublin Architect: George F. Beckett’, Dublin Historical Record, Vol. LIX, Vol. 1, p. 54.George Francis Beckett, 1877-1961. (DIA)
Killashee PWLongfordLongford1800It passed into PW hands after the 1818 ‘Division’. After reunion in 1878 it was reported that ‘the chapel in ruined state and we have no congregation there’. By 1901 it was ‘almost roofless … is at present in the possession of a man who resides in the house next to it.’.Crookshank vol.2: 205, 213, 268; vol.3:378

‘Longford Circuit Schedule Book 1866-79’, records 1 member and a service on Sundays @ 4 pm in 1874.

Killen Doagh1799
Killeshandra I (Killashandra)KilleshandraCavanKillashandra1810
Killeshandra IIKilleshandraCavanKillashandra1886Sold 1967 for £1,000 to Masonic Order (with restrictive covenant).Mins 1967 p.85 & 1968 p.86
KillorglinTraleeKerry1869Sale sanctioned 1922; sold 1958-9 for £300 + £20 for 10 years.Mins 1922 p.51; 1959 p.68
KilloughDownpatrickDownBright1804The first Methodist society met in a grain store which they called ‘Bethel’. The 1804 purpose-built building opened in time for funeral of Mrs Barbara Teer. Following the division of 1816 it was retained by the Wesleyan Methodists, but lacking local support it fell into disrepair.
Killough IIPMDownpatrickDownBright1825Built by the PWMs in the Gothic style in 1825 for £150 and repaired in 1834. (33 feet by 24 feet. There were 28 seats which would hold 8 people each). Cf Obit for Thomas Teer [PWM Mag 1840 p.158]. Sold 1955 church-hall and residence for £600. Today it is a health clinic.
KillybegsDunkineelyDonegalSold 1955 for £610Mins 1955 p.62
KillyglenAntrimAntrimSold 1906 [Mins 1906 p.60]CR6/3E/2/37
Killylea IArmaghArmaghSold 1904, proceeds towards new church.Mins 1904 p.64
Killylea IIArmaghArmagh1904‘Owes its erection . . to the untiring . . efforts of Mr and Mrs Bleakley of the Nurseries.’ Fullerton Reminiscences, p. 240.CR6/3E/2/42, 3/118William Fawcett Gilcriest, c.1863-1907/8 (DIA)
KillyleaghPWDownpatrickDown1837Shore Street. Sold 1970 to 2nd Killyleagh Presbyterian Church for use as youth centre for £320.Mins 1979 p. 81 & 1970 p.80 & 83
KilmeagePWCo KildareKildare1840Sold
KilmoriartyPortadown1767Mud-wall preaching house -replaced by Derryanville chapel
KilrushLimerickClare1811Sold 1908Mins 1908 p.65
KingscourtBailieboroughCavanEnniskeen?1826Refurbished 1896 (& built 1822?) [CA.96.589] Sold 1952 [Mins 1952 p.82]Sold to Mr Bertram, Kingscourt for £90
KingstownSee Dun Laoghaire
KinityPWCo Roscommon?
KinnegoCo ArmaghArmagh1861Opened 20 Oct 1861 (Armagh Guardian 25 Oct 1861)PRONI 2/41
Kinsale IPWKinsaleCork1789Sold 1879 – Store
Kinsale IIKinsaleCork1813Sold 1873 [Mins 1873 p.73] became a Cinema
Kinsale IIIKinsaleCork1874(marriage registers 1865-1873 in Cork safe)Robert Walker, c.1835-1910
KnockloughrimMagherafeltDerryNew church hall built 1988

Sold 2019 for £10,000

Mins 1988 p.26
Knockmanoul IPWBallinamallardFermanaghBallinamallard1832Sold 1879Huston p. 136
Knockmanoul II (Knockmanowl)BallinamallardFermanaghBallinamallardSold 1971 to Mr T.P. Graham for £250Mins 1971 p. 98 & 1972 p. 37
Knocknalosset(t)BailieboroughCavanKnockbrideRedundant church sold to Mr Adams for £350Mins 1971 p. 69 & 1972 p.39
KnockninnySwanlinbarFermanaghKinawley18711863 Aughnacloy schoolhouse built & 8 yrs later E Hanna gave site
LagheyDungannonTyrone1904Opened 10 March 1905 [Tyrone Constitution, 17 Mar 1905Contractor: Wm Burnett, DromoreArchitect: Hobart & Heron, Dromore
Laragh (Ballycassidy)Enniskillen, later BallinamallardFermanaghTrory1859Chapel built at sole expense of John Halliday of Ballycassidy Flour Mills on land given by Wm Halliday of Laragh [IE.1860.45]. General permission to sell 1971. Sold 1972-3 to Mr R. Hanna for £1,000Mins 1971 p.69; 1972 p.38 & 1973 p.44.
Larne ILarneAntrim1806
Larne IILarneAntrim1827
Larne IIILarneAntrim1882Samuel Patrick Close, 1842-1925. (DIA)
LaurencetownBallinasloeGalway1827Opened 24 Jun 1827; Sold
Legateriffe (Legaterriff) SchoolhouseGlenavyAntrimSold to Mr Singleton 1974 for £600PRONI 3/236; Mins 1974 p.45
LetterbreenEnniskillenFermanagh1885Destroyed by fire 1945 (ICA.45.ii.9 p.3). New church built in 1951-52.Mins 1952 p.82
LetterkennyDonegalConwalSold (possibly 1930s) now used as office.
Limavady IColeraineDerryDrumachose1773‘Preaching house erected 1773.William Smith, Consecutive History of Wesleyan Methodism in Ireland, (1830), p.3
Limavady II (Main Street)ColeraineDerryDrumachose1830New chapel opened in 1831. Sold by auction in 1877 to Wm Moody for £80.Limavady Methodist Church 1877-1977, p. 4 & 6.
Limavady III (Irish Green Street)ColeraineDerryDrumachose1878‘[D]uring the year [1878]  a neat chapel erected at Limavady at cost of £750’.

New hall built 1984 at cost of £45,000.

IE. 1878 p. 357



Mins 1984 p.26.

