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Index of Methodist ministers who served in Ireland


This index is based on a database of Methodist preachers/ministers who served in Ireland within any branch of Methodism. The two largest groupings are those who served as Wesleyan Methodist or Primitive Wesleyan Methodist (a branch of Methodism unique to Ireland) preachers. There were also Methodist New Connexion, (English) Primitive Methodists and Wesleyan Methodist Association preachers who served in Ireland and these are also included.

Methodist union in Ireland occurred in 1878 when the Wesleyan and Primitive Wesleyan branches were reunited (having split in 1816 over the issue of the administration of the sacraments and relationships with the Established Church). At this stage in 1878 the Irish Conference dropped all references to Wesleyan or Primitive Wesleyan and became simply the Methodist Church in Ireland. In 1905 the Methodist New Connexion withdrew from Ireland and the (English) Primitive Methodist Connexion likewise in 1910 and in both instances their existing work was transferred to the Irish Conference.

Further Information

As this is an ongoing database with new entries, departures and deaths recorded each year revision is a continuous process. Print-outs of complete listings for each minister are available for consultation at the Methodist Historical Society Archives at Edgehill College, Belfast.

Requests for additional information for an individual minister, listing birth, appointments, family details and other biographical information, where known may be obtained by applying to the Archivist. archivist@methodisthistoryireland.org.

The ‘Commencement’  column refers to the first appearance of the person’s name in the Minutes of Conference, whether received (in earlier years) ‘On Trial’ as a probationer, or usually by the twentieth onwards as a theological student or on transfer.

At this stage in the development of the database the only names available are those whose surname begin with ‘O’. The complete list will be available by October 2017.



The letter following the Minister’s name denotes the section of the Methodist Church to which each entry belonged before union. All entries since union in 1878 in Ireland are designated M.

  • M – Methodist
  • NC – Methodist New Connexion
  • P – (English) Primitive
  • PW – Primitive Wesleyan Methodist (1816-1878)
  • W – Wesleyan Methodist
  • WMA – Wesleyan Methodist Association

Key to entries in the notes column:

  • Est. – Clergymen of the Established Church
  • WW1 – Died in the 1914-1918 war
  • WW2 – Died in the 1939-1945 war
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Name Section Commenced Ceased Born Died Notes
Oddie, James W 1746 1771
Ogden, Joseph MNC 1884 1865 1955
Ogden, Thomas MNC 1837 1842 1799 1880
Oliffe, James W 1804 1780 1860
Oliver, James W 1856 1831 1920
Oliver, John W 1841 1821 1913
Oliver, Turner Barrett W 1876 1878 1855 1918
Oliver, William John M 1898 1876 1956
Olivers, Thomas W 1753 1725 1799
Olver, Richard Wesley M 1898 1872 1945
O’Neill, Ernest William M 1955 1964 1934 To USA
Orbison, Thomas W 1840 1849 1813 1872
Orr, Fleming M 1878 1853 1839
Orr, James PW 1869 1843 1924
Orr, Robert W 1859 1863
Orr, Robert PW 1860 1833 1915
Orr, Thomas PW 1870 1839 1921
Oswald, Robert PW 1871 1873 1901
Ouseley, Gideon W 1799 1762 1839
Owen, Thomas P 1863 1881
Owens, Cecil M 1939 1916 1998
Owens, Ivor Noel M 1992
Owens, Thomas W 1786 1808
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