MHSI Bulletin Volume 28 (2023)






MHSI Bulletin Volume 28 (2023)

Contents –

Looking Beyond the Circuit: The Irish Christian Advocate and the question of Ireland after the Second World War – Nicola Morris.d

FOCUS, A Life’s Ambition: Risteárd Ó Glaisne’s Irish Protestant Journal – Ian d’Alton.

Who were the Irish Methodists in 1911 – Shelagh B. Waddington.

An 1816 Honeymoon in Ireland: Henry Foxall’s connections to Irish ironworking and Methodism – Jane Donovan.

Book Reviews

Clive D. Field, Methodism in Great Britain and Ireland: A Select Bibliography of Published Local Histories, reviewed by Robin P. Roddie.

Richard Vickery, Medicine, Methodism and Migration: The Diary of Dr George Vickery, 1869-1871, reviewed by Robin P. Roddie.

Clive Murray Norris, A History of Methodist Insurance in Britain, reviewed by Edmund Mawhinney.

John R. Tyson, Born in Crisis and Shaped by Controversy: The Relevant History of Methodism, Vol. 1: Born in Crisis, reviewed by Stephen Skuce.

Obituary: Rev. Dr Norman W. Taggart

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