Edward McNeilage, Architect & ‘CE’, Londonderry. Built by Mr. McKeen of Londonderry.
Limerick ILimerickLimerick1762Quay Lane
Limerick IILimerickLimerick1803Sold
Limerick III (Bedford Row)PWLimerickLimerick1820Sale sanctioned 1920 for £2,000. Converted into Grand Central CinemaMins 1920 p.53 & 1922 p.52.
Limerick IVLimerickLimerick1813New church with stone façade, steps and iron balustrade. Remodelled 1879 and opened 7 Sep 1879Robert Fogerty architect of 1879 remodelling. (DIA)
Lisacaha HallSkibbereenCorkSale of old hall sanctioned in 1929 with proceeds to be used in erection of new hall.Mins 1929 p.64
Lisbealid School Chapel(Lisbealad)DunmanwayCork1822Built as schoolhouse between 1822 and 1829 and used for Sunday evening services up to 1910. Sold 1913Mins 1913 p.75
Lisbellaw IPWMaguiresbridgeFermanaghCleenish1842Sold 1879
Lisbellaw IIMaguiresbridgeFermanaghCleenish1883(Replaced an earlier building)
LisburnNCSalem, MNC, Linenhall Street
Lisburn ILisburn1770Enlarged 1789 – Sale sanctioned 1874 [Mins 1874 p.84]. Became Christian Union Workers Hall.
Lisburn II (Dublin Road)PWLisburn1835Sold 1879 [Mins 1879 p.60] – Salvation Army use
Lisburn IIILisburnYellow brick dressed with Dungannon sandstone1875Modification of continental Gothic styleWilliam Gray, 1830-1917. (DIA)
Lisburn, TrinityLisburnNew suite of buildings erected 1994, with large extension 2004.Mins 1995 p.47McCready Architects
LisleenCastledergTyroneArdstraw1789Chapel enlarged after 1859 revival [ICA.06.12.12 p.16]. Permission 1998 to demolish and rebuild at cost of £161,000.Mins 1998 p.38
LismoreYoughalWaterford1887Opened 29 July 1887.  Closed 1942.Leased on weekly tenancy in 1950Laurence McOboy Fitzerald, 1845/46- (DIA)
LisnaskeaPWNewtownbutlerFermanaghAghalurcher1834Church renovated in 1953-4 including stained glass window over communion table.
LisnaskeaNewtownbutlerFermanaghAghalurcher<1834Sold after reunion with the Primitive Wesleyan Methodists in 1878 in favour of the larger PW building.D.L. Cooney, History of Methodism in Upper Erne Circuit, (1990), p. 38f.
Lisnaweary (Lisnawery)AughnacloyTyroneErrigal Keerogue1800Sale sanctioned 1932Mins 1932 p.59
LisracePWClonesSee Drumady
LissacahaSkibbereenCork1798?Church built in 1830 and in use for 100 years until replaced by Lissacaha II
Lissacaha IISkibbereenCork1930Closed 1990s. Sold 2000 to Mr John Hunt for £8,000.ICA Sept 13 1929 p. 447; Mins 2000 p. 42.
Londonderry, Carlisle RoadLondonderry (EW)DerryTemplemore1903Forman, Alfred Arthur, c.1869-? (DIA)
Londonderry, Clooney Hall – ‘People’s Hall’LondonderryDerryTemplemore1896Gen. permission to sell People’s Hall and Hostel 1973; 1999 Gen. permission to demolish and rebuild Clooney Hall.Mins 1973 p.35; Mins 1999 p.39
Londonderry, East WallLondonderry (EW)DerryTemplemore1835Sold 1901Mins 1901 p.51
Londonderry, Epworth HallLondonderryDerryTemplemore1895
Londonderry, Hawkins StreetPWLondonderry (HS)DerryTemplemore1869Sold 1879 – Architect John Guy Ferguson CE Builder Robert Maxwell[PWM Mag 1869.372] – CA.1911.59 re Robert Johnston’s roleJohn Guy Ferguson, ?-1901, (DIA)
Londonderry, Magazine StreetLondonderryDerryTemplemore1769Sold to pay its debt I
Londonderry, New BuildingLondonderry (EW)DerryTemplemore1787Linen Hall Street II
Londonderry, WatersideLondonderry (EW)DerryTemplemore1865Ferguson, John Guy, ?-1901 (DIA)
Longford ILongfordLongford1774
Longford II (Richmond Street)LongfordLongford1809Richmond Street chapel and residence. Sold 1895.
Longford III (Battery Road)LongfordLongford18954-bay gabled hall of limestone rubble with yellow stone trim, paired lancets and gabled porch. Cost: £2,700. (DIA).Thomas Elliott, c.1833-1915.
LoughreliskMoiraAntrim1896See Ballinderry
Loughros PointArdaraDonegal1860School and place of worship – circuit records building as 1857Ardara 175th anniversary by Ian Henderson
Lucan IDublin (Blackhall Pl)DublinLucan1830Located 4-6 The Square. Sold 1877 [Mins 1877 p.28]Welcoming, Witnessing and Willing to Serve, Shelagh B Waddington, [2004]poss Thomas Holbrook. (DIA)
Lucan IIDublin (Blackhall Pl)DublinLucan1877Located 4-6 The Square; new church built on land acquired 1861-2 but not built until FS laid 18 Jun and opened 28 Dec 1877.Welcoming, Witnessing and Willing to Serve, Shelagh B Waddington, [2004]poss Thomas Holbrook. (DIA)
Lurgan I (Nettleton Court)LurganArmagh1778House fitted up
Lurgan II (High Street I)LurganArmagh1802To replace the Nettleton Court premises which was too small
Lurgan III (Castle Lane)PWLurganArmaghStone building which cost £250. Gothic windows1825Became Orange Hall after PWMs bought Queen St from MNC
Lurgan IV (High Street II)LurganArmagh1826Built on enlarged site of 1802 Chapel; repaired 1835 and completely remodelled in 1888.
Lurgan (Queen Street)NCArmagh1839‘Providence’ New Connexion – Sold to PWMs 1856PWM Mag 1857 p. 54
MaasCo DonegalDonegal1813Sold
MagheraPWDundrumDownBallyginny1845Built in 1845 on a site two miles from Newcastle and two from Dundrum. In 1883 the congregation moved to Dundrum when a new church opened there though a Sunday school and fortnightly evening service continued in Maghera for a time. Sold 1941 for £40[Mins 1941 p.66] –PWM Mag. 1845 pp. 311-12; Christian Advocate, Christmas Number, December 11, 1907 pp. 11-13.
