MHSI Bulletin Volume 25 (2020)


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MHSI Bulletin Volume 25 (2020)



Demographic Change in Longford’s Methodist Population, 1869–1926 – Marie Coleman

‘Am I My Sister’s Keeper?’ Louie M. Coade, ‘Charity Hope’, and the Irish Women’s Suffrage Campaign – Rosemary Raughter

Sylvia Fannin: A Voice at the Heart of the Centenary – Desmond Hunter

Thomas Wride: A Methodist Preacher Travelling in Ireland in the 1770s – Colin Murray Norris

‘Born in Song’ – An Irish Methodist Contribution to American Gospel Song Hymnody – Colin Kirkpatrick


Book Reviews

Clive Murray Norris, Thomas Wride and Wesley’s Methodist Connexion, reviewed by James E. Pedlar

Johnston McMaster, Challenging Times: A Journey in Faith, reviewed by Stephen F. Skuce



Rev. Dudley A.L. Cooney (1932–2019)