MHSI Bulletin Volume 16



– British preachers in Ireland and Irish preachers in Britain: The importance of the Irish dimension in the 18th Century…John H. Lenton – The First Adam   Graham Mawhinney
– Commissions on ministry – 1975, 2007 – Reports compared   Samuel J. McGuffin
– Charles Wesley Gordon of Londonderry and his roots   Richard and Kyleen Clarke
– William Arthur and the 1859 Revival in Connor (Part 3)   Eull Dunlop
– The road to Bantry   William Buchanan
– ‘War and peace and Methodist missions’ in the 20th Century: An Irish perspective   Norman W. Taggart
– James Robinson and Fintona’s Primitive Wesleyan meeting house   Thomas D. Lloyd
– Dr William Crook (1823-1897)   Dudley Levistone Cooney
– Book Reviews
– Bibliography of Irish Methodist literature, 2010   Robin P. Roddie
– Constitution of the Methodist Historical Society of Ireland
– Members of the Methodist Historical Society of Ireland

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