MagheraMagherafeltDerry1826New church 1854/5 [IAA & Armagh Guardian 5.9.1854]. Sold 1948 to Presbyterian Church for £400. See Mins 1948 p. 71 & 1950 p.77.FS of new church laid 11 Sep 1854 (Armagh Guardian, 15 Sep 1854)
MagheragallLisburnAntrim1790s2000, gen. permission to build new church; 2001, old church sold for £50,000 and plot of land for £70,000.Mins 2000 p.42; 2001 p.43.
Magheraveely (or Uttony)ClonesFermanagh1903-05The building of chapel arose from Sunday school work held for 20 years in cottage in village. Cost £310. Contractor: John Bloomfield. Gen. permission to sell 1988. [Mins 1988 p.25]. Sold to Mr M. Hutchinson for £2,000.D. L. Cooney, History of Methodism in Upper Erne Circuit, (Lisnaskea, 1990), p.21f;    PRONI 2/76Thomas Elliott
Maguiresbridge IPWMaguiresbridgeFermanaghAughalurcher1798Sold 1879
Maguiresbridge IIMaguiresbridgeFermanaghAughalurcher1832
Mallow IPWFermoyCork1808Sold 1879
Mallow IIFermoyCork1822Sale sanctioned 1923 (marriage registers 1885-1887 in Cork safe)Mins 1923 p.47
Manorhamilton IPWManorhamiltonLeitrimCloonclare1792Sold 1879
Manorhamilton IIManorhamiltonLeitrimSold (with hall, stables and old Manse) in 1963 for £2,000 and replaced by new church and hall.Mins 1963 p.81.
Manorhamilton IIINorth ConnachtLeitrimNew church and hall built 1964
Maralin Mission HallMoiraDownMaralin Mission Hall was a gift of Mr & Mrs Leslie H. Mathers in 1923. Sold 1950 for £179 12sMins 1923 p.49; 1950 p.77
MarkethillArmaghArmagh1834Remodelled 1860 by William J Barre incl new flooring, seating & pulpit.
Maryborough (Portlaoise)See Portlaoise
MayneOmaghTyrone1902-3There had been worship in School House built 1867 before new church built 1903.N. Johnston & D. Preston, Methodism in Omagh (1982) pp. 16-19. PRONI 3/81
MayneNewryArmagh1758Co Armagh – Sold
Megaberry (Maghaberry)MoiraAntrimNew Connexion. Let to Elim Church for £104 p.a. 1976; new dual purpose building erected 1987 at cost of £80,000; 2000, gen. permission to erect new worship centre; 2002, old church sold for £65,000.Mins 1976 p.46; 1987 p.26; 2000 p.42; 2002 p.37.
MilltownCo KerryKerry1802Closed Site unknownPRONI 2/113
Moate IPWAthloneWestmeath1787Sold 1879
Moate IIAthloneWestmeath1823Moate chapel assigned to the CI RCB as gift 1941 [Mins 1941 p.67]
Mohill IPWLeitrim1830Glebe Street
Mohill IIPWLeitrim1853New Chapel in Upper Main Street. Sold 1921 to Frank Flynn NT for £350 [Mins 1922 p.52]PRONI 3/4, 6, 64, 65 – Mohill Remembered
Moira IMoiraDownStore in yard given by Murray br-in-law of Ann Lutton
Moira IIMoiraDown1822Demolished June 2017 to make way for new building.
Moira IIIMoiraDown2018New Methodist centre opened Oct. 2018.
Monaghan IPWMonaghanMonaghanMonaghan1824Sold 1879
Monaghan IIPWMonaghanMonaghanMonaghan1861Rebuilt PM Sold 1924
Monaghan IIIMonaghanMonaghanMonaghan1862New Wesleyan church built 1862 (cf Recollections of a visit to Gt Britain and Ireland (1863) p. 66). Permission to sell 1968Mins 1968 p.84
Monasterevan IPortarlingtonKildareMonasterevan1802PRONI 2/105, 118
Monasterevan IIPortarlingtonKildareMonasterevan1901Sold 1961-2 for £305Mins 1962 p.84
Moneenlum SchoolhouseManorhamiltonLeitrimCloonclare1866Opened 25 April 1866 [Irish Evangelist April 1866 p.48]PRONI 2/103
MoneydarraghDundrumDown1842See Annalong
Moneybeg (Muine Bheag)KilkennyCarlowSee BagenalstownPRONI 3/119
MonkstownNBMAntrim1965Upper Room’ above shops Jordanstown Rd; Church/Halls 1969MN Nov 2005 p. 38 [joint CI/Methodist]
Moneymore ICookstownDerry1820Rebuilt
Moneymore IIPWCookstownDerry1840Sold 1967 (old church, shop and house) for £1,500.Mins 1967 p.85
Moneymore IIICookstownDerrySold 1976 for £9,000Mins 1976 p.45
Montiagh RoePettigoFermanagh1902A mission hall. Sold to Christopher Loane in 1960 for £150.PRONI 2/99; Mins 1960 p.70.
MossleyNBMAntrim1981/2Temp wooden building 1982; 1985 new church at cost of £369,000 but see 1986 dual purpose building at cost of £220,000.Mins 1985 p.37; 1986 p.26.
Mount Faugher IPWSpringfieldFermanagh1806Thatched preaching house became derelict PWMag 39.398
Mount Faugher IIPWSpringfieldFermanagh1839PWMag 1839 p. 398
Mount SalemPortlaoiseLaois (Queen’s)
MountcharlesDonegalDonegalPRONI 2/106
Mountmellick IPWPortlaoiseLaois (Queen’s)Rosenallis1765Sold
Mountmellick IIPortlaoiseLaois (Queen’s)Rosenallis1880
Mountrath IPWPortaloiseLaois (Queen’s)1769Thomas Sale and W. Chapman authorised to sell Mountrath preaching house and premises in 1867.PWM Private Mins. 1867, Res. 22.
Mountrath IIPortlaoiseLaois (Queen’s)1823Sold 1949 for £350Mins 1949 p.77 & 1950 p.76
MountshannonCloughjordanClare1811Let to Episcopalians 1914 for day and SS; Sold 1945 for £50Mins 1944 p.64; 1945 p.65
Movilla AbbeyNewtownardsDownJoint church with CofI agreed 1979; Gen. permission to erect worship centre and ancillary rooms. [Mins 1999 p.39]Mins 1979 p.36.
MovilleMovilleDonegal1876Opened 4 Aug. 1876, free of debt, ‘an unpretentious structure, substantially built of stone, quarried in the neighbourhood and finished in compo. [IE. 1876 p. 106]CA 8 Dec 1909, ‘Innishowen Circuit’, p. 590.

