WHS Bulletin Volume 20


Contents: – ‘Irish Methodists and the First World War’ Keith Jeffery – ‘Alexander Knox: His Significance to the Study of John Wesley’ David J.W. McCready – ‘Ideas of Empire: “The Threefold Tie of Blood, Language and Religion”’ Nicola K. Morris – ‘Recollections of Henry Bennis: Introduction’ Rosemary Raughter – ‘Recollections of Past Days’ Henry Bennis – ‘“Beyond Mediocrity”: The Ministry of John James Landers’ John C. LandersBook reviews: David Fitzpatrick, Descendency. Irish Protestant Histories since 1795 by Ian D’Alton; D.A. Levistone Cooney, A Tale of Three Churches: A Story from Dublin 4 by Stephen Skuce – Bibliography of Irish Methodist literature, 2014 Robin P. Roddie – Members of the Methodist Historical Society of Ireland – Methodist Historical Society of Ireland Accounts for 2014.

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