MHSI Bulletin Volume 21 (No. 2)



‘Charles Wesley in Ireland (1747-1748): A Reconstruction from Primary Sources’ – Kenneth G. Newport;

‘United Methodism, Ecumenism and Ecclesiology’ – William J. Abraham;

‘Irish Methodist Lay Officers Who’s Who 1933;

‘The Rev. Dr Alexander McCrea, World Mission and People of Other Faiths’ – Norman Taggart;

Notes and Queries: 1. Geoffrey Cather, VC; 2. John H. Stewart, Methodist Vice-President of the GAA; 3. Hardwicke Street Normal School, Dublin; 4. James Corrigan (1823-1871); 5. John W. Pitchford (1833-1912); 6. Samuel Hollingsworth (1843-1898.

Book Review: Sandy Calder, The Origins of Primitive Methodism – reviewed by D. Colin Dews.

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