PRONI 2/110

Architect: Edward McNeilage, CE, L’derry and builder, James McKane, L’derry.
Moy IPWMoyTyrone1809
Moy IIMoyTyrone1835
Moy IIIDungannonTyrone1861-62FS laid 2 Sep 1861; Opening 24 Nov 1862.IE.61.206; IE.62.80.William Joseph Barre, c.1826-1867 (DIA)
MoyallenPWTandrageeArmaghSold 1915Mins 1915 p.73
Mullafarry (Mullaferry) see CloonshinnaghBallinaMayo1827What chapels are to be built this year? A. … Mullafarry… [Mins 1827 (1820-37) p.211]; Sold 1915 (see Cloonskinagh) [Mins 1915 p.73]PRONI 1/141
MullaghyPWEnniskillenFermanaghMullaghyPRONI 3/5
Mullalogher (Mullylogher or Mullylougher)PMNewtownbutlerCavanCastleterraSale sanctioned 1922Mins 1922 p.51
MullingarAthloneWestmeath1795Sold 1924 – reopened 1931-refurbished 1956. Sold 1966 for £1,600 to Irish Red Cross.ICA.56.10.5.p6 – PRONI 3/9; Mins 1966 p.75
MullyloughanPWArmagh? (Co Armagh?)
NenaghCloughjordanTipperary1812Built with money raised by Londoner Mr. Maberly (£250) and William Reilly (£150) and given to Gideon Ouseley for chapels in Nenagh and six other chapels. Sold 1907 for £131.Mins 1907 p.66
New Ross (Robert Street)PWWexfordWexford1795Sold 1879 [Mins 1879 p.60]
New RossWexfordWexford1840Sold 1937PRONI 2/121
NewboroughRathkealeLimerick1830Burned 1922 Rebuilt 1926. Relinquished 1967 to former owner.Mins 1967 p.85
NewbridgeCurraghKildarePRONI 2/137
NewbuildingsLondonderry etcDerry1977Erection of portable buildings 1977 at cost of £7,500; purchase of site 1986 at cost of £10,000; 1986, new Hall at cost of £75,000. 2009 Sale of hall and plot for £171,000.Mins 1977 p.40; 1986 p.25; 1986 p.26; 2009 p.55.
NewcastleDundrumDown18271928. New church to seat 200 on site of old church but on a higher elevation and nearer main thoroughfare. Builder: E Camblin, Portadown. (DIA)James Scott, 1875/76-1949/50. (DIA)
Newmarket (cf Pallaskenry)RathkealeLimerick1803(Pallaskenry)Sold 1923
NewportCastlebarMayo18391856: New FS laid by Sir Richard O’Donnell, Bt. (DIA). Opened 15 Apr 1857; Sold 1909Watchman 29 Apr 1857 p.134; Mins 1901 p.51 & 1909 p.67
NewryPWNewryDownSold 1879
Newry IINewryDown1785
Newry IIINewryDown1841It is more than likely that Duff . . .was responsible for the Methodist churches at Newry (1839) and Dundalk (1838)’ Paul Larmour, ‘That eminent and tasteful architect’, Perspective7. No.1 (Sep/Oct 1998). 61 (DIA)Thomas J. Duff, c.1792-1848. (DIA)
NewtownardsNewtownardsDown1820Mary Street
NewtownardsNewtownardsDown1854Regent Street. One of three ‘pattern’ churches built in Ireland based on plans of JW. The others are Cookstown (1858), Donegal (1859) and Ballymoney (1861).James Wilson of Bath, 1816-1900. (DMBI).
NewtownardsNCZionDown1838General permission to sell 1972. Sold 1974 for £5,000Mins 1973 p.36 & 1974 p.45.
NewtownardsPDownSold to Wesleyans
Newtownbarry (see Bunclody)TinahelyWexford1809
Newtownbutler INewtownbutlerFermanaghGalloon1790Sold when replacement chapel built in 1854 and developed into three houses.D. L. Cooney, History of Methodism in Upper Erne Circuit, (Lisnaskea, 1990), p.33ff
Newtownbutler IIPWMaguiresbridgeFermanaghGalloon1835Built beside earlier chapel built c. 1818; Capacity 600 persons. After reunion with Wesleyans in 1878 it was retained rather than smaller Newtownbutler III.PWM Mag 1835. 218
Newtownbutler IIINewtownbutlerFermanaghGalloon1854Built to replace Newtownbutler I. It was sold 1889 and was used as Orange Lodge.PWM Mag 1835. 218
NewtownforbesLongfordLongfordClongish1870First Methodist Society of 50 members formed in the small town by Walter Griffith in 1785. [WMM 1827 pps.145-46]Obit of the rector of Clongish: ‘Reminiscences of . . Rev William Digby of Newtown-forbes’ WMM 1866 pp.490-93.
NewtowngoreBallinamoreLeitrim1893Sold 1970 for £178 – £100 to be used for new church at Corlespratten [Mins 1970 p.83]PRONI 2/123
NewtownkellyDungannonTyrone1983Replaced Coalisland II at cost of £20,000.MN.84 Jan p.3; Mins 1984 p.26
Newtownlimavady1830See Limavady
Newtownstewart IPWNewtownstewartTyrone1792Sold 1879
Newtownstewart IINewtownstewartTyroneChurch sold 2007 for £47,000Mins 2007 p.77
OldcastlePWCavanMeathOldcastle1814Renovated 1898 [CA.98.617] Sale sanctioned in 1923Mins 1923 p.47
OldstoneAntrimAntrim1831SoldPRONI 2/142
OldtownPortlaoiseLaois (Queen’s)Closed
Omagh IOmaghTyrone1813Sold
Omagh IIOmaghTyrone1825Sold 1879
Omagh IIIPWOmaghTyrone1859Dublin Road.
OughterardGalwayGalway1861New church in Early English style. CS laid 22 May 1860 by G.F. O’Flaherty of Lemonfield. (DIA). Closed 1909 and sold to Mrs Monaghan.PRONI 2/141Mins 1909 p.67Edward F. Tarleton. (DIA)
Ovoca (see Avoca)ArklowWicklowCastlemacadamPRONI 2/143
Pallaskenry (cf Newmarket)RathkealeLimerick18031885 renovations added platform & Communion rail. Sale sanctioned 1923.Mins 1923 p.48
Passage WestCorkCork1810Sold 1964-65 for £500Mins 1965 p.76
Pettigo IPWPettigoFermanagh/DonegalDrumkeeran1800Sold 1879
Pettigo IIPettigo (Tullyhommon)Fermanagh/DonegalDrumkeeran1838Rebuilt
Pettigo IIIPettigo (Tullyhommon)Fermanagh/DonegalDrumkeeranSite II
Philipstown (Daingean)PWTullamoreOffaly (Kings)Kiladerry1828(or Daingean) Sale proposed 1921 [Mins 1921 p.51]PRONI 2/162, 3/63
Portadown I (West Street)PWPortadownArmagh1802West Street (Church Lane) Sold 1879
Portadown IIPortadownArmagh1843Purchased by Rail CoPRONI 2/150, 151, 160, 161, 280
Portadown IIIPortadownArmagh1847PRONI 3/89, 90, 169, 224
Portadown IV (Mary Street)PPortadownArmagh1860Sold 1902 & became St Mark’s CofI hall. Sold to Borough Council in 1970 for urban development for £11,500.
Portadown IV (Thomas Street)PortadownArmagh1860Arch: John Boyd – new church with school & manse; renvt 1922Contractor: Brown & Ross, BelfastJohn Boyd,  ?-1895. (DIA)
Portadown, EdenderryPortadownArmaghArch: Henry Shillington – 1891; Edenderry (Carrickblacker Rd) – but not attributed in DIAPRONI 1/283Henry Shillington, 1842/43-1921 (DIA)
Portadown, Edenderry IIPortadownArmagh1953-6Arch: Robert Frater – Opened Sept 1954Robert Frater, 1884/85-1957. (DIA)
Portaferry IPWGlastryDown1786Sold 1879
Portaferry IIGlastryDownRebuiltPRONI 2/153, 159, 3/131
Portaferry IIIGlastryDown
Portarlington, IPortarlingtonOffaly (Kings)Clonyhurk1767Sold 1879PRONI 2/148, 155, 159, 3/13, 61, 84
Portarlington, IIPortarlingtonOffaly (Kings)ClonyhurkSold 1904, proceeds towards new church.Mins 1904 p.64
Portarlington, IIIPortarlingtonOffaly (Kings)Clonyhurk1904Contractor: J. & R. Thompson. (DIA). Closed and sold in 1967 for £2,000 (church and hall) for religious purposes. [Mins 1968 pp.84-85 & 1970 p.82]D. Levistone Cooney, ‘A Dublin Architect: George F. Beckett’, Dublin Historical Record, Vol. LIX, Vol. 1, p. 53.George Francis Beckett, 1877-1961. (DIA)
PortglenoneNCAntrim1835‘The chapel [cost £160] is acknowledged to be one of the neatest in this neighbourhood’ MNC Mag, 1835 p. 198.MNC Mag 1835, p. 198; Belfast Commercial Chronicle, 15 Feb 1835
Portlaoise IPortlaoiseLaois (Queen’s)1798Church Street (the Society originally met in a barn in Bull Lane)
Portlaoise IIPortlaoiseLaois (Queen’s)1883Contractor: Sidwell, DublinICA 1883 p.820.Frederick Morley, ?-1896. (DIA)
PortrushColeraineAntrimBallywillin1887FS laid by Duke of Abercorn.PRONI 2/152, 3/18, 115
PortstewartColeraineDerryBallyagrhan1824Complete renovation 1922 by James John Phillips.PRONI 3/162, 212 [2/149, 157]
Priesthill ILisburnDown1829Mud wall and thatch
Priesthill IILisburnDown1841Enlarged 1852; New church hall opened 30 Nov 1974.
ProsperousCo KildareKildare1986Sold
PubblePWMaguiresbridgeFermanagh18331993, sale of church to Mr D. Johnston for £8,000.PRONI 2/163; Mins 1993 p.41.
QueenstownCorkSee Cobh
RahanCo CorkCorkICA. 10 Sept 1954 (same place as Ballymagooley)ICA. 1 Oct 1954 (Mallow-Killavullen Rd)
RandalstownAntrimAntrim1857PRONI 2/173
RathcormackCo CorkCorkSold
RathdowneyAbbeyleixLaois (Queen’s)1862Built in Tudor Gothic style. Builder: George Glanville, Ballinasloe. (DIA). Sold 1951 for £375.PRONI 2/184; Mins 1951 p.79.Edward F. Tarleton. (DIA)
RathdrumWicklowWicklowRathdrum1823Sold 1969 to Mr C.L. Cullen for £610 for business premises.PRONI 2/181; Mins 1970 p. 80
RathfrilandNewryDown1830Sold 1910 [Mins 1910 p.64]PRONI 2/174
RathkealeRathkealeLimerick1873Erected with manse without full concurrence of Chapel Committee but accepted as a fait accompli [Mins 1873 p.74]. Sold (with manse and schoolhouse) for £5,400 in 1968 [Mins 1969 p.81]PRONI 2/189, 196; Mins 1968 p.85
Rathmelton (Ramelton)DerryDerry1802Sale sanctioned 1926 for £118 [Mins 1926 p.55 & 1929 p.64]PRONI 2/179
Rathmullen IDerryDerry1830Sold 1879PRONI 2/175, 3/211
Rathmullen IICarlisle Road, LondonderryDerryOfficial closing Tues 17 May 1966. Sold 1966 for £450 for residence.ICA. 9 Jun 1966 p. 8; Mins 1966 p.75 & 1967 p.87
Recess SchoolClifdenGalwayHibernian Missionary Report, 1853PRONI 2/180
RedhillsNewtownbutlerCavan1878It is intended to erect a Methodist Chapel in Redhills (where the want of such has been long felt), to accommodate the growing congregation. Subscriptions for the above object will be thankfully received and acknowledged by Rev. James Frazer, Newtownbutler, Rev. W. C. Doonan, Cavan; or Mr. John Davis, Redhills. [Cavan Weekly News, 20 Sep 1878]Sold 1970 to Mr J. Bingham and used by Christian Brethren. Mins 1966 p.75 & 1970 p.82D.L. Cooney, History of Methodism in the Upper Erne Circuit (1990) p. 40-58. PRONI 2/192, 203
Reendesert School ChapelBantryCorkSold 1910 [Mins 1910 p.64]PRONI 2/196
RichhillArmaghArmagh1805PRONI 2/183, 200
RichmondDublin1840PRONI 2/186
Riverstown IBallymoteSligo1801Meeting House
Riverstown IISligo1830On previous site; renovated & remodelled 1864Riverstown Story (2005) pps 84-87
Riverstown IIISligo1896-7Arch: William Fawcett Gilcriest; Renovated 1921; 1937 & 1967; Gen. permission to sell 1988 [Mins 1988 p.25].Sold 1987 – PRONI 2/178, 204William Fawcett Gilcriest, c.1863-1907/8
Rockcorry ICootehillMonaghanEmatris1792Old PWM church deed of surrender 1948 [Mins 1948 p.72]
Rockcorry IICootehillMonaghanEmatris1807Sold 1880
Rockcorry IIIPWCootehillMonaghanEmatris1835PWM Minutes 1835Mins 1920 p.53
Rockfield (Yellow Church) IIrvinestownFermanaghTrory1832Methodist Chapel erected out of ruins of a corn millIE.1879.438 ‘Here our former commodious chapel was taken from us by reason of the lease having expired, and transferred to the Episcopal Church’.

CA.1901.12.27 p.624

Rockfield (Yellow Church) IIIrvinestownFermanaghTrory1868Replacement chapel out of transformed corn kiln donated by Johnston Irvine, at cost of £40, within six weeks of ‘expulsion of former one’.CA.1901.12.27 p.624
Roscommon ILongfordRoscommon1820Chapel built at rear of Michael Shera’s home. He regularised the trust deeds by presenting it to the Connexion 1831. Sold 1905 and used variously as billiard room and chicken hatchery.PRONI 2/182, 201
Roscommon II (Henry Street – formerly Church Lane)PWLongfordRoscommon1844John Carson presented infant school house to PWMs who held opening services in altered building on 17 Nov 1844.
Roscommon III (junction of Church and Abbey Streets)LongfordRoscommon1904New church built with aid of 20th Century Fund. Sold 1961 for £300 – proceeds to additional premises in Longford.  Bought by Grace Community Church, 2008.Wes Shera, ‘The History of Methodism in Roscommon Town’, MHSI Bulletin, Vol. 18 (201)Charles Mulvany, C.E.
Roscrea I(Rosemary Street)RoscreaTipperary1794Rosemary Street taken by Ev Soc 1803 by forceCHC.ii.243; D. Levistone Cooney, 100 Years of Methodism in Roscrea 1903-2003. (2003)
Roscrea II(The Mall)RoscreaTipperary1801The Mall, Rebuilt 1840PRONI 2/187, 188, 194
Roscrea III(Church Street)PWTipperary1827Church Street – burnt in 1964 – cleaned up 1984 by owner Delahunt [Nenagh Guardian 20 Oct 1984 p.10]
Roscrea IV(The Mall)RoscreaTipperary1840II Rebuilt
Roscrea V(The Mall)RoscreaTipperary1903IV Rebuilt (Entire cost £2,050): Contractor: Joseph Day, Roscrea.D. Levistone Cooney, ‘A Dublin Architect: George F. Beckett’, Dublin Historical Record, Vol. LIX, Vol. 1, p. 52.George Francis Beckett, 1877-1961. (DIA)
Rosscarbery School ChapelClonakiltyCork1865Built as dual purpose school and chapel. School closed 1901 but Sunday services continued until 1923. Sold to CofI 1926.Mins 1917 p.58; 1922 p.52 & 1929 p.64.
RossportBallinaMayo1853SoldPRONI 2/172
RostrevorNewryDown1900New church in memory of late Rev. John Gilcriest. To seat 150 and cost £1,000.

Closed for worship in June 2007. Sold in 2012 and converted for use as restaurant opening in April 2016.

PRONI 2/199, 3/235John Fawcett Gilcriest, 1873-1911. (DIA) He was nephew of Rev. John Gilcriest. Irish Times, 6 Aug 1900 (DIA). In 2014 Gray Design received permission to covert Grade B listed building to restaurant.
Rushindoo (Rushendoo)PettigoFermanagh1910-12Sold 1980 to Lindsay Brown of Bangor for £600. [McElderry, Pettigo p.66 & Mins 1981 p.27]PRONI 2/205
RushfieldClonakiltyCork1835Successor to Bengour; Sold 1952 for £10 (Marriage Reg 1875-1934)Mins 1952 p.81
SaintfieldBallynahinchDownPRONI 3/46
SalthillGalwayGalway1862Sold 1888. Builder: George Glanville, BallinasloeEdward F. Tarleton. (DIA)
SandymountDublinDublin1867See Dublin, Sandymount
ScarriffBandonCork1870Dedicated 10 Apr 1871. Orig Clonakilty Cir-tx Bandon 1892-Closed 1969-Sold 1974 as dwelling house to Mr J. Bell for £800.PRONI 2/225Mins 1974 p.45
SchullSkibbereenCork1824Opened 24 Jun 1824. General permission to sell ‘redundant church’ 1971. Sold 1972 for £2,000 and is now a dwelling house.PRONI 2/209, 229, 232; Mins 1971 p.68 & 1973 p.37
Scotch Street IPWEglishArmaghDrumere. Timakeel1790Sold 1879PRONI 2/215
Scotch Street IPortadownArmagh1830General permission to sell redundant church, 1971. Sold 1972Mins 1971 p.69 & 1973 p.38
Seymour HillLisburnAntrim1958In 1966, with Finaghy and Upper Falls it formed a new circuit. 2009, 111 Skyline Dr Manse sold for £260,000.Mins 2009 p.55
ShaneraghIrvinestownTyroneShaneragh Mission Hall sold 1948 for £75 to Mr C.E. Moffit [Mins 1947 p.68 & 1948 p.71]PRONI 3/190
ShannonvaleClonakiltyCork1867Opened 27 Oct 1867 in chapel converted from outhouse in Thomas Bennet’s grounds. Ceased 1945.
ShercockBailieborough then CootehillCavanSale sanctioned 1874 [Mins 1874 p.84]PRONI 2/216
ShinronePWCloughjordanOffaly (Kings)1840PRONI 2/227, 228
SkerriesDroghedaDublinHolmpatrickPRONI 2/14, 231, 3/214
Skibbereen ISkibbereenCork1800PRONI 2/220, 221, 228, 241, 242, 3/244
Skibbereen IIPWSkibbereenCork1822Stone laid 19.10.1822 by William Wrixon Becher MP who gifted the site (Southern Star) Sold
Skibbereen IIISkibbereenCork1833Closing services 4 Dec 2002 and sold for £235,000. Converted into restaurant and gutted by fire in 2006. Subsequently reopened.Mins 1970 p.84; 1971 p.68; 2002 p.37
Skibbereen IVWest CorkCork2003New worship centre opened 11 Nov 2003 in converted bungalow.
Sligo ISligoSligoRiversidePRONI 2/211, 212, 3/197
Sligo II (Stephen Street)PWSligoSligoCalry1775Bridge Street (Stephen Street)
Sligo III (Linenhall St.)SligoSligo1802Linenhall Street
Sligo IV (Wine Street)SligoSligo1831Wine Street
Springfield IPWSpringfieldFermanaghSpringfield1803(Faugher)PRONI 2/234
Springfield IISpringfieldFermanaghSpringfield1839
St John’s PointDunkineelyDonegal1840Closed, sold 1935 (also known as Ballyederland)PRONI 2/213
StewartstownDungannonTyrone1843Extended 1878PRONI 2/208, 222, 233
Strabane IStrabaneTyrone1814Built, as required, outside town walls – and abutting wall of parish graveyard. It held 300 people. Sold (with Manse) 1901 [Mins 1901 p.51]George M.C. Ruddock, Strabane Methodist Church: A Short History, [1988]. PRONI 2/207, 237, 240
Strabane II (present Barack Street)PWStrabaneTyrone1830Opened by Adam Averell. Sold in 1878 after reunion with Wesleyans.
Strabane III (Railway Street)StrabaneTyrone1900-01New church, large traceried window and 4 pinnacles on street front. (DIA) Halls were added in 1911. Premises badly flooded 21 Oct 1987.‘Round the Churches’, Methodist Newsletter, Mar 2009, p. 40
Stradbally ILaois (Queen’s)1813Replaced by Stradbally III in 1845
Stradbally IIPortlaoiseLaois (Queen’s)1840Sold
Stradbally IIIPWPortlaoiseLaois (Queen’s)1845Replacing Stradbally I. Sold circa 1963-64 for £300 (plus house for £1,000).PRONI 2/224, 230, 244, 253; Mins 1963 p.82
Strangford IPWGlastryDown1803Closed
Strangford IIGlastryDown1823
Stranorlar (Union Hall)StrabaneDonegal1838Schoolhouse-hall in which Sunday services held. In 1902 let to a Mr Wood at £4 pa. Let to Masonic Order. Sold in 1983 for IR£6,000 to Dr Dee.PRONI 2/210Mins 1983 p.27 (Gen. permission to sell) & 1984 p.26.Cf Huston, Tackaberry (1860), p. 238, ‘Held our meeting [1842] in the Methodist chapel, which stands in the centre of a field, a quarter of a mile from the town. The preacher who built it there should be tried for his life!’
Strathfoyle (joint CofI)Londonderry etcDerry1966Opened Sat 21 March 1970
SuttonClontarfDublin1904See Dublin, SuttonPRONI 2/16, 17
Swanlinbar IPWSwanlinbarCavanKinawley1814Sold 1879
Swanlinbar IISwanlinbarCavanKinawleyca 1840Gen. permission to sell 1996. [Mins 1996 p.39]. Sold 1997 for £6,500 to Mr Gregory McGovern.PRONI 2/238; Mins 1997 p.39
SydareCo FermanaghFermanagh(Sidaire)PRONI 2/223
Syddan [Siddan] Hall IBailieboroughMeathHall used for services but not secured to Connexion
Syddan Hall IIBailieboroughMeath1924Hall (near Slane) Co Meath. Sold 1969 for £300 for dwelling house.PRONI 3/150; Mins 1968 p.8, 1969 p.82 & 1970 p.82
Tanderagee IPWTandrageeArmagh1787Sold 1879
Tanderagee IITandrageeArmagh1821PRONI 2/250, 251, 265, 277
Tanderagee IIITandrageeArmagh1835Rebuilt
Tanderagee IVPWTandrageeArmagh1837See PWMag 1837 p. 233
Tarbert IRathkealeKerry1826
Tarbert IIRathkealeKerry1830Sold for £275 and demolished 1962. See: A Remote Outpost: The story of the Methodist Society in Tarbert, Co. Kerry by Padraig O’Concubhair (2005)PRONI 2/259; Mins 1962 p. 84
Templemore IAbbeyleixTipperary1835Sale sanctioned 1922 [Mins 1922 p.51]PRONI 2/254
Templemore IIPWAbbeyleixTipperary1845
TempoBrookeboroughFermanaghEnniskillen1836-7Permission to erect new church, 1989 [Mins 1989 p.23]; Gen. permission to sell former church 1995 [Mins 1995 p.46]; sale of old church for £1,000 in 2002 (to Tempo Silver Band, but never developed) [Mins 2002 p.37].PRONI 2/252
Terwinney (Tirwinny)IrvinestownFermanaghDrumkeeran1870Permission to make a Graveyard given in 1904. [OS Reference H242678]PRONI 2/249; Mins 1904 p.66.
ThurlesAbbeyleixTipperary1844Sale sanctioned 1921 [Mins 1921 p.51 & 1922 p.52]PRONI 2/260
TinahelyTinahelyWicklowKilcommonManse built Sep 1887 on site given by Earl Fitzwilliam. Sold 1962-64 for £500PRONI 2/262, 268; Mins 1962 p.85 & 1964 p.77
TipperaryClonmelTipperary1784SoldPRONI 2/254
TogherdooPWBallinamallardTyronec.1761Repaired & improved (1834)CHC.iii.209
TogherdooIrvinestownTyroneDromore1874Co TyronePRONI 2/264
Tonyloman (Tunnylummon or Toneylummon)EnniskillenFermanaghCleenish1909PRONI 2/276Thomas Elliott, c.1833-1915 (DIA)
ToombeolaGalwayGalwayReported in 1905 as having ‘passed out of our hands’PRONI 2/185, 262
TraleeTraleeKerry1810Church Lane
Tralee IITraleeKerry1828Denny Street Church sold 1947 for £920 to Messrs Robert McCowan & Sons. [Mins 1947 p.67]. See gen. permission to sell church 1978. Sold 1979 for £16,000. Now operating as ‘The Kingdom Food Hall’ deli.PRONI 2/258, 263, 273, 274, 3/202.Mins 1978 p.42 & 1979 p.37.
TramoreWaterfordWaterford1831Built by Thomas Wilson, local preacher. CHC.iii.329; In 1863 he contributed £1,000 at Jubilee Missionary Meeting. Sold 1995 to Mr Patrick Early for £37,000.PRONI 2/270, 3/151; Mins 1995 p.46
Trillick IPWIrvinestownTyroneKilskeery1834
Trillick IIIrvinestownTyroneKilskeery1836PRONI 2/261, 266
TrimAthloneMeath1857Co Meath, sold 1907 [Mins 1907 p.66]PRONI 2/248, 269
Tullamore I (Crow Street)PWTullamoreOffaly (Kings)1761Co Offaly
Tullamore II (Church Street)TullamoreOffaly (Kings)1813PRONI 2/255, 271, 272
TullowCarlowCarlowSold on lease with restrictive covenant in 1969 for £1,000.Mins 1969 p.81 & 1970 p.82
Tullyboy HallCavan1925Proposed scheme for purchase [Mins 1924 p.57]PRONI 3/185
Tullychurry (Tullycherry)PettigoFermanagh1888Gen. permission to sell 1994; Sold to Rev. Michael Gregory for £10,000 circa 1997 [Neville McElderry p.31]Mins 1994 p.37 & 1998 p.38
Tullhommon see PettigoFermanagh
Tullyroan IMoyArmagh1809
Tullyroan IIMoyArmagh1847PRONI 2/256
Tullyroan IIIMoyArmagh1898CA.98.280; 1984, new church hall at cost of £45,000 – officially opened 7 Oct 1988.Mins 1984 p.26; MNL 1989.12 p.3
TulnaginIrvinestownFermanagh 1929Sold 1971 to Mr Knox of Ballinamallard for £325.PRONI 3/189; Mins 1970 p.81, 1971 p.68 & 1972 p.37
TurloughPWCastlebarMayoTurlough1797(1793?) cf PWMag 1840 p.3714 mls from Castlebar at Turlough Park
TyrrellspassAthlone→TullamoreWestmeathTyrrellspass1771-1780JW preached ‘in the shell of the new house’ 9 Apr 1771.CHC. 1. 244
TyrrellspassPWAthlone→TullamoreWestmeathTyrrellspass1814Chapel built by Jane, Countess of Belvedere, possibly on site of previous ‘house’.

Sold 1922 (one-half proceeds to Mullingar division of Athlone Circuit). Mins 1922 p. 52.

PRONI 2/267

D.A.L. Cooney, So Civil a People: The Story of Methodists in the Irish Midlands (2004), pp. 153-63.

The Gift of Jane, Countess of Belvedere to the Methodist Society of Tyrrellspass. Erected 1814.
Union Hall ISkibbereenCork
Union Hall IISkibbereenCork
Union Hall IIISkibbereenCork1893Built on site donated by Captain Townsend. Frequently attended by Cornish and Manx fisherman. Sold 1955 for £300 and replaced by dwelling house. [See however Mins 1957 p.67 – Union Hall Church sold for £60.](Marriage register 13 June 1901-28 Aug 1940); Mins 1955 p.62.
Upper Falls (see Suffolk)Finaghy
UrbalCo DonegalSee KerkarPRONI 2/27
UttonyFermanaghSee Magheraveely, Co Fermanagh
Violet HillSwanlinbar1794Co Clare – Closed
Warrenpoint IPWNewryDown1793FS laid by Savage Hall, Esq., 25 May 1793. Sold 1879
Warrenpoint IIPWNewryDown1835New [Preaching] House in progressPWM Mag 1835. 216
Warrenpoint III(Coke Memorial)NewryDown18421884-85. New church on site occupied by existing chapel and several houses. Gothic style. Granite with Dungannon freestone. FS laid 22 Aug 1884. Opened 6 Aug 1885. (DIA); Builder: Isaac Cunningham, Newry.PRONI 2/281, 291, 3/21, 142William James Watson (1884 building). (DIA)
Waterford IWaterfordWaterford1760Wesley preached in new chapel being a large structure acquired in Factory Lane (at top end of Bailey’s New Street).PRONI 2/282, 283, 288, 292, 297, 3/22
Waterford IIWaterfordWaterford1811Permission for new chapel granted in 1785 but did not materialise until 1811 when through efforts of William Stewart the most commodious chapel then in existence (seating over 600) was erected in Lady Lane – then hallT.H. Downey and J.B. Jameson, Methodism in Waterford 1855-1935, [1935]
Waterford III (Lady Lane)PWWaterfordWaterford1823Sold to RC for use as convent after Methodist reunion in 1878 [Mins 1879 p.60].
Waterford IV (French Street)WaterfordWaterford1882New church to seat 300 built at rere of Waterford II and former church altered to provide spacious Lecture Hall and school room. Opened 27 Mar 1885. In 1934 a large restoration scheme undertaken.Permission to sell 1978 [Mins 1978 p.42]. Sold 1989 to Waterford Corporation for IR£55,000. It was converted to it’s new space at the turn of the 20th century and officially opened as Greyfriars Municipal Art Gallery in May 2001.Detached five-bay double-height Gothic Revival Methodist church, built 1885, with single-bay single-storey gabled advanced porch to north-west. Extensively renovated, 1999, with dividing floor inserted forming two-storey space to accommodate use as gallery.(Sir) Thomas Drew, 1838-1910. (DIA)
Waterford V (St Patrick’s United Presbyterian/Methodist)WaterfordWaterford
WattsbridgeClonesMonaghanCloughMeeting House. Sold 1967 for £50 “for religious purposes”. (Mins 1967 p.85)D. L. Cooney, History of Methodism in Upper Erne Circuit, (Lisnaskea, 1990), p.24
Westport I (South Mall)CastlebarMayo1791Co MayoWilliam Smith, Methodism in Ireland (Dublin, 1830) p. 220. PRONI 2/285
Westport II (The Quay)PWCastlebarMayo1820?‘Westport Quay where the schoolhouse was granted for preaching’ PWM Mag. 1864 p. 24Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Magazine, 1864. pp. 23ff.
Westport III (South Mall)CastlebarMayo1874FS laid 16 Dec 1874; opened 28 Jul 1876 at cost of £1,000. Due to falling numbers minister withdrawn from Westport in 1910. Last baptism 1943 and last Harvest Service 1957. It was sold in 1961 for £400. Now a restaurant. [Mins 1962 p.84 & 1963 p. 84]Rosemary Evans, ‘A Study of the Methodist Community in Westport etc.’, Cathair na Mart, No. 20 (2000), pp.23-43.
Wexford IWexfordWexford1788PRONI 2/284, 3/27, 30, 52
Wexford IIWexfordWexford1802Allen Street
Wexford IIIWexfordWexford1836Rowe Street. General permission to sell church and hall in 1963. Sold 1995 for £65,000.Mins 1963 p. 83 & 1995 p.46
WheathillBlacklionFermanagh1882Co Fermanagh-originally society met in old Claddagh CI schoolhouse. General permission to sell 1974. Sold to Mr Fred Cathcart 1978 for £2,000.PRONI 2/290; Mins 1974 p.44 & 1978 p.42.
Whealt (schoolroom)Pettigo
WhiteabbeyNB MissionAntrim1909Work began in wooden mission hall; ‘new’ church opened 1936MN Jul 1999 p. 29
WhitecastleMovilleCo DonegalPRONI 2/289
WhiteheadCarrickfergusAntrimBuilt 1899-1901. Opened 23 Jun 1900. New church to hold over 300 persons. Ref: Whitehead Methodist Church, Centenary Year Book by Iris Sutter, Rosemary Briggs and Elaine Barnett. (1999).PRONI 3/77; Builder D. Barbour, Whitehead.Herbert Thompson Sykes, 1869-1956. (DIA)
WicklowWicklowWicklowWicklow1866New ‘very neat little church’ with classroom at rear. Dublin brick with jambs and bands of Belfast and Ennicorthy red brick. Dalkey granite dressings and Bath stone rose window. FS laid 17 Mar 1866. The church was renovated in 1892 and again in 1894. (DIA)PRONI 2/286William Fogerty, c.1833-78. (DIA)
Yellow Church (see Rockfield)Irvinestown1832
Youghal ICork1792Cf William Smith’s Consecutive Narrative
Youghal IPWYoughalCork1818South Main Street, built at the sole expense of Mr TaylorOpened 26 Sep 1819 [Freeman’s Journal] PRONI 2/293, 295
Youghal IIYoughalCork1833Sold 1879
Youghal IIIYoughalCork1882
Youghal IVYoughalCork
Youghal IVYoughalCork
Carricknahorna SchoolDonegal & BallintraDonegalSold ca 1967Mins 1967 p. 86
Hardwicke StreetDublinDublinSold ca 1910Mins 1910 p. 64
LegateriffeGlenavyAntrimSold ca 1970Mins 1970 p. 82
Littlemount SchoolBrookeboroughFermanaghSold ca 1969Mins 1969 p. 81
Speerstown SchoolDonegal & BallintraDonegalSold ca 1967Mins 1967 p. 86
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